The FASTEST TX2K20 Street Cars Takeover Pre-Meet! (1500+ Horsepower!!)

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Every year @Street Car Video puts on a meet for the public and the fastest cars come out every year without fail. All sorts of Boosted Mustangs and Vettes, Lambos, and other CRAZY builds show out and it always makes for a good show. Enjoy!
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  • 5:23 king wreckless w the camo 💯😈

  • I am a simple man I see a Skyline R34 I click Like fast as Lightning :D

  • The trailblazer. is my favorite

  • Nissan skyline and eclipse and Lamborghini and mustangs and STI Subaru

  • That r34 I would love to be one of my first few cars but there is no way I can ever get that much money

    • Having an attitude like that will get you no where in life my man! You gotta believe in yourself and set small steps to achive your goal of owning an r34 someday!

  • R34 and Supra are the two best legendary cars here.

  • Man you really pulled thru w the c7z!! From a fellow Texas youngin, congrats!

  • Those were the "original" turbo street cars my guy. dsms were being built before the ls engine even took off

  • 1:20 heyyy that's my car😂😂😂

  • There are to many car channels bro you ain’t getting famous fuck faces 😂

  • At 7:00 that’s not a gtr in fact that is gtt skyline

  • R34 all day

  • OMG That Chevelle at 11:04. So nice! Also, at 12:13...R.I.P. Headphones!

  • 2:57 I Bet Anything With A 10 Speed Rolls Out

  • The Shelby SuperSnake Because it’s mines 🥶‼️

  • 12:12 🥵🥵


  • I like your channel I’d like to see more of the car tho stop um say hey what the heck you got going on under the hood bro lol

  • This channel has a real “1320 video if you bought it off Wish” vibe.

  • Watch "Turbocharged Camaro REVENGE" on AR-one

  • Any other DSM owners get triggered at 1:20 ??

  • That red ls swapped though...

  • It's funny that all these cars with high hp are loud at idle, but they don't rev like idiots and do burnouts like all the wannabes at most car meets.

  • aye that’s my dog lol

  • Instead of just roaming the parking lot, get in a car and film a race!!!

  • This crazy car That crazy car This thing is crazy That’s crazy Bet that rolls out Oh man that thing looks crazy Omg..crazy

  • 1:19 Come on man, you don't know what a eagle Talon... definitely showing your age.. haha Love the vids man

    • RidinONChrome when he said that I got so pissed 😂

  • People sure do love their mustangs in TX.

  • Ayeee first time my car got noticed by a badass channel #WYTRASH

  • Are you in a competition to see how many times you can say Crazy in a video?

  • That wasnt an r34 GTR... it had a bloody sunroof lol

  • Dude can name every new exotic car no problem. A 1g talon rolls by and has no clue what it is🤣 can tell you haven't been around the car scene for that long. Gotta start somewhere I guess

  • You don't want a McLaren! They are trash and break!

  • Bro, how do you not know what an eagle talon is??

  • 1G DSM drives by: I don't know what this is... Click unsubscribe

    • Mister Boost I was so pissed, me being a DSM owner

  • At 1:20 how dare you not know what that is! It’s a Eagle Talon AWD, if set up right it’s nothing to take lightly.

    • Fast Hippo Zl1 PREACH !!!!

    • Nobody cares dude.....seriously......its an eagle talon

  • I would take any old school over the new cars :)

  • Big public meets today?

  • who owns the super snake 😍

  • I think I might want a Super Snek.

  • Lmfao at the ‘I don’t know what this is’ to the 1ga talon. Ugh that hurt my heart :( I love dsms and love mine!!

    • @Cars Across Texas those things were terrors many years ago on the streets and busted a lot of feelings i wasnt a DSM fan but i respect them a ton! great content man!

    • It was a sick build, I just never see them so I'm a little unfamiliar :) Always learning in the car scene!

  • @1:21 this guy says i don't know what this is but it sounds crazy hahahaha where were u bro , a 15 year old kid know what this car is

    • 2JZ Power Supra I was triggered when he said that smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • 😂😂13:22 ALV license plate is cool

    • Ray Iruegas jr thanks man that’s my crew lol

  • This guy got every face and plate in the lot...

    • @Cars Across Texas hey I watched the whole video just found that funny.

    • Doing nothing illegal though lmao. What're the cops gonna do? Arrest people for legally attending a meet and acting responsible by chilling and looking at cars?

  • At 1:40 someone needs to check their belts. No engine supposed to squeak louder than your exhaust

    • Adrian Molina some people just don’t care about their stuff

    • Tanner Cox 1:33 * but yea that shit had my head hurting

  • I cant stand the sound of centi cars. its what happens when ricers get that trust fund old ass Corvette with annoying prochargers that sound like shit 😂😂

  • At 3:23, the Paxton mustang is heathen street racing. Check us out on it on ig And fb!

  • That r34 skyline was the same bro stil great meet keep it up

  • Why always say you are gonna go race then not film it?

    • I do :) its just gonna be separate videos because those take way longer to edit.

  • My guy deadpoolz06.

  • All show camo cat some love 4:27 he’s a AR-oner Rigo Juarez check him out

  • Any meets going on tomorrow??? Want to go check out some cool cars!

  • I think Bryan has the fastest F150, its white and runs low 9s

  • Yellow and carbon vette

  • Super snake got me with a super snake

  • Why do you leave when the cops do?

  • Dope content

  • Celebrate the views man fuck the haters

  • How could you not know that was an eagle talon dude

  • It’s a r34 gtr conversion lol

    • At that point the only thing that isn't R34 is the Vin plate. RB26 and the AWD system from a 32/33 and the steering wheel and the interior from a 34 GTR

  • Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. The kingdom of heaven is likened to a merchant seeking beautiful pearls who when he had found one pearl of great price went and sold all that he had and bought it.

  • That's not an R34 GTR. It's a GTT with a sunroof.

  • Nice vid but if I have to hear one more time how you’re getting a vette next month I’m never watching another one

  • 12:34 that’s not just any 5 series that’s an e39 m5.

  • Where are people meeting tonight after the track?

  • Kind of meh 😑 hopefully the vids get better

  • Sweet coverage of 2k! May I suggest blurring the plates if possible?

    • 3H Orange Peel why? You ride in public with a plate...whats the reason for blurring it on public vid? Hell my WYTRASH plate is fun and enjoyed by many like in this vid...blurring it wouldn’t make sense

  • That black c6 sounded insane!

  • not mistaken the blazer is rear mount turbo

  • Hey Drew! Love that girl driven Shelby, yes srrrrr! pretty cool. 😎👍

  • Bad ass!!!

  • 1g eagle talon and a 2g eclipse (the unknown cars at the beginning)

    • luis castillo I knew the eclipse, just not familiar with the Talon because I just never see them aside from that red demon talon that comes on 1320 a lot. Thanks for the info!

  • All the cars are bad ass but I don’t know the red truck going 8’s in 1/4 don’t get me wrong the truck looks very nice. It be the fastest truck over all the cars. All top notch cars!

  • he was standing right in front of me at 8:08

  • So many vettes!

    • Cars Across Texas yea they all sound nasty! 💪🏾 makes me want to build a v8

    • ReignRegime very true but they’re all crazy builds lol

  • Dude go up to the owners do the one on oN ask about mods good content after that some roll races BLURR THE PLATES ALREADY and show some different content some behind the scene stuff of what you are look for

    • Scrim yeah I do that bro I know that much. I have some racing videos up on the channel and will have a lot more coming out in the coming weeks

    • Cars Across Texas blurr plates in racing content when you get there

    • Scrim the interviews would be cool but why would I blur plates for this? That’s a lot of unnecessary work lol. This meet was totally legal


    • Cars Across Texas i should haveeee🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Icy Cisco shoulda come said what’s up bro! 😁

  • How the fuck do you not know what a EAGLE TALON IS !!!!! 😂😂😂💀

  • What are those

  • You’re videos are awesome

  • Respek boi... big spring tx🤘🏾

  • So many S550’s.

    • Dime a dozen

    • Fuck yea aint no deneyig thoe coyotes get down & ive never cared for ford..

    • DylanSN95 because those Gen3 Coyotes are so damn easy to make power with

  • Wait wait wait was that a ls swap e39 m5 lol definitely one of 1

    • @SloSt yes LS swap is common, this one is a built 440 LSX.

    • SloSt whats ya instagram I want to see it no lie

    • I thought that was a common swap? Lol there's 1 by me here in Cali...

    • boosted with shane yes lol. That thing is wild 😬

  • nice video :D

  • What ever happened to that fat drunk loser that pulled a gun on someone?

  • Any meets tonight or tomorrow? I was going to head down there from Dallas but I heard that the track wasnt letting any spectators attend the race in Baytown.

    • @Thomas Nguyen Thanks! I wont make it in time tonight though. Hopefully there are events tomorrow.

    • @Errol Jones starts at 9:00 PM

    • @Errol Jones yeah tonight

    • @Thomas Nguyen tonight?

    • Theres a big meet up at Bombshells, in Tomball

  • Good vids man you got another subscriber

    • YVNG GEE aye welcome to the family boss! I appreciate it 👍😁

  • Where are you guys??

    • @EastOaklandS65Feen jajjaa. Just want to know the location of the meet.

    • ESO ESO este vato lol 😂 I bet they say somewhere in Canada 🇨🇦

    • @Magic Rodriguez u think in mexico wen they go out & race wen they start to record they say "somewere in US" ??

    • You mean MEXICO 😒🤨🤫

    • Miguel Peña this was at midnight performance in houston

  • You fuck away fuck around when you speak Spanish but it’s actually good 😂

  • 🇺🇸

  • Awesome video as usual man, love it!

  • love your videos man keep it up love you man!¡🤟🏾

  • First

  • Notification gang 😂