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We check out another meet from "The Car Culture" and there were some cool cars! Including the beautfiul Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. After checking out the show cars we head to the exit to catch some of the FULL SENDS on Camera for you guys! Lots of rowdy boys at this one, so enjoy!
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  • Would Of loved to hear that SVJ send it on the highway

  • its pronounced ( ow-dee)

  • heyyy finallyyy a mr2!!!

  • I swear everytime this guy saw a puppy 😭

  • Camry dude had me rolling!!

  • 5:52 why he skip the series one Shelby like that

    • @Tevin Thomas bruh it’s a Shelby series 1 there’s only 250 of them in the world what does it have to do with mustangs wtf😂😭

    • Oh you're a mustang guy 😒😪😂

  • Dodge Dart

  • 12:55 she got ASS

  • Owwwdeeee

  • Gotta love that camry😂

  • Lol that Toyota Camry sending it was just hilarious to watch. Buddy your in a Camry that is not impressive at all

  • Today we saw 2 types of bootys thank you my friend

  • She like the way that dance she like the way that I move 🎶

  • Didn't see a 1999 Suzuki grand vitara

  • The camry gave a good show. Respect for even trying👍


  • The white Camry driver wasn't hug enough as a kid. He kept coming back for more attention. Too funny. 😆🤣

    • @Tyler Mullet 😆🤣

    • Bro that Camry needed to just leave and not even try

    • @Bananahamics 😆🤣

    • Too cringe

  • I think I seen that yellow lotus in Colorado at some point

  • I liked the urus. I also liked the trackhawk that showed up in a couple shots. The vipers were nice too

  • If that were a mustang @ 15:20, that guy sitting on the grass would be manure

  • I’ve done a burnout in a Fwd Honda Odyssey mini van once 🤣

  • The gt3 is lava orange

  • Some beautiful cars there..

  • That vette sending it at 17:50 was badass

  • Nothing I hate more than automotive ignorance from an supposed automotive youtuber, I.E. Lotus Europa.

    • ???? Huhhh? Who? What? When? How?

  • So many idiots who can't drive

  • 2:36 lotus europa

  • Never seen a front wheel drive burnout ??????? Very easy

  • He’s pull the e-brake to do a front wheel drive burn out lol

  • 12:54


  • I liked the vette til I saw the black and blue flag

  • Are we not gonna talk about how he did a front wheel drive burn out 21:10

  • Fastback was Nasty 😎 Oh Yes The Camry with the blow up dolls was Perfect 🙄🙄

  • Mom car...Mom car JUST STOP! Buy what you like!!

  • Love the content!!👌👌👌 But I must ask you to please enunciate AUDI properly. The German way is preferred!👌🏁🏁🏁

    • ......It’s “ow-dee” NOT “aw-dee” Ow-dee is the German way. Plus there actually really is no proper way in saying it cause it’s only pronounced one way and it’s “ow-dee”. All car guys should know that...

    • Is it “ah-dee” or “ow-dee”? Or neither? 😂

  • Good one!

  • 13:39 shawty got cakes

    • Shawty got some fake plastic cakes

  • Is this at La Centerra in cinco?

    • Never mind. Just finished the video. Yes it is lol used to take my built gen coupe out there when I had it. Saving for a z06 now and I’ll be back 🤙

  • Better ford garage Ford lightning 🌩 Shelby gt500 🐍 Ford gt40 💯

  • Is it just me or isn’t there a similarity between cars across Texas and Luke combs ?

  • gladly there were no 😁😂😅

    • when ppl rev their car pla pla pla and then farts lololololol

  • Au damn those Audi's will definitely be the best daily

  • A anther legendary video

  • Guess that dog dont like fords, good dog!

    • I would say ouch that’s an it harsh but I’m a Mopar guy.

  • calling them Toyota would be giving them grace, so call them Buicks


  • E brake only locks the rears. That’s how that camry did a burnout. Finally turned TC off on the last pass.

  • Learning implies doing it now, not another day. So that, the observer is the observed, therefore; there is only the observed. Nobody is going to tell you all these things, you have to learn this from yourself and you can only learn this when you have leisure.

    • .....Buddy this isn’t your 11th Grade English class or the year 1563

  • I see myself at 0:55-1:03 😎😎😎

  • Ladies and Gentlemen..what do you think about this...? 🔥😎👉 Sri Lankan 🇱🇰 Vega EVX 0 -100 kmph in just 3 seconds.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen..what do you think about this...? 🔥😎👉 Indian 🇮🇳 DC Avanti or Sri Lankan 🇱🇰 Vega EVX.what is the best .?👍🔥

  • Hey brother ,another great vlog 👍 got a question,seems like you know Alotta people in the car industry, you wouldn't happen to know any rotary shops on the ease coast,im in New/England ,I got an 88 10thAE

    • No sir unfortunately. All of my connections are down in Texas

  • Dang that yellow SVJ 💛

  • you should come To Dallas meets

  • can u plz telll me where the next meet is and when

  • 12:55 😍😍

    • Fake she kept on getting in front of the mans camera

  • When you say multiple you are saying mor than 1vso its multiple lexus. Like multiple deer

  • Love drew in your thumbnail and both point of views ha

  • That dude with the white camry is so embarrassing 😂🤣

    • I liked him, why judge

  • How is he doing that........ really? 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • When’s the next car meet? I might try and come

  • can u plz do a drive by at cali

  • As soon as I saw the Shelby series 1, I failed no but November 🙃

  • Got to say all the challengers are my favorites

    • You are officially considered my G

  • Lexusus 🥴

  • Honey mustered yellow 🤦🏻‍♂️ it’s solar beam yellow for the amg gts

  • Love your content dude I do. But please for the love of God go to an Audi dealership and read any booklets they have. They say word for word "audi rhymes with clowdy" with pictures of clouds. You're killing me bro

  • I really like that Pikachu svj

  • More than one Lexus = just call them Toyotas

  • RS6 for the new daily??🤔

  • How is he doing that? - Line lock on his back wheels


    • @justmavv I will admit it was definitely funny

    • @Tyler Mullet it was hilarious thats all

    • It’s a stupid stock Camry that i see in front of a Walmart parking lot in a handicapped spot everyday of the week. There was nothing impressive about that, all he did was e brake

    • Pull the ebrake

    • How not

  • Keep up the great work brother, there’s a fine reason all your loyal viewers come back. Much love😎🙏

  • That Camry though

  • I love the Shelby series 1

  • Ah so that’s how that smoke got there before I dipped haha . I was like “wtf is goin on here”

  • I can name a better Ford Garage: 2020 Shelby GT500, 1966 Ford GT, 2017 Ford GT.

  • Lambos, AC Cobra, and GT 40s. Dream cars. You always get awesome vids of so many great cars

  • I’m tryin to figure out how that dude in the Camry was doin his burnout💀💀wanna test something with my Elantra lmaoo

  • Geez @13:40 🥵

  • That dude in the grass would have gotten mode if that was a mustang at 15:20, he should go home and pray

    • Bro you said the EXACT same thing @Sincere One said except worded it differently....😑

    • Yeah don't try to power slide an awd car, just looks so dumb (on a road at least)

    • Lol Sinclair photos drew

    • Cant believe how no ones mentioning how close he was to dying

  • So we just not gonna talk about the beautiful red Trans Am😔

  • That lamborghini urus mansory comes like that I think

  • Wow haven't seen an MR2 in a minute. Nice video man another banger

  • That Lamborghini SUV would still beat your Corvette. 😄

    • Maybe from a dig lmao. Still uglier than shit though 😂 and 8x the price

  • Bet money all of those MK4s are single turbo

  • No other states can do car shows like Texas and Cali

  • GT40 69’ Boss 302 67 GT500 SVT Lightning Checkmate😉

  • Oof...all that $ on the widebody Urus and he can't park without curbing his wheels to hell.

  • so not even the sheriff is wearing a facemask, sad

    • Can we not have you people commenting on every video like this “wHeRes tHe fAcE mAsKs” Just forget about it the truth is no one cares. And it wasn’t mandatory to where a mask at the show so not many people did. Deal with it, not wearing a mask isn’t Illegal

    • They're outside.

  • Mk4 supra sick

  • 12:55 your welcome

  • I loved all the cars but that Red-eye is goals 👌

  • Demon

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and I love c8 red lot 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Anyone else notice the booty on the girl with red shoes.

  • Got my dream garage 04 cobra and 01 lightning. Cobra hp secret Lightning hp 456.

  • 3:40 it is NNN

  • Shout out to the booty at 1255...😍😍