TWIN TURBO LAMBO Makes INSANE 230+MPH Pass at TX2K20!! (TX2K Roll Racing Action)

تم نشره في 2020/03/14
Made it out to the track one day. Most spectators were not allowed due to the virus going around but media and VIP were allowed in! Enjoy!
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  • *cries in 2001 Honda Civic with broken locks and dysfunctional window*

  • The sound brings me so much joy. Much respect to the people that dedicate themselves to building these beast. Win or lose, each one of those cars has countless hours of work put into them.

  • Lol someone bring a Bugatti Chiron out and let’s see who has the fastest speed now 😂😂

    • Still probably not the chiron. A few of these cars have more horsepower and less weight than the chiron

  • An exotic orgasm @ 4:13. Wow.

  • we will sleep when we're dead... tighten up.... thanks for the footage bro.

  • When is the intro gonna be a cammed vette sound 🤨

  • This video was amazing..the sound..the quality..I love the sound of the anti lag before it shoots out then when it hit that full boost in gear 3 or whatever it looked like it went hyper speed and threw out a puff of black smoke that car is insane

  • Fucking awesome

  • Is there a finish line past the 1/4 lights? I've never seen them take off at 1/8 mile track

    • The rules changed this year for TX2k it's now 1600ft not 1500ft thats why you see the higher trapss and UGR starts in the burnout box so they run about 1800ft+ starting at almost double the legal entry speed.

  • Them lambos that went 186 are performantes underground racing had a few cars there like dat orange r8

  • Signing in {} 864 to the 562💯

  • Lambo is that dom

  • man thats sick!!!! i wonder where the meet is tonight for 2k

  • Tomball was lit last night...where is the meet tonight??

  • The wind noise was so bad, and stop it with the shish crap is anoying every time u say it. Just trying to help u bro

  • That's not a r31 just saying

    • I know, its been a long week of not sleeping at all for me and I said the wrong thing lol.

  • Nice coverage, but bro... get a new mic! The wind noise is stupid.

  • thats actually not R 31 that came out before the R designation if u go to my youtube channel ON THE SPOT EXOTICS I interviewed Steves pov VIA skype & he explains the early gtr's

    • @Cars Across Texas no worry's brother fully get it I'm disabled from falling 4 storys o ff a roof at work and can't walk without special crutch's and film in 24/7 pain so I get the mix up I originally thought it was a R 31 aswell till I had stevespov on . Keep up the hard work brother

    • Awesome. Yeah I should have none but it has been a long week for me of not sleeping at all. Thanks for the info!

  • Awesome video 💯🇺🇸

  • That Skyline you showed is a Hakosuka or "Box Skyline" There were 1,945 made total worldwide back in 1969-72. The Coupè GTR model was launched in 1971. As for hiw.many in the US, most are the 2000 GTX model and there are around 30, there could be more in hiding so to speak. If it's a real legit GTR, less than a handful.

    • Them GTRs go for like $250k

    • @Cars Across Texas Even for Tx2k I was like,oh, wow. Also thank you for making actual Race videos, not the usual trash we get now from the other guys.

    • Brian Jewell thanks for all of the info! Man I was so tired I didn’t even get the car right 😂 I appreciate the knowledge. Another car I rarely ever see so I’m not too familiar with it

  • 1:26 that's not a r31 it's a 2000 gtr

  • Your content is awesome, keep up the good work

  • lots of 8 n 9 sec 1/4 mile cars ,

    • Shadowboost I know talking about the racing after the rollers

    • It's roll racing, this is different than 1/4 mile racing

  • get a foam mic suppression

    • The1969ssx66 I have one but it was brutal yesterday lol

  • Was that the fastest

    • @Cars Across Texas 236 i think not 237

    • Brian Chiron second fastest I think. That car also trapped at 237 the day before

  • And they say money can't buy happiness...

  • 1st