I Got a 2021 Toyota Supra For a Weekend!! (SHOULD I BUY ONE?!)

تم نشره في 2020/08/17
Big thanks to Elie at High Performance Connection for letting me borrow his Supra while my Z06 was in the shop! The Supra is bone stock and only had about 200 miles on it when I picked it up! Should I buy one?? Let me know in the comments! Enjoy guys!
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  • SHOULD I GET A SUPRA FOR MY DAILY??? Obviously wouldn’t stay stock but it’d be a better daily than a 900hp Z06 🤔

    • GET IT

    • You should definitely get one if want to. But I do think you should get a 2021 Supra.

    • no, a truck

    • JDM!!

    • Best of both worlds with TRX. You can haul whatever you need, go light to light with launch control or go offroading. Its up to you though, if ya want a supra, go for it. Not going to hinder my viewing or anyone else's I'm sure. Love your content!

  • Jdm all da wayyyyyy 💯💯

  • get a truck preferably diesel, it can pull a trailer that can hold the z06(mod the z06) make it loud and sexy

  • Get one and throw a wide body on it they look killer wide.

  • Truck

  • Ur videos are getting dry. There just about you flaunting your money.

  • Shit hard

  • yes bruh please get a supra

  • JDM! JDM! JDM!...R34??

  • Get a 6.2 trail boss. Quick economical and gm to go with z06.

  • Dammmmm broooo no invite !!!!!!!!

  • Get an m2 comp if you’re considering getting a Supra.

  • if you get it sell it, to me

  • 1st of all: it’s not a Supra, it’s a bmw. 2nd of all: do NOT buy it... it sucks.

  • New Supra or the 400 Ball Z. Also, the next generation of Toyota 86 is coming.

  • more truck content


  • Supra 🔥🔥

  • 4:21 "I'm in a bit of a moral predicament", how does your list of potential vehicle purchases have anything to do with morals ? Anyway, get the Zupra !

    • I don’t know 😂 it’s just the word that popped into mind lol

  • you should get a truck to match the z06

  • No supra

  • Get the Civic Type R as your daily. Usable space and manual transmission.

  • BMW Z4 is better

  • Get the shoes it’ll be cool to see on the channel

  • No

  • Maybe wait until the new nissan 400Z drops and try to be one of the first people to get ur hands on it?


  • So what's with the BMW with an identity crisis

  • A ford raptor would be a cool choice for a daily but jdm supra content sounds awesome.

  • ar-one.info/down/lWrVgtKaZpSssZk/fydyw.html

  • Get the Supra

  • Buy a Supra you seem really happy to have the car as a rental Ive seen a stock one and a wide body Supra on the way to the mall they’re amazing cars

  • Truck content would be nice

  • A 2j a90 Supra would be tuff 🔥🔥

  • just get a lightning

  • You should a truck for truck content

  • CAT I wouldn't...All you're going to hear is 'nice BMW'...js

  • Sinclairphotos needs a SLAB lol

  • Just look at Adam Lz supra.. good platform with lots of potential

  • It'd be a great daily !

  • hate the looks of these things..way too buzy..nope keep your vette

  • Supra over any truck imo 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Yes get one they look awesome

  • Truck content!!!

  • You mean you got a bmw for the weekend?

  • LOL u were acting soooo dumb in the bening #FREEFORNTIE

  • Shii sexy af 🤩🤩

  • Want a daily? Don't get another boring truck. Want a new daily? Get the Supra. Want an old JDM daily? Get an AWD twin turbo R34 !!!

  • Could you be anymore of a hypbeast how about build a car like a man

  • Buy a Supra

  • Yoooo can I buy that frs if he’s sellin it

  • pls buy the supra it is so cool i really want to see how people react to it at the car meet

  • 3:54 tbh this seems more like an American muscle type of channel, nothing wrong with breaking the norms here and there

  • I would really love to see you get an RCF as a daily! The supra is an awesome car but many youtubers have one but the RCF is already a rare car in general and would be a very interesting car for the channel.

  • Nope a Supra

  • It's a surprisingly good car for all the hate it gets

  • I'd rather get a truck, you can do so many side jobs with them and earn extra $$$

  • Id say go for a trackhawk for a daily...

  • Id say go for a trackhawk for a daily...

  • A supra would be so cool❤️

  • Wait to see the 2022 model first

  • What kinda question is that lmao. Def a jdm build 4:59

  • That car can easily get a 9sec pass and still remain as a daily

  • JDM>truck

  • 2021s have the upgraded motor! People thought the 2020s responded to mods well! Wait until these 2021s are sorted! Damn!

    • Yeah, they get the better manifold or head, can't remember, and also different compression. They're said to respond even better to mods!

  • 1:10 that’s the problem man, it’s WAY TOO MUCH BMW! It doesn’t have it’s own uniqueness to it like most Toyota’s do!

    • Listen how the car closes. Sounds cheap as hellz

  • Yeah both should get one

  • Get a older one trust me

  • Supra 1000%

  • Need to get a Supra

  • Just buy a srt8 jeep or something for comfort weather an fun ..an z06 will b the go fast car

  • Truck Content!!

  • Supra all day bro

  • 1st car AR-oner to 2jz swap an mk5. Sounds like some good content that can draw in a lot more people to this already amazing channel!

  • All the haters finna be like"Its actually a BMW" smh

  • Not a huge fan you getting the Supra. Not that it's not cool. Just really looks like a BMW. Plus you already have a sports car. Stick with the Vette and get a cool truck. Or old muscle car

  • Get a Pontiac G8 GXP

  • I personally want to see more JDM content and I would go for the supra but that’s just me

  • Get one and let merwin tune it with a ak47 tune

  • this channel needs to be renamed, "Should I get one of these?"

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣☠☠☠☠ literally

  • You need you to get one

  • Get the RAM TRX

  • Get the 2020 or 2021 GMC duramax and lift it like @itsjusta6😍

  • rather get a f80 m3

  • you should defnitely buy one bro.supra are good looking and reliable. widebodiying and modifiying the car makes it an ultimate racer.but the problem is that from outside it's toyota but from inside the ar is pure BMW.

  • I think the supra matches ur personality perfectly bud.

  • get a scatpack daily

  • Nice german jeep

  • Supra, I think there's going to a massive after market in a few years

  • Bro you should get a MK4 Supra

  • No.


  • That car is ugly and slow and a disgrace to the supra name. Get a truck.

  • M2 Comp w/ the 6spd

  • Pretty much u going get a supra😂💯☝

  • U should go JDM

  • Not a supra. There are way better cars out there on that price range.

  • Get a Jeep track hawk

  • Get a Supra

  • That’s a bmw