Taking a NEW Toyota Supra To A BIKINI CAR WASH! (BABES LOVE IT!)

تم نشره في 2020/08/19
The 2021 Supra got the worst car wash it will ever get but at least it was a fun experience lmao.
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  • Ayo Lmfaooooooo the same day I watched this video I found some of the girls instas and the shop they work at

  • Show the angles right 🌊

  • ar-one.info/down/YV7TjclxqNyXnNQ/fydyw.html

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  • Yo I love the frs if u look at my profile pic u can see it a pink frs and it not my it's my moms but whatever love the car

  • I need to know where this bikini car wash takes place. I have a cat and Im in SA :)

    • Thank you David, i may come thru in the coming weeks, have some work to do in Houston :)

    • And if you don’t believe me just follow there insta or look it up @perkycups_htx

    • 13053 FM 529 Suite 700 Houston, Texas thank me later 💯

    • Bro I got you 😂

  • What’s the place?

  • They bad asf 💯

  • Man if i was the passenger i would say fck this am getting out of the car and have a better view😂😂

  • Time to remove the scratches after that.

  • Can I get a Like for Cars Across Texas!!!! That man did it FOR THE BOIIIISSSS

  • That bitch on house arrest doing car washes

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  • Man this is the coolest video you have put up and yet you ruined it giggling like a school girl.... just saying you knew they wasn’t going to pay you for it so might as well got some great footage of all that nice ass gain some subscribers. Plus there is all kinds of women trying on clothes on AR-one... just saying 👍🏾

  • You say these girls work a donut shop?

  • U mean a bmw right 😆supra 😒

  • Hi! My mom is turning 92 on September 12th here in Houston. I watched your "Angry Karen Racecar Birthday Parade" video because of my son about a month ago. Can you guys come through here for her birthday or do you have friends in my area that would be willing to do a small car parade for her? She loves cars and motorcycles. I would like to do something different and really special for her this year since we can't do a big birthday because of the "you know what". We love her soooo much and are blessed that she has been here with us this long. We take her outside and for rides in the car but nothing else to keep her safe. We live in SW Houston near Hillcroft and Main.

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  • you dry the car after all?

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  • Rumor has it Drew took all these women home after.

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  • I need to find me a bikini car wash to take my car too ASAP!! Fuck it if they put swirls well worth the money lol

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  • This video was a banger lol

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  • Thanks for the entertaining videos brother

  • Thanks for taking one for the team brother and making no money on this one

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  • Ooh, a 2021 BMW Supra! Although the drivers act like they've never seen a naked lady before...

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  • No Fs given with the ankle monitor lol thats how we do it in Texas BIG 😂😂

  • what a beautiful day in Texas....

  • That’s BMW

  • thats a Supra? I thought it was a BRZ

  • I was waiting for one with man in Speedos. Oh well maybe next time

  • Cars across tx only fans💀💀💀🤣

  • El Paso, TX needs one of those places...😂

  • im immediately heading over to femboy hooters if those girls ever wash my car

    • @Josh Raheim I live in LA and I can confirm Texas has the best blondes

    • No Texas Blondes??? at the car wash

  • 5:19 thank me later boys

  • That guy that caught all that ass shaking , what’s his YT Channel asking for a friend

    • @XTN 👑

    • here you go fam ar-one.info/down/imLOn5N0qLqYzbo/fydyw.html

    • We must have the same friend

    • “Asking for a friend.” Lmao, never gets old to me. 😂

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  • yoo my parents shop is literally right across the street its ignite car care

  • you don't go to a bikini car wash expecting to get your car washed u go for the view lol

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  • The ankle monitor rata was hilarious. 😂😂😂

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    • Actually that's why they subscribe to him I'm sure you can go to another channel that don't

  • Car guys alway giving 4 out of 10's the most attention smh.