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I definitely didn't expect this to get as rowdy as it did! This was wild but the neighbors didn't seem to approve. Enjoy the video guys!
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  • Mustang that did the burnout was @bris_5.oh!

    • What’s bri’s channel

    • She needs a supercharger

    • Favourite car Hellcat But it could do better than that, it could be loud

    • Hey bro tell bri I said hiii and it’s Antonio from El Paso Texas and hi from my sister flower

    • She had the best looking car! Plus she was cute!

  • please tell me where these car rallies are

  • yea i dont think i would be very happy about people doing burnouts in my neighborhood either.

  • There has to always be those bitches that have to ruin good things!

  • The first Karen vid wasn’t justified and everyone was driving respectfully , nobody deserved to be harassed by that bitch,but all you assholes were outta line doing burnouts and pinning around at high speeds in a residential. Little much no?

  • Dude started talking like a Takuache 😂😂😂

  • Nothing against the revving and noise, but to be gunning it inside a neighborhood is stupid, all it takes is one excited kid to run out into the street for a mishap to happen.

  • Looks like a “sway-back” pony to me.

  • cops sit right at the park. lived just streets over

  • 💯💯💯

  • flipped his mustang off 🤔😂😂

  • Man that blower is mad

  • Que manda las sientas ? Not sure what that is

  • Bro what r u saying in Spanish I’m Spanish and I can’t understand you lol

  • We love to hate the Karens and Kens! Happy Birthday Big Man!! Good Parade Ladies and Gents!!! 💥💥💥🙌🙌💯💯💯💕

  • Now dont hit the birthday boy with the mustang


  • You sound like your balls haven't dropped yet. So I'm guessing this is a rather weak attempt to compensate. What a bunch of tools.

  • Stop saying “man” like that 😂😂😂 love the videos tho bro bro!

  • I would love to have any one of those cars ,they are sweet!! I wish I could afford one. But I'll keep dreaming!! The Karen videos are so funny !! Keep rocking!!

  • Remember the last birthday trip

  • Jamaica mon

  • 😂😂😂👏💪🤘✊

  • Aye I know Htx Roush went to school with him

  • Everybody gangster until the transformers roll up on your neighborhood.

  • Cars across texas what kind of car u have

  • The wild karen is out in the open

  • Skittle bots roll out

  • Does Bri have a youtube channel? I’d love to learn more about the build

  • Let's keep doing it until someone calls the police or we hit somebody's child or dog! You, my dear Biff, have the mental age of a dim-witted sixth-grade bully. The jerks who "follow" you are even sadder, which ain't easy.

  • Brie’s car is so dope!

  • Demolitia is home.

  • Don’t get the m5 get the engine and build the crap out of it and put it in something with a more reliable chassis and bad engine design.

  • Another angry Karen?

  • Wow clickbait!! Not one race car was in this just some very stupied loud cars

  • Cameraman is annoying

  • Too many buckets. Quantity not quality

  • OK I'm just gonna say this; that yellow SN95 sounded GORGEOUS.

  • Whats the point of riding trough a neighborhood revving and doing burnouts??? To piss people off??? VERY IGNORANT AND STUPID! It would have been a bad day everyone doing that in my neighborhood! I can promise that!! Im all for doing burnouts, revving, and some grudge racing but you do that in parking lots, highways and none populated stretches of road.

  • That tan mustang that the chick was driving was awesome and she was fine as hell

  • I wanna goto some car meets im in florida got a 2020 gt

  • 11:36 a wild Karen appears.

  • The best

  • DUDE SHOW FOOTAGE/TAKE FOOTAGE WHEN YOU ARE IN A CAR LIKE THAT CAMARO! Nothing beats seeing/hearing those kinds of beasts rip down the road! Start including more driving clips!!!

  • My birthday is coming up this month and that looks amazing seeing so much cool cars coming by

  • Prob wouldn't have had any problems if buddy didn't do a residential street burnout

  • If I had to get a bmw it would be an E92 M3

    • E92 m3s are great but e60 m5 is a different breed not for everyone that’s for sure

  • You can always tell an old pizza hut.

  • You should collab with itsjusta6

  • lol its funny when the v6s try to make noise

  • No lie, that tan Mustang is the cleanest 5.0 I've ever seen.

  • can we talk about how good the paxton mustang sounded

  • Dang that a long parade for my brother soo happy

  • I just got a video of this recommended and I been watching his videos for the past hour :)

  • Oh I wish the people my family know that drags could that for me that would best July 9 for me

  • The yellow sn95! Great video and keep up the great work!💯

  • ford and chevy rules!

  • Does that girl Bri have an Instagram? Her mustang is sick love the color

  • Right when I saw those two buildings I knew what that was that Mexican restaurant right next to I 45

  • Used to have a e60 m5 the maintenance is only bad if you don't stay on top of every little thing


  • Why is there any 4 cylinders there and 6 cylinders 🙃🤔they shouldn’t be there smh fucked up the vibe 💀

  • @Cars Across Texas around 10k for a 2006 M5 V10 on Autotrader.

    • That’s with stupid high mileage tho something with like 100k runs you for like 15k

  • I understand why they might have gotten upset about the takeoffs in a neighborhood, that was a little fast for a residential area. The burnouts were badass though.

  • I love the headlights on that tan mustang

  • The fact that you can speak better spainsh then latino rappers is amazing and funny😂

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and I love z28 Camaro lot 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯real true 👍 🙌

  • 9:20 holy shit even scooby doo was invited 😅👍🏼

  • You know Karen was mad 😂

  • Fool ur white act like it 🤦🏼‍♂️💯

  • I Fck wit bri’s stang shit nice 👍🏼

  • 9:21 he sounded like scooby

  • 11:34 Hello Bri

  • I don't think disturbing the peace is very funny, and I'm a car guy through and through. #notinmyneighborhood!

  • That yellow s550 😩😍

  • that was a dodge demon

  • That's Kareniqua 🤣🤣🤣

  • Not a BMW guy but that M5 sounds absolutely gorgeous!

  • Gotta love the car community ! the car alarm sounding off in the background was classic 🤣

  • Is y'all's mo to piss people off or what? I'm all for it but I know most people don't want to hear muscle cars breaking 100db in front of their house at 8 in the morning. Just saying.

    • I just get invited and go haha, I have no particular mission with these other than to make sure the birthday boy is happy. This was also 5-6pm

  • We are doing a birthday/anniversary cruise for my mom and dad next week...should be fun, they live in a retirement community and im sure there are plenty of Karen types. Lol

  • i love the videos but the laughing needs to be toned down in the vids . keep up the sweet content . more of your vette vids needed.

  • There is one of those M5 with insane acceleration in a overpass or tunnel on AR-one should look for the vid

  • Huge fan of supercharged 6s, there aren't enough of them around!

  • Awesome content

  • You should get some “dead cat” for your mic on your camera, it would really improve audio quality 👍👍

    • I actually typically have a microphone on but it was out of battery so this is all just camera mic audio

  • Idk why but you sound like Scooby Doo @9:04😂

  • I like the mustang 5.0

  • that dirt spec in the camera has been there ever since i saw the karen video....clean it man

    • I think it’s actually a little chip in my lens 🥺

  • Honestly though, your cops seem to have their panties WAY up their ass already, so it doesn't take much.

  • Mane I wanna go to a parade one day

  • You laugh like a little girl.

  • AR-one isn't notifying me.....

  • I feel accomplished I made it to AR-one 🥳 I’m the owner of the m5 also great video btw🔥

    • Rebekah the black 4 door bmw m5

    • streekn thank you☺️

    • Which one is yours

    • Best car of the whole video.

  • that girls stang is beautiful

  • What is a fun decently reliable car that is not a coupe (since insurance would be higher) under 20k as a daily?

  • next birthday can you take ur car looks so awsome to me btw i dot know my cars that well but you could be great at telling me :)

    • My car just wasn’t ready in time for this one haha. It was still getting the exhaust and headers installed when we did this!

    • i meant car

  • 9:20 Scooby doo is that you?😅

  • That Q50 was beautiful. I'd love to see more of the Infinitis that show up.

    • akanishta99 Thank you 🙏 means a lot to see q50s get the love they deserve. If you wanna see more of that car my insta is @q50_cs

  • Bris mustang was 🔥