New CUSTOM FORGED WHEELS For My COVETTE Z06! (Signature Forged Wheels)

تم نشره في 2020/08/ 8
The Z06 finally gets some new shoes! Big shoutout to Khoa at Signature Forged for making this a super easy process. Make sure to check them out if you're looking for some new wheels!
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  • I love your car but you are a lier you are not in México

  • I'll always be a C6Z fan but there's something about this C7 that just sets it apart. Can't find a bad angle on the thing. Killer wheels as well.

  • What can I do for your corvette

  • That vet looks so good doing dounuts

  • Come on bro whip that shit 😂

  • No bars

  • The more I see your z06 the more it makes me want one! Buuuut my bank account says otherwise lol

  • Dang! Those wheels are bad AF!

  • Fairfield 🤔

  • Never a reason to be that filthy man. Ever lol

  • 4:40 Let me show you How to do Donuts like Homer Simpson.

  • Brother when are you gonna get your front end splitter replaced lol. Love the wheels man ❤🤤.

  • How much do they weigh are they lighter than stock

  • Its so shiney I can see my future hahaha thats dope...

  • Must be nice when you live with mommy and daddy. 😂

    • See I always wondered that, if not then damn dudes doing pretty damn good.

  • ohhh so nice video bro :D

  • Are you going to cam the vette ?

  • wait i’m confused how is it a manual but has paddles

  • I saw them in person before the video lmaoo. I was so confused when I saw it with different wheels

  • Shout out American Wheel & Tire!

  • Why does the manual vette have paddles?

  • Spin out king 😂

  • 👌 BTW, I would never sound patronizing like that...just thought I'd let you know.

  • i was hoping for some nice bronze wheels, but these look sick too.

  • Ehhh the wheels don’t go as much as u think

  • go catless

  • should have roasted the tires till they popped

  • I want a race red camaro SS and put a nice rough cam and cold air induction system

  • Hey, dope viddeoo.:D

  • Looks like theres a small scuff or damage on your front lip passenger side

    • Yessir. Getting it replaced soon. Performance stuff comes first though lol

  • aye drew it's the red z06 702whp (prev silver c6 hoodless) would you trust yoshi to do a oil change? tryna find someone trustworthy dm me!

  • Those are sick wheels

  • Absolute beauttt🥵

  • Do you have good wet traction with those 888?

  • What did you use to lower the car lowering bolts or drop spindles

    • Previous owner did it, I’m actually not sure haha

  • I remember my first donuts😂😂all love

  • Man, your content is continually getting better! Keep up the amazing work and the detail content was amazing too!! 🤟

  • Not a fan of black cars or black wheels.. With the exception of the batmobile. And the C7 done right comes close.

  • Bro you want to get rid of tires, try a standing burnout in 2nd gear and fucking roast em!!

  • Haha Drew you love 3 mins from me. I live to the right of that water tower 😁

  • Sick af

  • What are the paddle shifters for if it’s a manual ? Just curious

  • Beautiful machine Corvette

  • Maybe I'm crazy but I liked the stock wheels better.

  • Can you send me the location of that I been needed a priv area to learn my donuts better

  • I know drew is a trump supporter. I can honestly see it

  • Damn bro, those wheels got corona? Cause they sick af!

  • 🔥🔥🔥so clean!

  • Looks clean bro but tint the side marker lights especially the front ones cuz they orange and not a fan of that but looks badass tho 🔥

  • damn those wheels are so sick son & sounded epic, you should burn more tyres off and get more practice at it with both hands, youll soon pick it up :) Edit: you was getting into it more as i watched the vid, hell yeah!!

  • Do I needa teach you how to swing your own car

  • Hey drew I live in the same area, where is the underpass that you did the donuts at? I want to swing my car for the first time but I wanna do it somewhere like here because it’s the perfect place.

  • Also. Same wheels streetspeed717 put on his c8

  • Yoshi drove all the way from California....How much was that wash? 5k? HAHAHAHAHHAHA :V

  • Man get a head strap for the cam and fuckin send them tires to the moon properly. Or have someone else hold the dam cam in the car. Them were sad donuts!

  • Not much of an American car fan but, this corvette is perfect, amazing

  • Your vette is the first c7 I've seen as aesthetically pleasant.

  • Bro these wheels are perfect. I know wheels are one of the biggest decisions of building a car so here's a congrats to you brother!👌

  • Doesn't look any different

  • LOL in a single minute you used the line shining brighter than your future 3 times 😂🥴

  • Do you live with your parents and brother??

  • I love to watch videos where guys put wheels on their cars and its not forgiatos 😴

  • 👌🏼🔥👌🏼🔥

  • 🔥🔥

  • Hey bro do u ever clean your car cause it’s a crime to have a vette and have it trashy all the time I see the videos lol

  • Those wheels are dope as f$$$! Toyo proxies are a great choice

  • It’s called saving the squeezes when you need to make it count!!! Why rag it out until it needs to count! The mature driver would say.

  • Was great meeting u tonight bro!

  • Wow...🔥🔥🔥👍🏿💪🏿

  • i think its time to invest in a GoPro headmount????

  • @Cars Across Texas whats the music you use. Is it an app or a website. I am wanting to start my own yt channel and I was wanting to put some music in the vids

  • Rims are hot🔥🔥

  • Love the wheels and tires. Nice!

  • 😎 ✔ ✅

  • Those are some sexy wheels! Im tryna get me some for my SS soon.

  • Not gonna lie I'm not the biggest Corvette fan, but I have to admit the car is looking good

  • Man I love you but you’re a horrible driver ! 😂😂

  • Your gonna love it when you get the half shaft bill....

  • Why did u take it down earlier??

  • 0:22 you haven’t unlocked these wheels yet, please play further into the game to unlock.

  • What rims are those

  • How much lighter are the new wheels over the stock wheels?

  • Like the wheels, but I'm a Vorsteiner guy

  • The exhaust sounds great. New wheels are awesome.

  • Rear drag pack with those wheels in the front👀

  • Nice wheels.

  • Great choice on the wheels. Work on those bars though man, gotta swing a Z06 more controlled than that

  • I wish GM designed a better looking front bumper for the zo6 out the factory 😒

  • That’s a perfect chill spot ✅ Sick Corvette

  • How does that Yoshi work you have to pay membership fee and pay for the services you want? Do they deliver E85???? That would be amazing

  • I honestly love Mike, he’s such a nice and genuine dude. Me and him talked for like 30 mins at a meet

    • ThaPhotoBooth much love homie 🤟🏻

    • Thank you sir I appreciate it

  • 17:17 when you’re bored in quarantine and you want to try something new

  • *covette*

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and I love new wheels on c7 z06 lot 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Supercarsuspects n you needa link ASAP

  • Nice nice What camera are you using 👀

  • The Corvette sounds better and better 🔥🔥🔥

  • 😎🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯

  • I skipped forward to see the wheels but did go and watch it and good video man keep it up.

  • you pretty gay for having cops at your meet and snitchin on people