HUGE Changes Coming to my C7 Corvette Z06! (HUGE CAM??)

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It's finally time for some chopping to come to the channel! A lot of these clips were filmed a while ago but hopefully you enjoy! Look at how beautiful those CID Heads are ;)
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  • My 9 week old puppy stop what he was doing to watch this video with me like he was mid chew and dropped his toy and just sat and watched

  • Ford super snake

  • That old school Mustang is gonna be a faaaast pony! It’s got me wishing I had a paycheck that could fuel my own Coyote swap! My ‘67 needs a new frame tho before it can go zoom zoom!

  • If you looking to buy a truck I think you’d love the Ford Raptor

  • it stops at 4k rpm so your motor does not blow up

  • you need 2 step or maybe a bit of tuning or messing with the computer?

  • Power stroke.

  • Track hawk, not a hillbilly truck 😁

  • When you gonna host a meet? I need to come to h town for a visit

  • Wait a sec... What are paddles for if it's a manual..?

  • What is spicy? (Slams sick combo under the hood) Oooooooohhh'''''--

  • I want to see more volgs about u. And what u do. Like daily volgs. Hasnt always have to go about cars

  • So true the new chevy duramax sucks, but cummins would be your best bet. Yes and thatll be the best! Idk if you saw my comment on a video a whilr ago, but i said to get a diesel truck to pull your car with.

  • I’m tryna see you and that guy Marin race 👀

  • Get a f250 tremor with the 6.7 power stroke

  • A vote for trump is a vote for anti black racism.💯

  • A diesel is merely a farm implement that's been gussied up.

  • Have A Channel Car Drift Car ? or go off comments lol

  • Clab with Thatguymarin 👀

  • The Zo6 is going to be more epic bro

  • So what your saying is greg good is good at head 🤣🤣

  • Am i the only one that noticed like a water droplet come from his z06 ceiling at 3:46

  • Vett sounds nastyyy🤤. Camshaft is gonna make it a whole new beast too.

  • Does hpc have a website I need to contact them about building a cam and some heads for my 2019 ZR1 Z51 package it’s too quiet for my liking plus do you recommend me using any good places in the Houston area for my exhaust? Much appreciated

    • HPC does anything you need! This is there website -

  • Whos nardo gray car was that?

    • The shop owner of HPC. He told me he built it as a toy for his wife!

  • Ur shii gonna b flyin at 900hp

  • In terms of new trucks, go with the Ford. Get a Raptor if you can. RAMs are made by Fiat Chrysler and while the interior is nice, their reliability is shit.

  • Your Vette is a manual transmission, but yet you have paddle shifters? How does that work?

    • It has rev match

  • I got a 2020 Ram Rebel in June. I love it!!!! Should check them out.

  • El Cuhhh

  • it’s a shame you’re doing a little at a time, it’s costing you tons more than a nice all aluminum 632 cu:in with twin 90’s. , even a nelsen twin turbo setup would be good also. save the pennies and go all out. 😎🤡👍🤪

  • Do a road trip all around Texas doing crazy stuff, street racing, track days, car spoting etc.

  • That is just a drizzle come to Florida see the downpours we get. Can’t see the hood sitting still.

  • Your homeboy Sinclair already has your new Vette set up for a sneak peak in his video upload 🔥🔥🔥👌

  • Bro you gotta get the new ram 2500 6.4L v8! Badass truck and badass tow rig

  • get the challenger you rock bro can you make posters of your car for us signed of the motor most important parts if thats cool

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and I love c7 z06 lot 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Gotta get a daily for the daily of the other daily 😂, nice 👍🏾

  • We really need a nasty burble tune on this beast!

  • 2:25 I’m more interested in that monster looking Dakota 😎😎😎I will put every last of my saving to find a Dodge Dakota r/t

  • TBSS

  • Yes to the power stroke !

  • Disliked cuz the astros jk 😜

  • Hard to hear alot of background noise.... Don't know what you was saying most the time... Sorry but I couldn't...

  • 06 durmax

  • how are them r888s holding in the rain?

  • So the vet shoot flames🔥😲

  • Send it videos!

  • Almost at that 200k! I SEE YOU BRO! GOD BLESS!🌈🕊👑🔥❤🙏🏽💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • What camera do you have mounted on your car?

  • Either power stroke or power wagon🤷‍♂️

  • Ram 2500 Mega Cab

  • One a trukiando cuh and then the other lifted

  • Just watched a vid on your z06 on sinclair car photos channel lol

    • Same lol

  • Yeh get both why not

  • Yeh Cummins

  • I don't know Chevy's. If his car is a manual, y is there paddle shifters. Someone please..

    • @Cars Across Texas thank you man..

    • There are paddles because Chevy left them for auto rev match.

  • 5.0 regular cab fuck it.

  • Hey what part of texas are y’all at? I think My aunts are taking me on a cross-country trip to texas and Colorado:) and maybe if we’re near you we could stop and see the cars? Thanks have a great day!

    • Pearl White Subie ight thanks 🙃

    • He’s in Houston

  • either get a Raptor or a RAM Rebel TRX

    • Garrett Moore i mean you can say what you want but i don’t see anyone else putting out a 700 hp pick up

    • Raptor. Dodge is garbage

  • Besides heads and cam what else are you doing? Upgrading the supercharger? Pulleys?

  • Can’t wait till I get my corvette

    • Which one are you getting?

  • Get a ram Trx

  • cool going for a 4 cylinder 🤡👍🤪

  • I mean a Cummins would be pretty cool.

  • Mo Powah Babeh!

  • 🔥

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    • @David Peterson oh I never really tried Starbucks so I don't know how it tastes that is why I said why lol

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  • huge cam and a nice set of rear mount twin turbos would be nice just saying😏

    • Bless eem..

    • Might as well started out with a grand sport if he wanted to go TT

  • Fine I'll say it.....third

  • third?

  • *Very cool car! Make it faster!*


  • Second baby

  • we the first one babyyy