Cars SEND IT Right In Front of POLICE After Car Meet Gets SHUT DOWN!

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We went to a little car meet that got rowdy pretty quick! Hopefully y'all enjoy!
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  • I appreciate the love for my Terminator bro!! means a lot! if anybody wants to follow the build.. insta: gonza_svt tik tok: gonza_svt

    • Cary Brown sad to hear that man, I see a bug landing on my paint and I freak out.. Can’t imagine seeing a totaled cobra. She’s had 3 previous owners, and there will never be another past me👍

    • Enjoy the term. I had one a long time ago and sold it to my body shop guy and he in turn wrapped it around a tree and completely destroyed it. Don't sell it ever.

  • I don't mean to offend anyone, this is my personal opinion: any Corvette > any Mustang

  • Sad thing is I’ll swing it harder in an sv6 than any of these guys pulled out 😂

  • In their day the CRX was bad ass especially on the slalom track. raced them all the time got my ass kicked.

  • that black caddy..the rx7

  • 16:40 the G represents.

  • when the next meet

  • 12:30 ... every single Mexican guy at a truck meet

  • i want all of them

  • The camo wrapped scat at 12:20🥶

  • 18:15 👂🏾

  • The sound of that Crome blue GTR. 👏

  • Who else hears puro Mexican music 🎵 🇲🇽😂😂

  • yall should really think twice before racing a single cab truck in texas now n days lol

  • the guys that rush off got warrants

  • I literally live behind this damn ojos locos, and I never go to the meets -.-

  • That trail blazer gawd!! you should show the trucks more

  • Decent nice cars but the only one aside from the GTR that I even really cared for was the FC Rx7

  • Where is the hangout spot? I am in Brazoria County and wouldn't mind attending and checking out some cars with my daughters.

  • Bro the only people that left was da peeps wit the drugs

  • Yeah definitely show more imports I mean u did but u just panned over them didn’t really stop n look at it still satisfied but u know

  • Favorit Car is whitout a question the Corba at The beginning. But the Chargers & Challengers are my big Love. An the Sound of the new Mustangs is sick.

  • The Chevy SS with the Holden conversion and have twilights nicest car

  • Favorite car definitely the yellow / gold CTS-V🙌🏾

  • That EVO though....

  • 11:16 What's the guys ig that drives that camaro?

  • When is the next cars across Texas meet

  • shit crazy

  • Wow good thing a lot of them where rivers or o would have thought the surface was prepped

  • when he said “LA MAMALONA” 💀💀😂😂

  • as a Californian, I’m so jelly 😭😭😭 lol must be nice to have an actual meet and not be harassed.

  • The black charger with the blue under glow playing we paid 😌

  • 12:33 lmaooooo

  • I love the charger redeye

  • who do i follow to find where the meets are

  • Can’t hide money

  • The V

  • show some of the ricer builds

  • i see so many of these cars in cypress near towne lake

  • I got a 02 s281 can’t wait to come to some meets in cypress

  • Termi.....

  • More 6th gen Camaros pleaseeeee

  • The Chevy SS/Holden was the best car hands down.

  • 12:33 “ la mamalona” 😂😂😂

  • The chevy ss sedan !😍

  • That yellow cts-v was clean

  • You just grabbed that Vette and already have a lot done to it. Bro, save some money and grab a Wide angle lense. Better yet please just grab a camera with a good stability system, or grab a stabilizer so I’m not dizzy at the end of your videos my man.

  • That at Houston

  • That Termy is incredibly clean. The CTSV sounds pretty good 👍 the cops should let everyone have some fun considering the way the years went so far. It brings money in. Your Vette was putting it down. Awesome car man. Thank you for this. #peacethroughcars

  • You can really tell you’re in Texas with that music playing in the background hahah

  • that white Accord with SUPREME on the side....has got to be the best car there. lol

  • Signing in[] 864 to the 562💪💯

  • I saw you at the gas station yesterday and at the car meet man! I didn’t know it was you till I saw the sticker in the back!! Badass vette man! Sounds clean af. I’m the one that told you to rev it as you were pulling out the parking lot. Best content in Texas! Keep it up

  • La mamalona Cuh!!!!!!


  • How do i find out when the next car show is happening?


  • YOOOOOOO!!! That's my dad's white CRX!!! Thank you man for featuring it on the channel, also very nice meeting you. Also also, you're tall!! lol

    • Appreciate it man!! Hope to see you at another meet

    • @Cars Across Texas Yes sir, very nice to meet you as well brother.

    • It was good meeting y’all as well!

  • He said c63 action buts it’s a e63

  • 6:14 man needs to get his car polished, Jesus Christ

    • Negative. Polish is abrasive and is meant to eliminate slight flaws, i.e. swirl marks. But yes, the car could definitely use a good waxing.

  • Really nice...but sad send offs......I do a helluva lot better in a 09 town and country mini van....smoking tires

  • I love the sound of jdm cars😍

  • anyone else notice how many times the man says action.😂

  • Hey Cars Across Texas? how do i make my car chop or sound nice? Ive got a 92 toyota corolla 5 door. Its a beater but i want it to sound good

  • People at the same spot tonight

  • Where yall meeting at this weekend cuh?

  • Who puts ZL1 badges on an SS?

  • 12:30 🤣

  • 18:47 that V😍

  • Everything but the termi was my favorite car lol jk


  • Great video bro check out my 2ss camaro

  • 17:46. Makes me happy to see that there are still some s types out there.

  • 12:33 la mamalona 😂😂

  • 9:02 that thing is brapping like a rotary!

  • WideBody ScatPack Charger😍😍😍

    • C Money Woods Mopar or no car brotha!

    • I appreciate it bro glad to see others love just as much as I do, if interested insta- ufo_6.4

  • One my fav things he says is 'Chopping down forests'...hahaha ty CAT~! Oh and the Termi ftw...

  • "The cops expedited the process of getting you content..." love it :D

  • Anyone else think that miatas shouldnt be at car shows no matter how much they are modded they still suck something awful

  • Went to a meet like this last night here in Phoenix. It was lit!!!!

  • makes no sense to force a group of car people out into traffic when they are supporting businesses in the shopping center. that’s gotta stop. they are creating a dangerous situation for the public by chasing everyone out .

  • 20:35 best send of the meet 😭 corvette sounds niceeee

  • 12:33


  • you should do more ride alongs like 1320 does with the vipers and ugr lambos and stuff would change up the content a bit

  • For the mustang boys, we almost got one with the camaro at the end 😂

    • Mustang driver in a Camaro

  • Red corvette 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Bro do I hear Mexican music in the video 😅nice

  • Bro you gotta come out to Australia one day. See some real cars😂.

  • Hopefully I run into you once I get my terminator back and I can make it in a vid. Currently getting a whipple installed making it a 700whp car maybe I’ll run into you and your c7z lol I’m in Houston to

  • Good video 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Its so funny when the cars rush out because of cops, it's fucking hilarious.

  • That camaro almost mustang’d at the end.

  • Dang . I’ve been trying to go to a meet . Hopefully I can swing by with my C8 on the next one

    • Andrew Moreno you that butthurt you went to see who i follow such a kid bruh

    • The_Drifting_Kings_18 I see you follow OnDgas it’ll be there next week . enjoy it when it comes out

    • Andrew Moreno yea you don’t lol

    • The_Drifting_Kings_18 I don’t ? Oh alright .

    • You don’t have a c8 be honest

  • Red E30 👌

    • Thanks man I’m always in the back of the videos haha

  • Hmm no scrawny white kid acting tough against cops in this vid. I approve

  • I need to hit up these meets!


  • The red 5th gen literally busted the speaker on my phone ..

  • Who’s the white boosted 5.0???