Dropping My Corvette Z06 Off For MODIFICATIONS!! (MO POWA BABY!)

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It's time! The car has been dropped off with HPC for the first round of modifications! Get ready because she will be screaming. Who's ready for MO POWA BABY?? Enjoy guys!
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  • Need to rename your channel. I only say that because you may want to drop some merch. Love the car. I am building my 2018 Camaro ZL1. Long tube headers, ported blower from Kong Performance,off road x pipes, griptec supercharger pulley package, and Nick Williams 103 mm throttle body. Tuned by CSP. Keep them coming......big fan.

  • Nice bro. Had a question what’s a good shop there in Houston to take my s550 for some mods to be put on and tuned ?

  • Remember me when you become a bigger AR-oner 🙏

  • Best intro ever, how do we get in contact with your sponsor 😂😂

  • 140mph on dash of that camry!! Lol

  • LOL asks for “heavy cream” but claims it’s too much. My stomach would have blown that coffee out immediately. Just add a stick of butter next time 😂

  • Love our videos!,BUT please stop doing the douschey 12 o clock wheel grip (Thumbsup)

  • How do I find out about the car shows Bro? I want to start going. But I don’t have an Instagram Snapchat or Facebook I just have AR-one.

  • nice bro :D Always killing it!! Can't wait until I can buy my dream car, a genuine Nissan 180SX TYPE X :D

  • YOOO you guys should hit up BOOSTEDH2 his bike is next level I think it would compete with the gtr from last vid

  • haha we live in the same neighborhood subbed a couples ago didn't realize it tho

  • OG sponsor: The good ole Karen

  • Do pullys as well bruh

  • My guy Elle

  • Brah, when r u doin heads, cam and ported blower? Big power then.

  • Damn....@9:56 "Are you Serious?"....Almost....hahah ty

  • Calmest expression on a pull ever hahaha...Then gets a coffee....Dude you are killing it, please keep it up!

  • That Camry is going to last you forever lol and I can’t wait to see the Z again!🤘🏽

  • “Heavy cream” , to much creamer

    • It’s called heavy cream, but I don’t want a lot of it lol

  • Throws wallet at corvette, corvette eats up wallets lol

  • 4:30 dang, only 70K? 😂 There's a 2005 Corolla in my house with nearly 500K miles on. Car still going solid


  • I love it my boy keep up the work and I love the video and I love your c7 z06 lot more power 💯💯💯💯💯 and me Chevy gang for life all day real true 👍 🙌 North Memphis 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • " MY WALLET" the only sponsor you can trust 👌

  • I love the first scene/introduction, I thought the joke was great, and I love the reference to Donut

  • I thought i was the only one who took uber from the goodies shop.

  • How is it a stick with paddle shifters?

  • Do more videos like this I love this

  • Put a bug catcher blower on it sticking out of the hood. For the LoLs 😂

  • Can hardly hear you @ the start. Cars to loud. (Good problem to have)

  • I was waiting for a vid like this! Nothing like making an insanely fast car insanely faster!🤙🏼🇺🇸

  • Mo powa bebeh!!!

  • i want some clothing and a sticker hahaha

  • first riund, air fresheners, fill the tank, and write down the mileage 😳🤪😎

  • Nice sponsor

  • 1000hp! 🙏🔥💵 You know you want to bro


  • Holy shit

  • My toyota is a 04 w 170,000 miles but i just hit my trailer w it now it has a crack in the bumper 😂 bc it jumped outa gear 🙁

  • LS Swap the Camry lol cant wait to see your finished C7. Will it be at your meet this weekend?

  • Sponsored by my wallet lol 😂 I didn’t know you had the same sponsor as me

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  • Yo wanna hook me up with your sponsor?

  • Can someone help me with what a meth kit is

    • It cools the intake air. Car stays same temp.

    • Methanol injection! It’ll help keep the car running cooler!

  • Mo powa baby I like it 💪keep up the good work homie

  • Your a donut media fan too bro! Thas badass 🤣😂🍻

  • next simple mod should be a smaller pulley!!! nothing crazy but easy power!

  • HPC for the win. Bro you gonna be making a certain red ZO6 nervous. 💪

  • Love your vids first off, but DAMN , I need a job like y'all lol, I'm doing all I can to keep Dirt Devil ( my 71 Demon) on the road haha, keep up the great vids

  • Ima finish my Monte Carlo then I’ll race you

  • Donut Jockeys

  • Mo power baby

  • Lmfao the sponsor epic bro..

  • Great vid just one question tho I know the z06 a manual but do they still have paddle shifters anyway on manual models

    • Cars Across Texas ahhhhhhhhhhhh I see thanks😂😂

    • Yeah but paddles are for auto rev match, not to shift!

  • i love your car

  • Yo wassup! Badass car tho🔥

  • You are going to be HP limited on E85 if you don’t replace the tank fuel pump with a $6000 high volume one. The stock one just can’t pump enough alcohol to keep the rail pressure high.

  • 0:58 my bro like can’t wait !! It’s not going to be stock no more

  • You really need a back up race car...

  • Dig for those sponsors. It part of your job now. Show these people that you can put eyes on their products.. Don't worry you will be on Texas speed radar soon.

  • I wish my wallet would sponsor me , but not even that☹️

  • That was the best intro ever

  • Whale C*ck intake huh? Must be massive, like my... You know what nevermind loo. Keep up the great work! Cant wait to see what this beast can do! Also Starbucks is one of my guilty pleasures. Along with Amazon...

    • @Cars Across Texas lol for something that sounds like it's huge, if it was an actual one it sure is small speaking 5" is average 😂

    • It’s the “Whale Cawk” intake lol. It’s a custom 4.5” intake by HPC!

  • i see youve also caught on donut media.... MO POWAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Did you say MO POWAH!? MO POWAH BABY!

  • What size on the rear do you have now? Factory 20in or rep 19in? Wrapped in those r888r’s

  • Intake, throttle body, injectors, lifters, ported blower and pulley

    • Don’t forget to upgrade the clutch with more power, plus no need for a huge cam, I got a decent sized one and it sounds mean and works with the mods

    • Most of that will be getting done next week lol

  • Go 15” with conversion! You’ll eventually want to add more power and you’ll need a bigger tire. Better for the long run!

    • ​@Cars Across Texas 17"s are for guys like me that can't afford those conversion kits to fit 15"s on their cars. If you can afford it, 15"s or bust. You will not regret it.

    • I think that’s the move after it goes in for the Heads/Cam job! 🤘🏻

  • Can't wait to see what kind of power she makes Drew, should be cool. Stay safe buddy. 😎👊👍

    • I’m excited too! 😁 I appreciate it man! 🤘🏻

  • Wb a cam?

    • Dropping it off again probably next week for that lol

  • Ellie hooked me up with a new trans for my GTO last year, great guy and a great shop for sure.

  • The wallet is too true bro, keep up the grind ✌️🔥

    • I appreciate it bro! I’m here to keep it real 🤣

  • aye bet you wont respond

    • @Cars Across Texas 😳 I need a ride in your beast someday bro pick me up 🤙😂

    • Oh bet? 🤨🤣

  • No dislikes💪💯

  • Procharger...

    • Maybe a little further down the line 🤔 need a new fuel system for that

  • better get you some sliplo, little less worry about scraping.

    • Definitely need to look into it. I’m constantly worried about scraping 😅

  • Can't wait to hear it fire up👍👍

  • You should get a Mach 1 Mustang

    • Hmmm maybe 🤔 like a new one or the new edge Mach 1?


  • QUOTE OF THE FRIKING YEAR "Todays video is sponsored by.......... My wallet " *throws wallet*

    • I was definitely laughing when the wallet landed on the windshield lol

    • funniest intro today for me

    • Fucking legend!

    • @Cars Across Texas yo thx for liking it

    • Str8 gangster

  • I felt that scene, since I am a v owner

  • Ill give this video a 👍🏼 just for the first scene 🤣🤣

  • nice can't wait to see the dyno video. car looks really good bro

  • Dis gon b gud

    • I’m excited man! It should be done in the coming 2-3 days!

  • can the wallet sponsor me as well lol

  • Big Early


  • That Z06 looks Fire

  • That's one hack of a sponsor you got there😂😂😂

  • Can’t wait for this car! Loving the content man!

    • It’s gonna be a monster! Expect to see some big power by the end of august!

  • Your my inspiration man👍

  • Let's donate this man some Nos to make it a rocket launcher

  • I was watching a video from Donut Media about the Celica, but the instant the notification came, i couldn't resist.

    • Well there’s a little donut media thrown in this one too lmaoo 😉 I appreciate it bro!

  • Btw love your vette🤟🤟

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