Taking My New Corvette Z06 to a CRAZY MOPAR MEET! (Red Eye Barber Car Meet)

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Reuploading the @RED EYE BARBER car meet. No drama in this one, strictly focusing on cars! Hope you guys enjoy!
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  • I reuploded this video but cut all of the drama and the BS! Only focusing on cars.

  • Toward the end of the video you can definitely tell the different between a V8 and a V6.....lol poor guy...

  • maybe i'm in the minority here but I'll never understand why people put giant wheels on hellcats and scat packs. Do you but shit don't make sense to me.

  • m.ar-one.info/down/i3XbqctoYc_Jucg/fydyw.html

  • Loving the orange zl11le with the nitrous

  • What part of Texas you from?

  • Ik where I’m going for college

  • Yo I just saw that pink charger at the 3:00 min mark hit someone while doing a donut on Tik Tok lmao.. look up @rt_drod on Tik Tok

  • 😎👍🏾🔥💯....new sub

  • So good to see the Mopar boys out and about, damn I love Mopar

  • This meet busier than Shanghai ports with all these boats.

  • Damn missed it just move to houstion and you guys doing this again

  • How can I follow you so I know when the meet happens.? TIA

  • That guy with the Audi is such a douche😂 Almost takes out some people and a mustang backing up, and then you show him in the next clip properly parked going straight into bouncing off the rev limiter being a douche😂 You got your 15 seconds of fame, but not in a good way. I would be embarrassed if I were him.

  • 3:43 Guy must be tall af to be driven a charger like that lol. I'm 5'6 and it feels like i'm in a giant Museum lol.

  • Your bikes hanging over your Vette gives me anxiety. You wouldn't want that set up in California when earthquake hits lol.

  • That pink charger hit somebody doing donuts last week😂😂😂

  • wow and i don't even have the money for a car

  • Love the content and mopar! But this is y I will never get a charger, challenger or a maro they r everywhere! 🙈🙈🙈🙈

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • I seen the show from hemi life 44 page first

  • Everyone drives the same cars over in Texas?

  • Pretty cool channel subscribed for sure

  • How was I not invited to this meet and I live in Houston bro

  • you haven’t even washed it or detailed it from a cross country drive 😞 That Z06 deserves better than that man!

  • Love my mopar as well but damn mopar boys definitely rice the hell out of the cars

  • It’s the same video without the fight

  • Do you know of any upcoming car meets or cars and coffees in the Houston area?

  • I didn’t know Jonah hill drives a raptor

  • The first video with the drama going on wasn’t really bad, ( in my opinion) it was your approach on how your action stated one thing , but your words in the end said another. Nevertheless I’m sure you meant well. You overall you’re still doing great!

  • Weak ass mustang reving

  • I love chargers and challengers but god damn do mopar boys make them look shitty. All the mustangs and cámaras come nice and clean with nothing more then maybe slicks and a few stickers but mopar boys come on shit 32 inch wheels and ugly colored headlights🤣😭😷

  • 6:42 😍

  • That black hellcat on forgiatos, the pink 392 I know them 😭

  • Could you guys drive up to the woodlands

  • I'm starting to see a few pussies in this video wearing masks. What is wrong with these idiots, are they sheep? There is no Covid 19. It's all a fake virus that doesn't hurt anyone and was just created by Democrats and the media to scare people into submission and control. We need to fight back against this attack on hard working American people. Teach these fake doctors and scientists a lesson!

  • All the kitty cats are boring. Sigh. The good cars come later in the video

  • Dat boy pulled up in da hulk machine

  • Bruh

  • Corey brought all 3 of his cars


  • Mopar people appreciate corvettes

  • Mob genius dude had me thinking it was Seth Rogan at first

  • Thumbs up for the Spanish speaking parts

  • Once again thumbs up great video

  • it aint da H if no slabs show XD

  • I was about to say I've seen this video then read bio lmfao got rid of the red shirt kid trying to act tough 👏👏👏

  • Rip to that pink daytona iykyk 😕

  • lol im not even looking at you but instead im looking at your cars in the background sorry XD, new subber btw

  • Good shit on the reupload, fuck all the drama. People need to understand you come to these meets for cars and only for cars. Good vibes all around.

  • Thought I was tripping but read the description 👍

  • The cars around 8:05, I didn’t catch the name. Amazing looking and terrifying, I couldn’t drive it

  • I have seen this meet on four different channels 1.)sinclair photos 2.)the dre way 3.) this channel 4.) mopar man

  • The missing part of this video is on worldstar hahaha

  • Word most used in his videos (SHEEEEESH) haha!!!

  • Oh my god that viper on the left looks sexy as hell

  • What part of Texas are you in? I'm moving to Dallas in July

  • WAIT, Did he call a few chargers hellcats??? I'm confused

    • Hellcat Charger is a thing. They put the same motor and upgrade the trim just like the Challenger.

  • What happened to the kid that had a firearm and got chased by the cops? Only real fans know.

  • Congrats on the new Vette, man!! 🇺🇸🚀🔥🏎

  • I think imma have to talk to ssavage vert

  • I did not get it but its a re upload without the fight

  • didn’t I already watch this or uhh😂

    • Alien gang AGGTAV - hell yeahhh😂😂

    • I was hella tripping like if I had a deja vu moment💀

  • I feel like I watched this video before .. .

    • @Walter Oh, thanks!

    • You have its re upload

  • Nice

  • Social distancing is goin well in Texas

  • 5:12 the redeye barber redeye hellcat wrap was done wayy before Mr. Organic, mr organic copied this redeye

  • Where is this at?

  • *REAL OG’s remember the Porsche video.*

  • Yes sir i wanna the the Asian Guys Turbo 911 Porsche Run She Sounded ready

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and I love c7 z06 black lot 💯💯💯💯

  • I’m from Houston and love car meets. Haven’t been in years. I drove by one last weekend on I-10 and IKEA but when i went home to get my nice car, the meet was broken up. Can someone guide me where to find out about these meets would be at??? I’d appreciate it

    • lonbites instagram.com/red.i.barber hosted this he also has a AR-one channel. Facebook and Instagram prob the best way to find out

  • New sub love your content. Much Love from Cali brother.

  • “quemando llantas cuh” loved it bro😂😂😂

  • texas car dealer catalogue: - any corvette - challenger - charger - (if) others

    • most: HELLCAT

  • This is the same video 3 days ago right?

    • Nvm u took out them lil gangstas

  • Vettes all the way baby

  • Appreciate the W204 C63 love you regularly show!!!

  • quarantine is over in texas? cali aint ever opening up... let the civil war begin.

  • Seems like a lot of re-post

  • This is making me want to get a car and race

  • Downshift on the vette sounds so good.

  • Man you guys know how to have fun down there!

  • Brother!!!!

  • For whatever reason Mopar & Chevy guys get along much better than Ford & Chevy guys

  • Real fans know what day he posted it

    • Right, I clicked on this and was like didn’t he already post it lol

  • Bro you were literally right in front of my neighborhood how did I not know about this

  • I was so confused when I watching so I went comments but I still watched it the drama one was funny

  • My question is why they playing 2016 songs? 💀

  • Buddy you got to give your Z06 some love. Car wash detail👍🤙

  • Love these cars man

  • you are like my favorite youtuber plz reply it would mean the world

    • @Cars Across Texas dudeeeeeeeee your the besttttttttttttt!!! thank youuuu!!!!

    • Syclone Reflex I appreciate it boss man!

  • that bee wrap by jayasmar from atozwraps🔥

  • Don’t say I’m not the only one who wants to recreate this in lego because I know factually I am

  • Is he in Houston doing this?

  • i love my scat pack but people rice the CRAP out of mopars

  • Same video broskee

  • 👩🏻-“Are you Cars Across Texas” “Yes sir i am”

  • Dude in the Raptor is Seth Rogan's identical twin!

  • Reupload?