INSANE TX2K PRE MEET GONE WRONG! (First Arrests of TX2K20...)

تم نشره في 2020/03/ 9
This meet was supposed to be chill but quickly became anything but. The first sort of TX2K20 Pre-Meet. Lots of action - revving, two-steps, burnouts, and one failed donut right in front of a Sheriff. Enjoy!
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  • My god, that guy in the G37 with the exhaust sticking out 2 feet needs to relax before he blows his exhaust out.

    • Fart can king😂

    • I had to skip that one lol

    • Issa tomei fuckers

    • Almost wanted to sell my 03 TE maxima...

    • @Cars Across Texas he is the guy who revs his car in start up before the oil circulates..he probably needed an oil change when he left parking lot what a DBAG...hey bro you have to learn how to pronounce SUH-LEEN like gasoline..not SAY-LEEN..STEVE SALEEN came to our saleen dealer in 2002 at Paul Miller in Fairfield CT and so many people who bought SALEEN extremes from out dealer didnt know how to pronounce SUH-LEEN..its like POOR-SHUH..not PORSH. Important shit to a car guy..ok?

  • Glad I finally get to see what you look like, let's hear that laugh!! Makes my day so jovial. Love this group.

  • While I agree that the guy in the Ecoboost shouldn't have been doing dumb shit, seizing his car is going to far IMO. That's state sanctioned larceny as far as I'm concerned.

  • Loved the C63 the most

  • You see that most of the audience is teenagers? That will explain everything. Also, the number of them as well. This ain't a proper car meet. This is a car takeover dude. Also, that infinity just needs to piss off. 13:45 That dude is a saint xD

  • ngl that G37 is really annoying

  • I love your posts but I don't know why you have to say the Lords name? You say it so much im not trying to be a tool or nit pick it is the only phrase (Jesus Christ) that offends me. I love all your videos and I'm a big fan.

  • 10:40 car looks so stupid

  • 600hp my ass..

  • You must own a slow car or something if you werent invited to the fast car meet

  • Damn that guy in the G37 must be sooooo fast

    • 😂😂😂🚗👍

  • Only 2 things come from Texas....

  • Dude I like style, and the way you move

  • So, no one's gonna talk 13:44? That shit was hilarious.

  • 16:40 Karen

  • At 13:47 y’all n*ggas about to go to jail

  • It does my heart so good to see these morons get arrested.

  • “Ya te Chingaste wey” epic hahaha

  • Ready for tha next Texas 2k

  • 14:15: why they don't want you here. (under the license plate......2 of them)

  • Please curb stomp that Infiniti driver

  • Idiotic revs and burnouts

  • I can smell this video 😤

  • The passenger in the Mustang in his extra medium sweat pants, lol

  • Dude you sound like the roast master Jeff Ross.

  • Boys that revvv their engines that much are trying to over compensate for other short comings in their life. All the girls know what I am talking about.😂

  • "Car shows save JcPenney from bankruptcy"

  • Oakes in SA set up abandoned lots in conjunction with the police for meets like this, with designated enclosed areas for shenanigans with portable pavilions alongside, keeps it safe (no asshole bikers picking fights with chicks, no cars crashing into each other) and no arrests

  • 🐷👮🏻....! All you guys get out of here..! Passengers do NOT have to ID he could have just walked away! What if you owned the shopping center can you do donuts on your own property..? I own property think I'll have a bunch of cars come do burn outs...! So I can kick the 🐷👮🏻 off private property...! They are enforcing laws that doesn't exist on private property..!

  • 14:28

  • 5:21 is the Ninja Turtle Mobile 😂

  • okay you always show and talk about all these other cars you should make a video of your car at a car meet

  • That G37 motor isn’t going to last long.

  • 8:11 "OH LOOKOUT, MUSTANG INCOMING!!!" Lol I'm a mustang guy but that was hilarious

  • My guy got the funniest commentary 😂 his vids are dope man

  • Are there any meets in the El Paso area? 👀👀


  • 13:43 that got me 😂💀

  • Siezing a car because its spinning? Thats communist as hell

  • That infinity with a fart can sticking 2' out🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I want a CTS-V so bad. They’re fucking sexy

  • Seth Rogan is hilarious

  • 13:20 That Camaro was disappointing. My 4th gen f body does massive burnouts. No problem

    • @Tazhan Cruz Honestly I think the new ss is overrated and underpowered for its weight

    • Desalvo the don ikr my ecoboost does burnouts and donuts so seeing a ss fail is hilarious

  • You can thank mustang owner everywhere for the state changing “excessive tire noise” to “deadly conduct”

  • At least two people there need to learn how to do burnouts. The goal is to get above 20% throttle.....

  • What is the fascination with the imports banging the rev limiter? To see some flame? It's not worth the annoyance. Lol.

  • Seizing his car!? Seriously? On top of the charges? That would be an insane penalty for something like that.

  • Cops LOVE to ruin shit

  • its rare to see a saleen 570 challenger nobody wanted it even though it put out 707 hp or so it was said

  • fuck i wish i was there and i know were that was next to the Buffalo wild wings is over there and movie theater

  • Your all rich your parents will get you out they pay your 5000 dollar a year insurance

  • That gets you in cuffs? SMH....

  • Why don't y'all rent a race track? And I don't get it, why they first cheer them on doing burnouts and then laugh at them when they get arrested?!

  • I love cars and loud cars all cars and burnouts but this just seems silly to me kinda embarrassing mabey I'm just getting old. Spend thousands just to rev the piss out of your cars lol

  • Guy sounds like seth rogen

  • You people have RUINED car meets and the culture. We are all dumber for having supported this. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your souls.

  • Little did we know COVID was on its way :(

  • When not minding your business go horribly wrong I loved all those cars

  • 10:54 weak asf

  • Do we agree that GM sounds the best with a big cam

  • lol im in the video walking by a couple of times

  • Love this shit bro Just subbed cant wait for more!

  • Stupid is as Stupid Does....

  • Can someone please bring these to North Carolina.PLEASE

  • hahahahahh.... two num nuts are trying to figure out how they're gonna get home..

  • What jeep were you talking about?

  • The female cop damn well knows she can't make anyone leave.

  • Stupid comith, stupid goith

  • I used to work at the Kroger in the shopping center next to this one. I was in the gas station. I would see some of these cars sometimes. Good to see them again.

  • @10:38 that’s the sound the blender makes when you use pulse

  • There's always that one ...g37

    • Fr The vqs always doing the stupidest shit

    • Fucking right? One in Nashville was rattling my teeth from across the parking lot til people ran him off

  • Why dont yall find a spot empty with no residence and ask the city to host burnouts and stuff there to keep it away from carmeets?

  • 2:38 why does his exhaust stick so far out?

  • Anyone know the name of that wrap on the V? The blueish purple

  • Just found the cause of Global Warming, HA!!!

  • Traffic laws are a good thing, Police officers need to exercise their discretion better though.

  • If you’re gonna act like a moron, don’t cry when you get ticketing or arrested like a moron. Absolutely no sympathy for these immature kids who think donuts in the parking lots are going to make them cool.

  • Jesus that G37 has such an annoying sound.

  • G37 annoying garbage. That pipe. Terrible sound.

  • I kindve feel bad for that guy, but that's a lesson to you young bucks, don't do wild ass donuts or burn outs unless they're in empty lots or when the car show is almost completely over after the cops showed up to kick people out and left as the other cars started leaving...

  • Fuck 12

  • Every infinity g35/37 these days

  • Fuck the police

  • so much for stupid ass social distancing lol

  • I remember when I was a kid going to my first meetup before I could even drive. I heard the sirens go off and someone from a Evo yelled out "EVERYBODY DIP" next thing you know the half of the population disappeared while the other got stuck on one stop sign

  • That's a lot of government overreach. They love to kidnap and extort. It's private property.

  • If they would pull the abs fuse they'd be able to do a good burn out.

  • Is the plate on the g37 from Mexico? G37s are an extremely rare sight in Mx.

    • POE LWE Obviously. The question is why would someone go thru the trouble of having one there. They don’t sell them in Mexico. We all know they’re trash.

    • Chase T G37 is trash tho

  • I live in Houston and I’ve definitely never seen that wide body supra. I wonder how much pavement it sees these days.

  • The idiot in the G35 with the weird exhaust sticking out revving it out all night was rediculous and that motor will blow not to far from now. I mean what the hell is he doing? smh

    • a tweeker i think 😒

    • Lol 😂 he was annoying

    • Danilo Rodriguez still annoying af lmao

    • JERSEY JOHNBOY u moron it was a g37

  • Cops seized my car... I’d show up at his home with his wife and kid.

  • I hate to tell you this but the car meets you go to are pretty shit, full of young kids that think 2 stepping is awesome coming out of a jdm car. wtf that's not a real car meet that's just a bunch of kids that are all holding phones in their hand and wouldn't know a decent car if they saw one.

  • Your Fucking videos are addicting... I need to sleep b4 work... I look forward to being on this channel 1 day NBS... Big Plans..

  • What's worse the honda revving or "yes sir" every 5 seconds?

  • all the 2 slow 2 delerious nerds trippin over the 2 step on the ricer SMFH

  • WOW, all that for a doughnut wtf?

  • Lot's of bad ass cars. But the fat kids in skinny pants fad has to go.

  • Finally!!! A C63AMG!!!

  • In 2020 here in Texas what do the police/sheriffs charge you for something like this? Say your at a meet up & do a burn out or something similar like the kid in the eco boost red mustang how he got arrested, what will they charge you with?

  • Them cuh be like let me rock with the Vette from now on :D