INSANE Modified Cars Takeover Car Meet! (Nfinite Racing Cars and Coffee)

تم نشره في 2020/06/21
Tons of awesome cars from the 1200hp Supra to Cammed Vettes to Big Blower Classics showed up! It was an awesome meet. Hopefully y'all enjoy!
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  • What rims are on the supra in the thumbnail?

  • If I were to take any car at this car meet I would take the John Deere golf cart that drove by lol I would actually take the the 1200 horsepower Supra

  • Mmmm Starbucks... Keep up the good work man!

  • And you wonder why Houston is one the worst cities right now with COVID. Hardly a mask to be seen..

  • Awesome too see you at a meet even if it was on my way out!! Love all the hate on my 650 whp

  • Great video my man!! 👍🏿

  • You're getting a like from me just for that little husky pupper.

  • This guy is a lame ass

  • It's called garage door beige

  • A just can’t 🤕 the guy that talks in these videos is so fucking annoying 🤯

  • You should do a parade thing going somewhere or something but have all the cars in a rainbow formation so all the red cars would be in first for the line then orange then yellow then green then blue then purple

  • Damn at the pearland buccees?? I live in pearland. I need to find these events fuckkk

  • I think the Jag stole the show for me! The stance on that car is amazing. Cait wait to hear your beast when you get the new exhaust! 🚗 💨

  • Looked like a series I E-type. Which if it was it would be a straight 6 not a v12. Would love to own one some day

  • Yeah awesome video as always bro :D We recently had a charity event a couple of weeks here and I finally saw a Performante and a Urus :D I have a video of it as well.

  • Anyone know what happened to thatguymarin??

  • I went to my first car meet with my new camera man.. it was a sonya6500 with a Sigma 16mm 1.4 i enjoyed it man!

  • That 650 sounded way way too sus

  • He's the CEO of yessir

  • Do ppl look at you funny for talking to your camera ? 😭😂

  • 650 wheel from a supercharged HR? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

  • ur anooying u need to start talking less in ur vids

  • You should get a corsa exhaust on the vett

  • bro we get it u drive a corvette.. bring it up more pls

  • If you say brother one more time!!!!!!

  • 7:43 & 10:01 iS tHaT A sUpRa?!?!

    • No it’s a ford skyline 😂

  • The old guy in the pink shirt be like back in my day peoples cars were slow and quite

  • No hate but you gotta film some more variety of cars bro all I see is vette’s an Camaro !

  • Thank you for coming out to our event follow us on Instagram

  • Thank you for stopping by at our event! My BF Hector is the president of Nfinite! We’re looking forward to seeing you once again at our future events 😊

  • Hey that’s me taking to the E Type owner and my landcruiser in the background behind the green BRZ. Nice

  • someone take a shot every single time he says brother and record yourself and send it to me on insta @demonllocc😂😂😂

  • @2:54 la mamalona cuhh 😂😂😂

  • Bro was that a kid driving that ZL1 camaro?

  • Bro that blueish purple 56 Chevy truck was sick

  • I love that you always give any dogs attention too .You gotta get yourself a nice bully bro take with you to the meets

  • Why not sell the current whip & buy a C6 & use the leftover $$ to mod the heck out of it. You know you want to

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love c7 z06 lot and I love the video and me Chevy gang for life all day real true 👍 🙌 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Pearland

  • If your looking for Exhaust that is a monster u should look into Corsa Exhaust/ Extreme for your Vette! I have Corsa/Sport on my 5.7 Hemi Jeep and it’s a beast!

  • After watching your videos, l gotta admit that l love this channel and l clicked the red button. Greetings from Malaysia truly asia!

    • Awesome bro! Thanks for showing love from overseas man! 🤘🏻

  • Yessir

  • I think you need the exhaust from streetspeed 717!

  • Been saying this for a long time, this channel is making me want to move to Houston big time. I was already thinking about it but now I'm almost sold

    • @Dino Dino you know how to find out were all the events are hosted?

    • @ZboC5 for real and they have car meets and races almost every weekend😂.

    • So blessed to live right next to Houston.

    • Not gonna lie their car scene is pretty lit.

  • The yes sir and brothers are in the 100s in this video

  • I want that hellcat challenger. I would so do some crazy car stuff with it.

  • Wouldn’t know what wheels are on the dark grey hellcat that left at 5:00 ?... so sick

    • One off SSR's. 👍

  • Love how you can tell how passionate this man is about cars, he appreciates so many other cars besides one brand. A true car enthusiast

    • I love it all man! It’s no fun if you’re close-minded to everything except for one brand

  • Where are the masks ??

  • Brother!

  • Gotta love the m4

  • 10:52 04-05 SRT4. Looks well taken care of and that's a hard car to keep running

    • Nightwolf972 the most underrated car in the video

  • “ Got a mustang with shiny boi ri... Wheels...🤣💀” 5:53

  • Who else has been motivated to start a AR-one channel by drew !!!!!!!!

  • Again the old cars still the show... thanks for the video...

  • You can barely hear the cars cus this dude talks so much

    • So? I don't mind it. As long as i can see cars i am happy

  • Im late

  • New camera ? Great content 🔥🔥🔥

  • I wonder how much power it makes, guys pops out "650" lol

    • I recognized his voice. Sadly I blew the motor on the way home

    • This was the best part of the video, I laughed way to hard

    • Lol he had sum good ears 😭

    • Had me dying when he just stuck his head out 😂

  • "650" o u lying lying

  • I’m one of the people who helped hosted it thank you so much for coming out we are going to try and start doing these once a month

  • Been loving the videos lately, your definitely gonna go far🤟

  • Cammed your vette !!!

  • I subscribed to your channel because of the Karen videos.

  • 9:52 that car got 2000 whp

  • how do you know when these car meets are going on

  • Great cars Drew , Love those white Vettes so clean. That classic Jaguar was awesome, nice piece of history. Fantastic show buddy. 😎👊👍

  • I can imagine this guy looking so cute when he was young

    • Huh? Had to throw some creepy into the mix.

    • Yes Mr Fbi man, this post right here

  • 650hp/wheel out of a vq...nah....maybe 500ish..

    • Haha so much hate i have dyno proof

    • You need to check out some more cuz there are some make 550+ with out a turbo or supercharger.

  • Cars Across Texas you need a custom plate for your Zo6

  • Ls7!!!!!!

  • 1:18 swangin and bangin 🤣

  • Let's go!!!

  • Back with some more heat i see🔥🔥👌

  • Sick cars.

  • Hes the ceo of brother

    • I could say the same thing brother

    • Wrong, Cleetus is the BROTHEEER CEO😂

    • Been watching too much Cletus

  • IS ThAT A sUprA

  • I am part of nfinite and the group that hosted , actually the guy who parked you. But we all really appreciate you coming out to the event.

  • Supra 😍

    • y'all are basic as hell

    • Cars Across Texas but we’ll both own one someday

    • Cars Across Texas or I’ll get one 😏😂

    • The red one is so perfect! One day I’ll get one 🥺

  • Happy Father's Day to all the father's!💕

  • Finally...some greate content has arrived🔥🔥💪

  • Dude ur channel is 🔥

    • Cars Across Texas lol it has but I found ur channel a couple months ago and I think I actually watched every vid since then especially Karen lmao

    • Thank you bro! It’s been crazy lately!

  • hi

  • Hey i am thinking about moving to Texas should i i live in cali

    • Just don't vote for the same failed policies that you are running away from.

    • Theres a lot of takuaches over there

    • If you have to ask....Stay away

    • Absolutely! Cheaper to live here and not as many regulations on cars as Cali!

  • Hello !!

    • Greetings from Mexico, I don't know much what it says in your videos but I like them

    • Yooo! 😁🤘🏻

  • 🙏

  • Hi