Cops Were WAITING For Me at INSANE Car Meet! (They Bought Shirts!)

تم نشره في 2020/05/27
I had no idea this meet would get this big. The security guard and cops were even being cool and letting us stay but some people just can't behave. I didn't record any of the burnouts. No clout for ruining a park and chill. Enjoy!
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  • Where is the mask ??

  • So AR-one told me to watch one of your videos and Idk shit about cars, but you are entertaining af. Great personality.

  • i had to sub to you after hearing your jokes and all these amazing cars

  • I'm not mechanically savvy so knowing me my favorite car is probably not the favorite among car enthusiasts(aka don't pick on me lol), but I do love the challengers they're just so pretty and remind me of the old school muscle cars. Challenger hellcat or demon = my dream car


  • i love these wholesome videos

  • Dope asf

  • I'm infatuated

  • Can you send me some stickers for my scooter from BC Canada LMAO I'm loving your video's

  • 🤔🤔🤔😁😁😁 now i gotta FOIA each of their body cams and make sure they didnt use department funds to buy the shirts.

  • I would loved to do this for my brother's they love cars with their lives

  • I love seeing all the cars!! Can I get a sticker?

  • I do like that you understand that you have to follow the rules that are laid out before the meet. To bad others feel they have a right to do what they want.

  • Its great to see everyone together. Have fun, enjoying themselfs, and getting along.☺️

  • Laguna seca, isnt that a track?

    • @Cars Across Texas oh damn didn't know that. Yo thanks is for the reply. I love the work you and your team does. Positive vibes YEA!

    • also a special edition Boss 302 Mustang with better suspension. They're rare and pretty sick.

  • Why da fuk would you wear a mask in your own car?? LMAO!

  • Gah dayumm I need to bring my Stang to Texas, f**k this Covid lie. xD bllsht covid lie. Nothing worse than the flu. I miss all the car meets.

  • Zombie alert. ..

  • Where I live we have southern exotics who do car meets and they actually went to a really rich but public part of town and Karen’s over there are INSANE!!

  • Was that Hellcat growling @ an Audi😂 lol

  • How the hell do all these young bucks have these nice ass cars? I’m stuck with a 2v 😞

  • Cars across texas, you need to come by Killeen meet up , every Friday is a really nice mix of cars

  • My dad brother& myself would of loved to be there to see those cars Wow nice cars!

  • Loving This ❤️💯

  • Want city you your in?

  • Where can I buy a shirt to show my support

  • They need some cars that end in the letter 'i'

  • I find it Amazing that you can spot a car so far back.

  • So I've seen a few videos of meets that happen in this spot recently. It's right down the street from me. How often does this meet happen?

  • I was at a car meet in Toronto, Canada when CarCraft mag showed up to do a spread, it may have been the late eighties (it's been a few years, so pardon the poor memory). Everyone knew ahead of time that they would put in an appearance, so this huge lot was virtually bumper-to-bumper. But back then, the thing to do was be running street slicks, blowers, multiple carbs or injectors, roll cages or entire race frames, wheely bars, etc. I really felt out of place when I got there since I had just finished restoring a bone stock '69 Dodge Dart, 340 4bbl, x heads and everyone else has these jacked-up rockets, yet I was welcomed with open headers lol It was perfect until some idiot did a short burn out, dropped his driveshaft, and created enough attention for the cops to shut it down early. All it takes is one dick, sad to say. Cheers for the video, it was good to remember those times again.

  • Just found your channel. You need to start selling your shirts on your website. I don't know a lot about cars but I love this channel!

  • Your laugh is contagious 😂😂😂

  • I'm here just for the takuache 😂

  • That cop is the nicest cop I ever seen tbh... we need more cops like him ❤️

  • Obnoxious laugh. 😣

  • 2 different colored rims is like going outside with 2 different shoes on.... you look like and idiot.

  • As a Houston modded car guy I am quite dissatisfied that you folks are not using common sense to mitigate possible c19 transmission.

  • I grew up in the metro Detroit area and every year there was a car cruise with classic cars and new cars. It was amazing. People would come from all over the US to drive it. Seeing this makes me think of home. Wish I was closer to Houston so I could see this in person.

  • This kind of content deserves a follow and for notifications to be turned on! This man is an OG y’all! Keep up the amazing content man, it makes my day watching your videos! Stay safe

  • Finally! Was waiting for Lexi to make her grand appearance!!👀👀 💘 it

  • It's nice the cops were cool !

  • I need to move to texas

  • It's nice to see a cop been human

  • 7:10 "thats what i came for

  • It's a shame. There's always got to be someone to ruin it for the rest. Awesome, powerful, beautiful machines!!

  • I wasn't there because I don't know where the Car Meet area is. If its in Bell County or near Hillsbro I can come with my '15 Ford F-150

  • That’s not real more like blue green

  • Ayo when that guy said it was a pista 😂😂 he needs to get out more

  • I know I seen a 370Z in the background why do you never show some of the other underrated cars? Not hating just a question.

  • All cops are the same

  • I love the spanglish

  • Spanglish

  • did anyone else notice that one black and purple hellcat had purple headlights...? and either it's just me or that looks like an enderman from minecraft... the reason why I know this is because I've got nephews who play minecraft

  • You are lucky they didn't kill you

  • ...definitely TEAL !!!

  • Love the c7 its my favorite model

  • Pretty lame nice cars

  • This is the most beautiful representation of America I've ever seen. All colours of young people havin legal fun!

    • Good Morning m Winston,I was thinking the exact same. I'm from Ocean Township New Jersey 😁

  • Lol even the car meets be segregated to clicks and crews now.

  • “No quemando la llantas cuhh”🤣

  • This is why we can't have nice things.

  • This is what we needed in these dark times.

  • Say man wats up im looking to see if u. Can hook it up with some stuff for a subscriber in dfw

  • while i love cars, it seems some of the people behind the wheel are morons, like come on, a car meet don't need burnouts or donuts, just go and show off your car, rev it a bit. Pretty disappointed with people

  • i swear people just want to force the 2 fast 2 furious scenes for no reason. no need to run

  • its a shame every car meet i see is the exact same just mustang, challenger, camaro different colors and wheels. wish there was alittle more variety

  • Z28 🔥🧢💯

  • You the best 👌

  • Who else misses the smell of Tires right now

  • Cool cop:)

  • Did anyone see all of those Camry’s lol not gonna hate there fun cars but didn’t expect to see that many

  • Are they required to hold the collar of their vests?? Is it part of their training?

    • Scott I was wondering that same thing I'm going to find out why they do

  • Lol shshh keep it down Brian your gonna start a howl

  • Yo yo yo those camrys at 5:02 are on🔥🔥🔥not gonna lie😂

  • COMMON COURTESY GOES A LONG WAY,,,remember YOU are the example of what people think of your sport !!

  • he touched the ....... cops hand. corona virus

  • still like the "SLEEPER" lexus

  • I like how these morons just decided that the coronavirus is over -.-

    • @DONTE OCONNOR are u saying that corona is fake?.. u prob think the earth are flat too right?... ffs..

    • You're a moron who thought it was REAL!!

  • Ya boi!!! 🤙 almost got the supra ready you are the first person I'm coming to see

  • No kema cuhh

  • really interested in joining one of these meets. who would i contact to learn when and where?

  • Brazil here bro

  • I think everyone wants to k ow what u runnin on that vette ?!?!? (If theres the vid of he does send it to me plz). I havent looked into that btw.

  • Everybody wearing masks, still giving fistbumps.... GG

  • Tell me why but Texas got some cool ass cops

  • How do I find these car meets? I'm from the Cypress area

  • I live in Houston I was wondering where I can find info about future meets?

  • Can’t believe y’all still rocking Houston asterisks gear.

  • What part of Texas is this

  • Lmao your definition of waiting for me and mine are two different things

  • Scatter like a bunch of roaches when the light is turned on!!!! I hope to the good Lord above......EVERYONE that was there got a citation. Stupid people playing stupid games.....hopefully get serious consequences. This is maybe the 3rd or 4th video (I started with the birthday parade & the follow up) of yours that I have MADE myself watch, to see if maybe....just maybe there was some redeeming quality or value to this deafening obsession. NOPE, UH UH, NOT A SINGLE THING! I’m sure it’s beyond expensive. It’s unbearably loud- to the point of hearing loss. Not to mention the illegal speeding, the burnouts, donuts, and the unnecessary (but ego boosting showoff) revving go the engines.

    • Gee, tell us how you really feel............ :-)

  • Waiting for the day my boy danny up in Texas shows up to one of these in one of his miatas lmao

  • Damn can i get a car drive thru for my birthday

  • Love this car shows but I work as a security guard and it sucks when they get out of hand and they start harassing the guards.

    • My grandfather used to always say" there's always one a****** in every bunch"

  • They secretly trying to become your friend so they can stab you in the back.

  • the segregation at "car shows" is hilarious

  • Why do they keep theyr hands on theyr chest

    • Pulling the body armor away so they can get some air down to shirt, they get pretty warm

  • We need more cops like this

  • The Tiffany blue hell cat 💙💙

  • Dude, I enjoy your videos but please just be yourself man, the 'sheeesh' I know you got that from King Fresh, and the 'Cuh'...really dude? Like I said man, you got to where you are by being you. Don't try to be something else, it's like....cringy/uncomfortable. Again, i enjoy your vids but when I start hearing that, I'm like 🤔