Stock Corvette Z06 Gets BULLIED in MEXICO! (Fast Guys Pick on the Stock Car...)

تم نشره في 2020/10/ 8
A stock C7 Z06 takes on the streets of mexico for some racing. Lots of runs happened and a lot of losses taken. I heard this particular car is much faster now ;)
For any law enforcement watching: it wasn't me :)
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  • Keep in mind, this car was *STOCK* in this video with 2 250+lb dudes in it. This video was recorded quite a while ago!

  • "AHHHHH!!!! I MISSED F---ING 2ND!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • If this is a C7 Z06 I think more time was spent filming the competitors than flooring the accelerator of the A8 or flying thru 7sp manual gears. No way no how a C7 Z06 can get smoked by after market mods.

  • Didn’t do to bad

  • I gotta bring my m5 out there sometime soon man

  • You know a stock C7 Z06 is a darned great place to start and it doesnt take much to get it up to the 800 HP mark. First thing I did to mine was have a fellow remap my fuel curve and timing that little bit of tuning got me and extra 57 hp. Then came different injectors but you cant go a lot over stock unless you put in a supplemental fuel supply, that was good for another 31 HP and then came the exhaust system and finally pulled the supercharger and port matched to the intake and ran a hair smaller pully on the supercharger, again you cannot get to carried away with any of this or your project is going to fall on its face. So with little more than a few bolt ons and a little supercharger work I am getting 788 HP according to the programming in my car it made a very nice difference. If you want to go further (like I did) its an incredibly much more expensive, let me put it this way the NEW supercharger your going to need will run you around 6K and EVERYTHING piles up from there I wanted 1000 HP but by the end of it I would have been into it another 50K, to me its just wasnt worth it!! Good luck and have SAFE fun!

  • Nice to see that golf R Very fast 🚙 💨😝😉😂

  • Best race was with the RCF

  • There was 4 people in that Lexus lol, that’s tuff

  • I love your car shows but THIS, is what’s up!! Thank you for finally posting this!!!

  • Great races!!!a lot of great cars !!

  • It’s literally beating every camaro😂

  • His first mistake was taking a stock corvette to a car meet, that is one thing you dont do, people will find out that its not modded, and you will be roasted *meanwhile i take my 2016 eco mazda 3 with aftermarket exhaust to car meets* but at least I dont get made fun of because I spend what they spend on gas in 4 months

  • Was that strictly street?👀

  • My Sc 400 would of loved this

  • That golf R tho

  • Hate to be “that guy” but if you already won, no need to go hit 160.

    • Most do it just for the speed not so much the win

  • Am I the only one who subbed because I wanted to see the video where he about got his ass whooped at the Vr meet in spring 🤣

    • When did I "aBoUt GeT mY aSs WhOoPeD"? I stepped in to make sure he didn't hit the crowd and defused the situation so HE didn't get his ass whooped.

  • You did quite good considering your car is stock!

  • 🌺😍🌺

  • Good races, like nobody jumped lol!

  • Well Your kind of a hypocrite since you own a Toyota 86 😂

    • Cars Across Texas oh sorry lol I think I thought your gfs 86 was yours 🤦‍♂️😂

    • I don’t lmfao what’re you talking about? I have a Corvette Z06

  • Yooo some good runs!!! That bad boy stock damn!

  • Make more videos like this !!!!!!

  • Who the hell let the bikes race? Aren't there plows for those things?

  • Damm that fbo 6th gen ss almost got u

  • Wow 👏 that c7 z06 making us look bad even with the extra weight and being a 7 speed he doesnt know how to drive the car or there's something wrong with it LoL.

  • Some good races there (and surprisingly not many jumpers)! The Lexus and Golf R surprised me... That Lexus had 4 people in it too!

  • "Were gonna meet at Buc-ees" A few years ago that would have been a LONG drive from Tomball.

  • My man slowly turn in to 1320video 😤😤

  • Damn was there not a Prius there for you to race,lol I think I would have gone home after the Supra ate your lunch,

  • I drive super car ! New in Texas bro where can I go ? I want to go to shows and meets !! ?

  • @thatguymarin would of probably gapped some of those cars ngl

  • why the blurring sucks nice video

  • Damm that b58 Supra said bye byeee

  • Supra smoked you

  • 🥴🥴🥴🥴 at that hand positioning

  • Does anyone know what kind of BMW model that white car was ?

  • You need to race @thatguymarin

  • That gutted 5.0 at 10:09 sounded amazing

  • Rcf dude riding with a full car and kid in back omg 🤣

  • Bout time u have some good content. Don't get me wrong. I love seeing the car meets. But damn lets race Ps. I didn't hear you say brother or "the boys" in this video. Nice work. PSS. That vette don't sound stock at all...

    • @Cars Across Texas so your telling me a stock zo6 keeps up with all of these boosted or bolt on or gutted cars? I own a mk5 and I GAP the turd out of z06s and c7s or zl1s. So either it ain't stock or they can't drive their cars. Lol

    • It is stock lol, I don’t know what to tell you 😂

  • That supra is goooooooone... yes sir

  • Nothing like being at a buccees off the streets of Mexico at 3 am

  • Welp I guess you know what you gotta do to the Z06

  • I couldn’t imagine how loud that was

  • What’s your vette getting done? Taking a while

  • Tough no worries, man that's the game...Do you love your car? That's all that matters brother! Love ya! Thanks CAT!....

  • Damn I feel like you wore that z06 out in 1 night all them races lol

  • Dam nice runs! my mr2 would of given you the sauce with only 420whp 😅

  • I like how the rcf driver tried to wave bye bye but wasn't pulling away lol

  • Gotta give the camera man credit when it’s neck an neck and damn mustang or blown Vette Exhuast screaming in ur face full throttle that shit will ring ya ears no doubt 🤣 if u love cars it’s just very very loud music

  • Ill never respect content like this. Its clearly northern Houston. Go to a track day if you feel the need to go that fast, instead of risking your life, others lives, and the lives of first responders that have to drag your ass out of a burning metal heap.

  • I'm liking the music

  • Wowwwwwwwwwwww

  • lol there is like 5 people in that RCF

  • Is it me or do welds look terrifying on American muscle

  • You got the Bidnessssss

  • You should race gavin from itsjusta6

  • gets walked by a golf r ...

    • A 600whp DSG golf r vs a *STOCK* manual 550whp C7 Z06 lmfao

  • easily my favorite videos to watch! Would love to see more street racing if at all possible! keep making god content man! (:

  • Good fuckin races wit tha rcf ‼️‼️i love dat shiii

  • My man this video is truly putting Cars in action! Just in Mexico you know what I mean I love these types of videos!!!

  • I can't wait to see the next Mexico trip love the vette

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and I love newCamaro ss lot 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Golf R for the winnnnn my goodness he must be pushing 600-700hp

    • @Cars Across Texas 483whp during this run, should be close to 600 next time we run, but you'll still gap me badly lol

    • 600ish. Built motor, upgraded hybrid turbos

  • Big rip in chat

  • Gaymaro

  • what’s the beat at the beginning?

  • Who else thought for the first 2 mins this was a 1320video???

  • I feel like this z06 looks familiar

  • Anyone else surprised about that golf r??

  • Bro am i the only one who will hear these fools from 20 miles away and yet Ik who finna be driving n sh1t

  • That Paxton 5.0 sounded NASTY!

  • dang i feel bad for the Vette

  • I love these videos. I don’t think my Kia Rio could even keep up when these guys are just cruising though.

  • The Mexican American border is still closed

    • @Da Whiteman #1 rule about fight club.... don’t talk about the damn fight club

    • people saying they're going to mexico say that so they don't get busted street racing.

  • Anyone hear any racing? All i heard were R888rs whining lol

  • But u know your car is stock but u act like it’s fast also

  • Nice shifts!

  • Wait but didn't you get new cam, exhaust and all that good stuff?

  • The white Beamer M4 would've gone crazy if those bikes weren't in the way

  • cant get caught driving around stock

  • Plz make more racing videos, I love this type of shit 🤟🏼

  • I love the Mexico racing content mixed with the car shows.

  • What music is at the start of the video?

    • I’d like to know also, I know it’s a instrumental remix thing of a popular song

  • I'd like to see that RCF with a better tire/wheel setup and 2-3 less people. It did pretty well with all that extra unnecessary weight.

    • Yeah that thing is badass! He makes right around 700hp to the wheels

  • That mk5 supra is crazy

  • 4:00 you guys were moving lmao

    • started from the bottom now we way up

  • Fun time wile it was bone stock 🤣🤣

  • No quema cuh .😂🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Poor C7 guy. I hope he didn't lose too much money. I also hope he mans up and gets a turbo for it

  • Does anyone know what wheels that c6 has 0:35

  • Wtf!! That golf moved the fuck out haha!

  • Nice trip to 🇲🇽 👍

  • Aftermarket Tune, Cam, headers, & exhaust isn’t “stock” 😂😂😂💀

    • Cars Across Texas I know

    • flashyboy j people don’t listen lol. This video was filmed in June 🥴

    • 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣🤣🤣 he did not know

    • This was bone stock lmfao.

  • I guess this was during tx2k20???

  • nice compolation

  • I’m mad I live out here and still haven’t made it to one of the meets yet lol

    • Dude i went to one of his meets and didnt get to meet him

  • Back when your Vette was stock? Is this old