THE CRAZIEST 2-STEP BATTLE and AWESOME Racing! - Import Face-Off Houston 2020!

تم نشره في 2020/11/13
Import Face-off Houston was awesome! Several 8 second passes from cars as well as a very 7-second-capable 240. Lots of amazing cars were parked out for the show car section. The 2 step battle was also epic! That little Civic took me by surprise but the MK4 Supra ended up pulling the dub! Hopefully you guys enjoy!
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  • That rotary mazda tho😍

  • Damn boiiii thats so litttt wohooooo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • He don’t belong there😔

  • Wonder if there was any mr2s.....

  • Of course a hellcat owner wants to be at every event 🥱🥱🥱

  • Anybody else see Chris from Supercarsuspects in the Evo at 1:40

  • That del sol with the ek front end is 🔥

  • I absolutely love the SKYLINE/GT-R collection.

  • Wow i didnt see you there lmao

  • Get more ford focus st’s

  • Nissan sentra B13🤙 gotta love the old schools maan 2:47

  • if you put the money they put into those hondas into a 5.0 car or a ls car youd go twice as fast

  • Amazing that you risk your life for us bro no one else doing it like you frfr

  • 15:45 thank me with likes bois

  • Drew, why are you saying brother every time you record a video? You don’t even have a brother.

  • Question is this in Houston Bec I need to go to a car meet

  • @2:50 is a Nissan sentra ( us ) in Japan they are called b13 Nissan sunny those are gold in Jamaica with an sr20

  • What rims are those on the hyundai veloster

  • What kinda a camera you use to record

  • Eyyyy thanks for the shout out bro 🙏

  • copyrighted music

  • That 2jz 240 lives near me his shop is smiley autowerks:)

  • 5:20 Shorty got them bitties no simp intended.

  • Low key I want an early Sentra like that in a 2 door I had a 93 Nissan Sentra it was the first car I ever bought I paid like $400

  • Lit content as always bro! We got plenty of those car meets here in Dubai! You should come up for a visit, don't worry I got you covered!!

  • That trie colored Charger was dope

  • I'm struggling myself with 1of1500 10thAE rx7 and its NOT CHEEP ,on DISSABILITY! so I understand why people cheep out for a quik build with a boosted ls!! Outa Tahoe lol betcha alota

  • Don’t really care about JDM stuff? I own a German car and I’m into all cars as a videographer of all things cars , you should broaden your horizons and not limit yourself to one set of cars ex: muscle cars

  • Not talking shit , but damn if your going to film about cars at least know your cars , come on

    • I don’t really care about JDM stuff, I’m here to learn as well

  • They have it every weekend I use to live right by royal purple lol

    • @Cars Across Texas yeah also worked out there when I was 16 lol

    • There are track days every weekend but not import faceoff

  • Sin clairs frs is so nasty I wanna move to Texas and get apart of the meets

  • i kinda feel bad for the people not knowing the difference between 2 step and hitting rev limiter

  • You should see boostedboiz turbo shopping cart damn fast...

  • Mk3: why do I here boss music?

  • omg dude trust me dude, youre gonna hate yourself when you get older when you get tinnitus lol hope you like sleeping with the fan on

  • Why u never introduced us to your lady friend

  • I NEED one of hothouse shopping carts

  • 16:53 look at that women right behind the truck 🤮

  • Nice video. But you have to experience in person The shock waves and noise that you feel is insane The camera really doesn’t show the cars any justice Keep up the good work my dude

  • best video of all time

  • Maybe I can get the focus ST actually in the show coverage rather than being in the background next time. The little focus ST isn’t an import well maybe the engine and trans is basically German. From euro Ford. And the car looked as good or better than some of the cars shown in the video. I’ll work on that next time. I’ll definitely have the aero kit on it from Vega MotorWorks by the next import face-off. The front splitter is wrapped and painted and ready to go on. Who knows maybe you’ll do some thing on the local car clubs like mine Velocity 6ix. Got to talk to you briefly. Was good to finally meet you.

  • memento mori

  • Im Shook Their were no VW in the 2-Step battle

  • damn supras😅🔥

  • mk4 vs mk3🔥💯

  • “No vegans around here” 😂😂. Also thanks for showing us the models for a bit 👌

  • That ZL1 looks dope in that colour at 7:15

  • Bro I'm boutta throw hands how tf you show all the Hondas then ignore celia at 6:07 smh

    • Not everything makes the video. Lots of stuff got cut and it’s still 30 minutes long :)

    • @Riya Yadav smh bruh the man gotta get educated on them

    • Brother he doesn’t know much about JDM’s.

  • So where are you going to introduce us to Miss Cars across Texas?

  • What track is that?

  • Is that tuner Sentrix winner legit? The MK5

  • 16:17 that’s the funniest sound I heard in this video I love it

  • 👍

  • does anyone know the owner of the black widebody mustang?


  • "I hear shots!" "Ok mam calm down what kind of shots" "22:53"

  • My boy in the mk3 hurt his motor. 😢

  • I Like Charger,Srt,Rt,Challenger,Srt,Rt.

  • Always bringing the dope vids 🔥🔥

  • Damn, some of those 2 steps sounded like wet farts.

  • does the owner of that green ZL1 have a insta? it’s super sexy and those wheels are amazing, i need to find out what they are

  • And my dad just bought a mark 4 Supra

    • That's sick bro!

  • How much was your car to build

  • @ 7:50 , that Black supra with meaty tires , I saw it on hwy 225 @ richey ,doing a 60 roll vs a ford mustang Shelby gt 500 , the pony lined up next to him acting all hard, the supra was just cruising minding his own business ...The mustang got smoked! Hahaha

  • missed out on so much...left around the time you showed up lol

  • That rainbow looking blue blobeye sti looked hideous , trust me (saw it in person) way too much

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video lot 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🤣

  • That's a lot of American next to a little of japanese.. You don't realise how small the Honda Beat is until you hold one in your hand 😁 speaking of those, do you know how rare they are? Proper unicorn car. Like the Nissan Sera and Figaro. Worth a small fortune!

  • Every one gangsta until the bmw wagon has an ak lol

  • I wish black widow supra was in the 2 step 😤

  • Nice different video

    • Always trying to explore new areas of the car scene

  • That camo hellcat was awesome, would you buy a hellcat charger?

  • 16:42 headphone users 😏 ⚠️ 🥵Orgasmic Level Extreme🥵⚠️

  • 8:06 the rx3 was carb'd thats why there were holes the hood, and the rags were to keep junk out.

    • @Cars Across Texas no problem, I believe it was a 12a.

    • Hmmm. Didn’t even thing of that haha, especially because the whole was off to one side. Good to know, I appreciate it

  • The green RX7

  • My first time going to this event, definitely going next year.

  • Who's the girl next to you with red lipstick and glasses we need to know.

  • Because she there alot of anyone doesn't pay attention

    • @Cars Across Texas she is pretty fits you good love you drew can't wait to see the vette again

    • My girlfriend 🥰

  • In the beginning of the video is the girl be hind drew his girlfriend or no

  • Lots of love from Marxachusetts man. Wish I was in Texas and not stuck up here in Mass but I’ll live vicariously through you brother. Keep them coming!

    • Aye man! I appreciate the love from up there! Glad to live in a slightly warmer place than you so our car scene stays alive all year haha.

  • I live in Houston ayy

  • Is that ur gf or friend that usually follows u in ur into?

  • Rx7 won

  • My favorite car was the orange wide body evo

  • The most hyped battle with the Mazda and the Honda 😩

  • copyright strike waiting to happen with music in the background

    • @Cars Across Texas thats what i like to hear, keep them vids comeing😁👌

    • I was nervous, but we’re good so far 😅

  • Wassup love the vids

  • Second!!!!! Yay for me

  • The. Civic broke his exshaust he would of won the whole thing if it wouldn’t of broke

  • I wish I lived in Texas instead of stupid Indiana! Love the content brother!

  • who that lady was next to y with red lips stick

  • Love ur content and I love cars

  • First

    • @Cars Across Texas thanks! ❤Love the channel bro

    • Aye nice! That’s what’s up man! 😄