FAST CARS Compete For $6000 at CASH DAYS! (NITROUS vs. TURBO Cars!)

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Something a little different for the channel coming at y'all today! We woke up super early to go to a Cash Days Street Racing Meetup. $6000 pot on the line and the racers line it up! Lots of action in this one. Money was dispersed through an app. Issues with fake $$$ in the past made them do that instead of handing out cash. Hopefully y'all enjoy!
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  • That background music in the beginning... sounds hella familiar 🤔 but i just can’t think of where it’s from

  • at $6000 that better be a lotta pot...


  • Yea we need more of these man you could be the next 1320

  • Green nitrous fox is a beast😍😂

  • Love all the fox body’s

  • That teil foxbody is a bad bitch

  • Look at that the small block Ford takes out all the LS’s

  • #dragthatals 🤟💪🏻

  • Plsssss record more like this

  • These guys are a joke, who does a 6k cash days with no one at the finish line to declare close races.

  • More racing videos

  • Serious question (not a drag racer) are foxbodies cheap to buy/build? I know ls motors are easier to come buy as far as aftermarket.

  • Just blur the faces

  • so many old heads omg

  • The guy running it sounds like a former 👮‍♀️, very straight forward with the rules

  • need a bigger flash light i even thought it went off when the black fox jumped daylight=bigger flashlight little glare from that small one

  • You guys should go to Oklahoma all the cops are chill there

  • Had a fun time out there with y’all wish I could of brought my car out there but it was good to support my friend

  • Hey man I know this is random as hell but does anyone got any vids of the bike takeover on 59 from Sunday afternoon ?? They was headin northbound prolly easily like 200+ bikes all over the freeway getting chased by cops lol

  • Foxbody to the mf'n front!!!! Ive owned my 1993 coupe fox for 23 years, bought it stock with 62k miles, 30k later its never done.. lol alot of badass cars in this race though. Hell yeah post all the dig racing you want man!!

  • Are you loosing it ol son.. That racing fule melting those Texas brain cells 😜.. Of course we want to see more. Good job ol son

  • Do more street races there the best

  • Anybody know the model of the wagon at 3:12?

    • @kxkbxl thanks man. Things sweet

    • It’s a fairmont I was at the cash days with the blue fox and it was right across from us

  • Yes more dig racing. Love your content

  • I enjoyed the video but please get more camera angles. Dude who was running this looked hella confused on what to do😂

  • That test pass was bs

  • I wish we could have street racing in Virginia like this. The whole police department would be there in a few minutes 😂

  • I was waiting for the 1320 interview after each round... forgot I was on your channel bro haha.

  • Hey man I’m about to start doing irl car videos. Any tips for me?

  • The black foxbodys red motor sticking out the hood SQUATS N EATS EY

  • That red rx7 ,although an ls swapped rotary is cheating, it looked pretty fast,before almost losing it👍🏼🔻🔺️

  • Sick runway

  • Id be pissed if I saw someone test pass fuckin ridiculous

  • This isn't the real cash days ,they copy the street outlaws?

    • Cash days been out longer than street outlaws lol

  • Allways look forward to your vlogs brother! I wanna go finish up life down south! From New England Boston area ! So much car entertainment, and sick shops out that way, people out my way ,are ONE WAY AND NOTHING LIKE ME,I LOVE HELPING OUT PEOPLE MAN! And I told u my story you probably never read was lil long but I dont have alot of time left! Would you happen to be able to refer any rotary shops out that way willing to help out 1 of your followers whos on borrowed time cause of my health,and help me get my 88 10thAE rx7 back on the road

  • Yes I love it when you do these street races!! I like it better then the roll racing!!

  • Love the video man!

  • This has to be one of your greatest videos all time!

  • Badass bideo

  • Spot on bro! Keep it upppppppp!!! 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • I’m hating!!! Turbo all day!!!! Thanks for posting this one. Cash day style videos are super cool!

  • Good stuff, but place a camera at the finish line

  • 9.50 mark nitrous shot to the face lol 😂

  • Well f*** yeah we want to see more dig racing lol man that teel fox sounds fuckijg amazing !!! Things a killer !

  • Bring more of this races...

  • Finally thank you young man keep doing cash day Videos bad ass the car meets are really cool but this is just the best just a thought on your next car is across Texas meat have you thought about going to the old Northwest Mall which is empty lots of space it’s by 290 and 610 off of Hempstead Road Just a thought thank you so much and have fun

  • Never seen dig races during the day. Weird.

  • Yeah, I enjoyed this video. Something totally different (for me). Keep it up.

  • The next Mr.1320 ! I’m here for it . I see a million subs coming soon

  • That’s gonna be the worst flagger and flashlight I’ve ever seen

  • Is this his first cash days?

  • Anyone else able to SMELL this video? Havnt been to a street drag in years but that smell came right back just watching this.

  • 6000 dollar pot, 10,000 dollars wear and tear...lmao

  • Some real race cars. Great videos.

  • Cars Across Texas or 1320video? 🤔

  • 4rd power

  • Cool and all, but how the hell do you not have someone at the finish to review close calls? Should be common sense 😂

    • There was supposed to be someone but he took the money they paid him and dipped

  • I love cash days events

  • holy muscle

  • I wanna se more!

  • JFK were its at

  • Love these racing vids a lot man! I like to see these mixed in with the car meet videos.

  • Wow a great day for racer and the cool $6k too boot for the winner team

  • Good as content want more dig races 🗣

  • need more of this content this was sick reminds me of street outlaws keep up the good work!!!

  • I feel like the flagger could've been better.. not sure about y'all but I saw inconsistency on how he was flagging the racers. Only reason I feel like many cars jumped.

  • At least we know where all the foxbodys reside...haha

  • I felt back at boot camp ha

  • Love the cars and keep messing with the karens

  • Great video. Put a gopro on the big end so you can get some good finish line footage.

  • My sister birthday is October 15 can you do a video on that day

  • Good content👌🏼

  • Where’s your car cuh

  • Should’ve been no prep

  • this was actually mad fun to watch

  • Gotta love Texas !!!

  • Ima be honest this video is dope asf definitely need to do more

  • Huh, mostly Ford's lol, still fun to watch none the less

  • Lotta FoxxBodies out there

  • This is dope

  • That RX7!!! I like it!!!

  • Most definitely try to find the events with some modern cars too I'm sure there has to be some in TX!!! Awesome vid brotha

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • My man! One of your best videos yet. Just watched this on my lunch break in Australia and that was heart racing stuff! Love it man!

    • That's awesome man! Cars Across Texas always has the best content in my experience

  • I saw all these foxbodies pulling up on trailers and/or driving in and I thought I was in Heaven.

  • More racing. Digs or roll.

  • I love these kinds of videos! PLEASE MORE

  • so disorganized,how can there not be a finish line guy

  • More like this pls

  • Sooo fuc king SICKKK!!!!! another smasher bro 😎

  • Nitrous SBF showing the turbo ls duds how its done. You love to see it!

    • All those LS swaps and the SBFord showed whats up!!lol

  • might aswell change this to "foxbody cash days"

  • Drew You need to add go pros in each car Bring more of this content

  • That old model A was pretty sweet. Idda kept it ford and put a coyote in it but what do I know😂

  • Nice u got the real car guys. F**k show lets go


  • Awesome! Thanks for mixing it up. I love the channel bro.

  • Is the green nitrous fox body an LS swap too?

    • @Edgar García it was a small block Ford

    • Cars Across Texas wow thing is crazy fast! Great content man!

    • I don’t think so. Pretty it’s a big block ford

  • I love these videos 🔥