Lifted Truck RUNS OVER BOOSTED MUSTANG at Car Meet!!

تم نشره في 2020/06/19
Today we go to the NSFR Mega Meet! Tons of awesome fast cars came out. We also had some bad eggs come try and do some burnouts in the meet - don't be that guy. Some kid in his lifted truck also ran over a boosted mustang. This was a wild meet! Enjoy!
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  • That’s my brother in that truck on god

  • Love your channel and your vette

  • The vr4 3000gts are so nice. I worked at a shop that specialized in turbo cars the owner had a dodge stealth pushing 750 to the wheels and then we found 2 92 3000gt vr4s and one was the pearl white with the porno red interior and then a black one with the carmel interior 3 of the fastest cars I've driven and the awd and all wheel stearing was to die for

  • Ecoboost Mustang looks nice but, IMO putting a 4cyl in an iconic muscle car is blasphemy.

  • I love how when he talks shit he says it under his voice.

  • Charger/ RT/ Challenger /RT

  • Driver of the truck looks like he borrowed his girlfriends shorts

  • Anyone know the IG of that Miata driver? Coolest Miata I’ve seen

  • I out grew the import thing but dropped jaw for the r35 and the JDM accord

  • Man I would love to come to one of these meets.. planning a trip to the East coast hopefully I pass through on the right day these cars shit on Sacramento cars

  • Food chain: Trucks (apex predators Mustangs (predators) People (prey)

  • Was that Itsjusta6 Mustang that got hit sure looks like his🤔

  • 2:39 song name ?

  • The white and black 2018 mustang gt with the light underneath is my favorite 🥴🥴

  • Who cares it’s a pos mustang anyways

  • It would be a skinny white dude driving his dad big as truck lmfao 😂😂

  • I am actually about to unsubscribe. You've now become a clickbait statistic. first of all we had to wait a whole nearly eleven minutes for the actual thing. The it's not even the "thing" you titled the video but a tiny ass rub on the fender. "RUNS OVER"??? Dude!!

  • That hair line

  • Man those trucks ruining the meet lol

  • What’s with these bro dozer douchebags always running over other people’s junk?!?

  • Cars across Texas you should’ve just said truck hits car because that truck did not go over that car

  • 9:52, it was a Yamaha MT09

  • Surprised it wasn't a semi lifted truck

  • a puckup truck thats NSFW

  • What a bu nah of fucking nerds. And he kills me with every other word is “brother”. If not that, it’s “he’s here to party.”

  • 8:20 i saw both of those today at church, a white nova and a white Camaro. We had a cruise around for the youth apart of my church that graduated, and im sad that im only becoming a juinor. I would’ve loved to have been able to ride around in one of those. Every wanted to ride in the Newer Camaros and Vette’s, i was fw the classics

  • Did you really ask between A8 or Hellcat.... GTF outta here... Obviously American Muscle

  • dis is lit 🔥, screw the haters they just trolling...and the next vid, they will attack again...

  • Spoiler no cars get run over in this video.

  • this dude annoying af

  • Click bait. Lame

  • Shitty Dodge trucks don't belong at these shows... lame.

  • I see underglow is making a big comeback in Texas

  • It’s just a small scratch, title exaggerated the situation

  • 10:50

  • First time viewer... Wont be doing it again. Your grating voice makes the video harder to watch than seeing a child die trying to rescue a puppy from a fire. And the puppy dies. And the child has AIDS and cancer.

  • 🤣

  • Kill or be kill 😅😂

  • people with trucks cant drive, all that visibility that comes with being 10ft in the sky and they still hit shit. :/

  • "Brother" The car scene is shit!

  • This is why no one likes trucks at car meets “I know my dad bought this but I EARNED IT bro I’m fwum da streets homie”

  • 1:00 please tell me the stang that gets run over is this lame ass eco boost

  • Damn, I wish I could join the crew, but people keep making fun of my v6 mustang 😂😂😂

  • damn where are these meets located in texas?

  • wheres your car at ?

  • If you planned on modifying your mustang. WHY THE FUCK DID YOU GET AN ECOBOOST?

  • Id love to see a video at Cresson. Some trac time footage. Probably get to see some evos blow up as well

  • All because he's younger doesn't mean daddy bought it mines nicer than that and im pated for it myself you know because I'm an adult with a job I lost a lot of respect for you today between being an ass about the guys truck to the clickbait bs title

  • 11:10 I thought a female was coming out 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I’m a mustang guy, but those turbo camaro’s were badass

  • Some halfway decent cars but only 4 great ones. My opinion.

  • This is why I can’t stand the truck scene. Can’t have one CAR meet without the tRoK boys thinking we want them there.

    • Or don't be a asshole your in a public space

  • The mustang looks just like Gavins Drag Mustang GT from “itsjusta6”

  • When does this lifted truck run over the mustang? It doesn't don't waste your time. Think they get the reporting style from CNN. Fake as hell and this moron giggling like a girl and saying brother way to many times.

  • pavement queen trucks are useless like their fuckboi owners

  • Saw the Tiffany blue hellcat at gringos yesterday

  • he didnt have his tow mirros out

  • click bait!

  • Tried giving you a chance but ur such a click baiting turd man.

  • Your videos would be a lot better if you wouldn’t talk in them

  • Nice click bait video! I see you are just like the rest of youtube lol! That's a scuff not a run over!

  • What camera is that holy

  • Why must people bring animals to these events?! Unnecessary. Fucking idiots.

  • "run over"

  • Videos are the same thing everytime

  • Augh poor p.o.s mustang

  • Realistic title. "Truck barely dents Mustang"

  • Hey, wanted to know if you go all over Texas or just local stuff?? Wanted to invite you out to some of the meets here in Abilene Texas.

  • How do i find these events? I live in Houston

  • where in texas was this?

  • That Mazda Miata shut the car meet down!!! Killed it..............

  • 10:49 what you came here to see

  • Here in San Antonio when we see cops pull up at meets we all run and y’all aren’t even phased it’s hilarious 😂

    • What i meant was when he turned on his lights

    • thats because they have permission to be on the property....

  • Hey man I love how you include a variety of cars into your videos ! I mean your USA bius is ibvious but you don't let out other types so I love watching your videos, just hope you improve on steadier filming and things in your journey :)

  • I love cars. Its so cool to see meets where people are being butts. People usually get in trouble and fights around here. After I pay off my wrangler I want to get a car to fix up too.

  • 10:50 for title

    • Memester96 is the hero we always needed but never deserved

  • I look exactly like that kid- i hate when people say my dad bought my truck 😂 Being a mechanic paid for my truck and so far 2 years of my college education 🤙🏻🤙🏻😐

    • I hate that bs I dive a lariat f150 not so eco ecoboost I've put new turbos and other stuff on it to make it really nice and pretty quick and I get that daddys money bs all the time

  • Shit me be pulling up in my 78 Malibu with a big buck and spray just other shit box that’s a four door

  • Bro dozer strikes again

  • Wait you guys are in Harris county ima have to come to a meet soon

  • That’s a problem with little guys driving a lifted truck. They CAN’T see where the hell they are going. 🤣

  • Whats dummy power?

  • The yee yees have become a problem all over they cause a lot of issues for car enthusiasts.

  • Starts @ 10:51

  • I don’t respect car guys that think every young kids dad bought the truck they have. Sorry.

    • Shameless Jr facts because these guys don’t appreciate Young looking kids driving nice trucks haters gunna hate they are just bitches like this guy like his vids but deff not as a person

    • Same you could say the same about there cars and they would get all defensive

  • 7:40 someone tell me what the fuck honda this is i want this shit i been searchin all over to find it

  • Codeine air fresheners😂😂

  • Oh man that 3kgt vr4 got me so 😷

  • "runs over" = small scratch on a bumper? come on this was a waste of time

    • Typical click baiting bs. Hope you get AR-one rich bud

    • This channel is a waste of time...

    • He wont shut the hell up either, ima take a shot everytime he says “brother”

    • The comment I was looking for

  • Is that the Ford that pulls the mean matching donk around @ 12:10?👀🤤

  • yo man yo ever coming to dallas? for some meets 🔥

  • Wonder what that 1er is packing to have drag wheels on it.

  • Doesn’t take balls to drive a car that low it takes lack of intelligence.

  • *centrifugal*

  • " imagine an ls7 in that " boy its lines like that thatl get you killed out there talking bout s14's

    • Ls makes it that much better, same with rx7's. Unless, you know, it makes more power than an na ls

  • Anyone else notice the dude from whataburger at the car meet???

  • Love how its "cool" to laugh at peoples misfortunes now a days. ...

  • M I A T A S. A R E. S U P E R I O R

  • Finally a clean Q60! Yesssssssssssss!!!

  • Found ur channel like a week ago now i I literally wait for all your videos and u got my dream car god bless man 🙏