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Today we stopped by the LowLife Est meet which is predominately JDM cars. This loud and rowdy cammed Viper from High Performance Connection shut the show down thought. Lots of cool cars and lots of full sends in this video! Hopefully you guys enjoy!
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  • *_3 days in row? Now that’s bananas._*

    • @Corey Lovett oh god no please I’m so tired of watching cars leave meets, once I see you standing at the exit, I click off the video 😂

    • Hey it would be nice if you would have more video footage of you leaving car meets

    • @Cars Across Texas you always skip over all the old bmw’s an Porsche’s whenever u go to actual car events, like you don’t even have to talk about em it would just be nice if u could include them in the video, since those are the only cars I like i get a bit disappointed when all I see is a glimpse of em

    • @Lil Jello what euro stuff do you want to see? I feel like I show a good amount. There’s not a ton of old school euro stuff around and stock M3s and M4s aren’t exciting after you see one or two

    • If only you knew more about euro cars I’d watch ur channel more often, you always skip over the vintage stuff too (bmw, Audi, Porsche)

  • That “tu troca no quema cuhh” made my day 🤣

  • Tu toca no quema cuh lol

  • That puertorrican accent at 7:50

  • Who is her??

  • Lmao that r34 shot like the fakest looking flame 😂😂looked like a straight up video game exhaust

    • @Cars Across Texas oh I wasn’t saying it was actually fake, it just looked like a clip from a video game😂like with the minimal sound and then the random massive flame 😂

    • It was a real flame! Trust me, I have no idea how to do that I’m post 😂

  • Stoc the viper would eat most the cars there that are modded.

  • 4:51 looking for turbo on the intake manifold side smh....dude really knows nothing about cars internally just colors and wheels all he spits.

  • Dang man you have a smooth ass viper loud

  • Tell early to film sideways! 💪🏽, thanks for the jdm scene

  • At 2:42 Registration sticker is out since May, I live in Texas as well, I’m surprise he hasn’t gotten pulled over yet!

  • Hey how do I find out when and where the meets are

  • Welcome to the He Pub

  • Im moving to Texas. Car scene is dope there

  • Texas car scene is badass. Bunch of junkers in Cali lol

  • Your camera girl is on point! Viper was crazy as fuck!🤤

  • So much rice.

  • Nice meet dope

  • the green mustang that was doing the donuts in the street are called sn95

  • Covid: Damn I didn't even get invited.

  • 10:25 what car is that?

  • Bro, you said the R8 was the only supercar at the meet but you drove a supercar there!!! Sup with that!! 🤯

    • I guess you’re right 😂 for some reason that didn’t click in my head

  • Any the end of the day, the Car Culture shares respect for one another's passion regardless of styles. Nice video, thanks for sharing!

  • Viper is such a nice car🔥

  • Imagine a MUSTANG GT with TUATARA motor swap now that will just blow people's mind's lol be amazing to see but im sure owner spend 1mill in parts but be the sickest stang on the streets watch out 331mph jajajaja.🤔🤣😎💪

  • Wait so it’s officially your viper as in you bought it

  • Oh viper nice

  • If you want to see more Burnouts Video check my channel

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  • I’m from Jersey and I wish we had car meets like this !!! We get like 15 cars show up to meets lol 😂

  • Yessss a mustang owner that can get it sideways and not send it into a crowd lol

  • For a second thought I was watching Biker Boyz lol

  • Another Legendary video

  • Wow

  • Far as the last vipers he has the best looking one!! Hands down!!

  • What happened to the vette

  • Sorry. Can't help. It's not a new edge! Hahah! SN-95 though.

  • Got a puppy named Shredder but he looks more like Splinter

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and I love Camaro zl1 lot 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Where in Texas is this?

  • Nice stall there lol

  • "An R8, the only supercar here" The disrespect to the GTRs :-(

    • GTR’s are too common to be considered a supercar, same with corvettes

  • Thanks for the Instagram shout out💯 Y’all follow @Big_Effin_Daddy for more of the Camaro and it’s progress🇺🇸 Appreciate the love! 😎

  • Probably one of your best videos as far as drivers sending it.

  • oh wow theycactually have imports in texas lol honestly its boring as hell seeing the same mustang, charger, corvette shit in every vid

  • Camaro. Love them

  • 🤘🤘

  • The Viper in the middle of the JDMs is like the Buff kid that has a friendship with the School Nerd.

  • 10:29 ,that laugh was sus

  • Among Us

  • 0:17

  • 10:26 "its allwheel drive haha" ...well yea its an Audi...

    • Not like audi makes rwd cars or anything. Also I think he was laughing more so on the fact he gunned it mid turn as if his back was going to kick out.

  • The del sol with the turbo b18, the turbo was under the exhaust manifold in the front, not under the intake manifold

  • Favorite at that meet is the wide body S2000, that was parked next to S2000.

  • Can you please buy a viper for a channel??? Maybe?

  • who's r33 is that

  • Not hyper flash on a SEMA build lol 13:26


  • Hey guys what y’all think about a 2014 Mustang 5.0 with a Manuel is it a good buy ?

    • @John Jones 345 bro 10 speed would smoke your car lol dodge is slow just a boat

    • Yes, price and miles? And maybe get one with a manual and not a Manuel🤣🤣

  • im confused is the viper his orrr did i miss something

  • Whas thia is houston

  • The F Body moved out! Nice vid!

  • When you said “got the b18 under the hood” I was like ah ha he knows about hondas😂

    • @Cars Across Texas mid mounted? I can see the turbo as your walking around the front.

    • @Mike Hunt Theres a mid mounted turbo setup on the car. I was just told its turboed at first and didn't see it

    • Yes but then looks at the intake manifold looking for the turbo 😂

  • Jeez that viper is nuts 🔥🔥🔥

  • 💙💓💙💓💙💓💙💙

  • I have a feeling the Japanese don't like the Americans too much.

    • Mustang vs Supra will always be a thing

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  • where’s the vette?

  • brrroooo , I got some great news for you and sincalir photos , cuz I believe in all our channel's I talked with steves pov who's a major supporter and friend of my channel and has approved that you and sinclair photos can do a collab vlog with his collection , as you know its super sick collection he has over 500,00 subs hear in the states and over 5 million in Japan I will message you in your DMs for when you'd like to aarange a time

  • i love how they stuck with the original viper look on all their models

  • Dodge Charger,Rt,SRT,Challenger, Rt,SRT.

    • Mopar mopar mopar mopar mopar mopar mopar mopar mopar

    • Hellephant 😈

    • Demon


  • second

  • 🔥

  • Where are these car meets located/scheduled to attend?

  • Hi

  • first