My Friend Built His Dream Car at 21 Years Old! (@Sinclair Photos Widebody FRS)

تم نشره في 2020/06/23
My buddy @Sinclair Photos just finished up his widebody FRS build and it is insane! Glad I got to come along for the unveil! Enjoy the video guys!
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  • Hell yes! This is one of my dream builds too but with the BRZ and in black & red instead of black and blue.

  • Enjoy your channel and content. To everyone throwing shade, to each their own. It is a sweet ride that's unique and what HE wanted. My guess unlike the all the high dollar "dream car" owners he isn't neck deep in debt either! What went faster, you car or your credit score? I think it's great when you get your dream ride and I can appreciate that as got mine not too long ago. People can hate (read: be jealous) behind their keyboards while you go out and enjoy the TX Car scene!

  • Don't people buy Subaru for AWD?

  • Think it looks like ALOT OF MONEY . . . For something that's not Everyday Driver Practical....IDK.... Sure it looks pretty cool. Just over the top in my opinion

  • Why are people hating, this car is so SICK! Just needs an LS/LT motor now 🤣

  • Hell yeah! SWEET! That's exactly what I wanna do to my e46 M3! Love it guys!

  • my wide body 350z is completely trashed due to houston streets. i hope he doesn't daily it

  • Need the power to fit the aero. Engine swap would be a beast. Beautiful color. Sick kit, wheels.

  • Playboy sticker has to go, dope ride sticker nah.

  • thought the title said “it’s so slow” would’ve worked too

  • which shop did this because i want it done to my gt 350R wide body with the clinched wide body

  • Remove the wing, canards and studs. Then it would be decent.

    • He’s 21, and it’s his car

  • Fat W

  • Automatic FRS are dream cars? I mean hey if it makes him happy. Good for him.

  • Haha a smoke Machine really that’s kinda low key gay

    • Gay is a sexuality. Not an insult. Go back to 6th grade.

  • Houston streets will have that wide kit rattling and falling off that body in a few years. :-\

  • We have a winner!!👍💪

  • brada much respect but I am in shock right now ,is your friend really 21 years old to me he looks like a father of five kids !!!!

  • This thing looks like a 12 year old designed it...

  • Pretty sweet car but the Playboy bunny is kinda ridiculous. I like how you can see the bolts or the fenders. Why in the hell would he let that bmw do a burnout in front of his car? Rock, sand , melted rubber just shot up on the front of his freshly painted car. Crazy he let em do that.

  • Needs a Hemi!

  • Damn what do you guys do for a living so I can do the same 🤣😼

  • Nice build!

  • Looks sick this is actually my dream car to☝️🔥👌

  • So it's bought not built... Gotta get your hands dirty to call it built.

    • I personally wouldn’t want to do any of the cutting on the Fenders haha. That’s an irreversible mistake lmfaoo.

  • Looks great what camera are you using. What’s price to built something like that $50,000.

  • Dude I’m a genesis coupe owner ( still working on parts ) but MAN lately I’ve been seeing a lot of FRS and must admit, they’re definitely growing on me

  • That thing is freaking gorgeous

  • I’m afraid buddy won’t age well 😔

  • I hear unequal length headers in a BRZ/GT86/FR-S sound just peachy

  • Not to worry, he'll have another dream car soon enough :)

    • John Dell You should do some videos on it!

    • @Cars Across Texas I always figured I'd get the new GT500, but turns out on Saturday I picked up a '17 NSX. Freaking love it. Now I've got to go spend $5500 on downpipes and exhaust... Then a tune...

    • There’s different stages of dream cars in my mind haha. This was the first step. Next will be something a little higher up there like maybe a GTR. For me I think I wanna move into a Mclaren 570s/720s next 😬

  • The FRS turned out great! and congrats on the channel man! See you are growing quickly!!

  • You need a yessir t shirt

  • It’s an automatic...

  • That fog was a Fail!!!!

  • Clean congrats

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • No one's dream car is a FRS lol. Twin Turbo Hurracan, Aventador, Rolls Royce, McCLaren maybe but FRS no.

  • That shit is sick .... But that bunny will get you shot in l.a..

  • rice

  • His car looks sick🔥🔥🔥

  • Wow that thing looks ridiculously nice

  • No way he’s 21

  • The blue car look in sexy

  • Cool car but you really need to just not talk.

  • happy for him

  • That looks SICK! 😎😎😎

  • Ls in it......sheeeesshhh sick build

  • That's the nicest FRS I've seen, congrats! And that BMW Laguna Seca Blue is a fantastic color.

    • That BMW is actually wrapped in the same color as AJs FRS! 🤘🏻

  • You got on those cheating Astros jersey. FRAUDS! You must drive fraud car.

  • That widebody FRS is sick

  • Just needs a turbo or a procharger then she’ll be perfect

    • Absolute Zero Eh, who cares?

    • Sid Smith it’s rice. domestic is trash too

    • Why you 2 guys ^^ hating so much that’s a good looking car no matter if you’re a Ford Chevy Dodge whatever your fav car brand is

    • Absolute Zero i maintain my position that everyone who buys this car is a loser

    • *THE COUNCIL OF CARS DECIDES ITS FATE* *it is decided that we are obligated to call this rice*

  • Not a fan of all the bolts/studs showing. Just looks weird on that light blue

    • i like it it gives it a more built not bought vibe

  • Yo that’s fire

  • Win


  • a wise man once said.... when setting your goals aim high. because youd rather miss them by a little then set them too low and accomplish them.

  • OMG that look sick Now a V8 on the that thing and will be unique Congrats to AJ

  • I get the idea but that fog was cringy😆

  • Tj hunt who?😂

  • Sick

  • I had a dream once... Didn't pan out.

  • That does look good!!

  • Nice!!! Boom!!

  • I love it my boy keep up the work and I love the video and me Chevy gang for life all day real true 👍 🙌 North Memphis 💯💯💯💯💯

  • Take that horrible jersey off... Love the videos but hate the jersey

    • @chimichangas r great Yankees cheated too... Lol has been confirmed

    • I'm sure they haven't been cheating since u were 3 so i understand, but they cheated my Yankees out of #28 and I'm sure the rest of the MLB feels the same.. Like i sed before, i love the videos so please keep them coming and much love from NYC

    • I’ve been a fan since I could first understand what baseball was. Me and my dad have been going to games since I was 3 so it’s my team 🥴

    • You must be a rangers or Yankees fan, don't hate on my Houston Astros!

  • NICE

  • I would’ve liked it in my early 20s🚙💨

    • I mean, he is 21.. or so they say.

    • Haha, well me and him are both in our early 20s! Definitely could see this as mainly a younger guy car haha

  • Good stuff making a trip down from michigan with my 99 rs. Looks like a blast down in Texas!

  • They did a great FUCKING job on that Frs. Now time for some performance mods.

  • How much was the cost for all the mods?

    • I’m not sure! But $15k sounds about right. No more than $20k

    • Yeah because it looks like it’s just a kit, plus the wheels tires, spoilers. If i were to guess i would say, 15-20k

  • That’s hella nicee 🦍🤩

  • That car is eye candy 🍬

  • Wicked burnout

  • Great job with the video Drew, Love it! Quite a RIP with that BMW , Wooo Hooo. 😎👍

  • Solid win

  • I Love it AJ! Enjoy and stay safe. P.S Those wheels are Fantastic. 😎💖🤝👍

  • 1 word - YES!

  • this video just screams humidity

    • It was so damn humid hahah. That’s why my lens was fogging up at the beginning!

  • His car looks soo good

  • Drew Peacock would have a field day 🤣

    • I don’t think he’d rip it apart in one of his rice or nice videos. I think it looks good personally haha

  • please tell Sinclair a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on a sick build , well deserved my friend , shout out from your Toronto brethren

    • @Cars Across Texas done and done , already got you my friend when he uploaded , but always good to know I got both yer backs , don't know of he got it , but no worrys , super stoked for you guys buying your dream cars also I don't know if I told you but before my father passed , he bought his dream c4 , so good to see people liv'n the dream

    • Yessir! I’m sure he’d appreciate that in his comments as well boss!

  • Looks good!

  • Why do yall like those cars??? They're so slowwwwww

    • Have you driven one?

    • Where the BRZ/FRS/86 platform really shines is the circuit! Now maybe not for Sinclair because of the widebody and airbags but they’re super light so they’re fun little tossable cars!

    • @Ben Fayard These cars can keep up with hellcats on a track lmao, it's not always about straight line speed bud. I agree the shop did an amazing job though!

    • Ben Fayard thats just your opinion. Also wtf do my friends have to do with this lol

    • Justin Connelly LMFAO, idk where you live or who your friends are but being slow isn’t fun ever. It’s a nice show car though, will definitely get some looks, shop did a good job

  • Dam is that even street legal

  • hopefully u wont get copyrighted at a random time because of the background music at the part when u check out the car

    • @Cars Across Texas Hopefully man i just dont want to see some bs like that anywhere cuz i really like the car scene that u present there in texas. I live in romania and the most exotic cars I've ever seen where a hurracan and a 458 sitting in mall and an aventador belonging to a pandering group and some mustangs but that's it. where i live in romania every year or 2 years we actually see passing through our village a bunch or rally minis and rally dacias (biggest romanian car maker). So yea BROTHER keep up the good content

    • AR-one has been better about that lately! It’s fine right now and I think it’ll still be fine 🤘🏻

  • Nice

  • La mamalona cuhh 🤣🤣

  • But still love your videos man keep it up 💯👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • 🤣🤣 we got (Mike unlock the door)

  • It looks great frfr💯

  • Don’t lie who else is a FAN of Texas and bored in quarantine? cHeCk mY cHaNnEL oUt aNd I wiLL gIvE yOu fReE cOrOnA 😉

  • Shame you're an Astros fan :/

    • Id rather eat lunch with an astros fan than a yankee fan. Ranger FtW

    • Been a fan since I could even understand what baseball was. My dad and I went to games since I was 3 years old 🥺

  • You should get a 2013 shelby gt500

    • @Cars Across Texas understandable

    • He’s just working a lot lately in his day job trying to get a daily. There’s some other things that I think are happening that he’s gonna do a big reveal for but I’m not 100% sure. Just some hearsay from some of his friends

    • @Cars Across Texas What happen to Marin, he takes AR-one breaks like the site doesn't exist, it's confusing.

    • Skillz he’s been inactive lately but it’s one of my homies here in Houston. His car is FAST too. He says 800hp but I don’t believe him lol

    • Cars Across Texas ohhh haha I don’t even know who that is lmao

  • That car looks really cool and i love the body kit on it

  • Hi

  • I have multiple Dream Cars, but one of them is Illegal..... It's a 1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34..... I believe that's the entire name, it's been awhile since I talked about it.

    • @TheKiller117 117 you'll make it bro,just keep chasing those dreams💪

    • @Auto Scenery If I survive Quarantine. But, thanks for the confidence boost.

    • That’s awesome! The R34s are pretty sweet!

    • You'll get one in 2024 when its ligal👍

  • We need to up our game on the corvette bruther💪

    • More Vette content coming soon. It’s about to go under the knife for its first round of mods!

  • Yes that's my dream car that exact BMW but different color than