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This widebody camaro was insane! It had a 6th Gen ZL1 front end and scissor doors as well! This guy clearly had a vision and went for it and it is wild. Enjoy guys!
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  • Enjoy cars, you have a great series, no judgement, just cars. That’s great. I have my taste but I enjoyed cars, muscle or genius thoughts and styles. Cheers.

  • I dont know which is more impressive, the cars or his knowledge of all the cars.

  • How much does the camaro approximately cost? Please answer me

  • That poor dog

  • Like how can you not get excited seeing a Supra 😝

  • That kid with the orange/red camaro goes to my school he’s in 11th pretty nice car

  • He ruined that Camano super gay

  • that wing alone on the NSX was probably 1k xD

  • Wide body Maro, NO DOUBT!

  • 2:02 forget the cars, that dog is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen

  • the red twin turbo 5.0 is my favorite

  • You sound like Seth Rogen

  • 1:05 i used to see it at Texas Tiers everytime

  • Red to black hell cat at 4 minute that was clean

  • Some really sick whips farealz. Somebody got some money 💰 or high insurance and car 🚗 payments.

  • I think if you have a vq it’s mandatory to rev the piss out of it for AT LEAST 5 mins. No less

  • Damn do all camera men talk like this about cars?

  • I'm still waiting for the meet to be "shut down" by the wide body Camaro......

    • Lol seriously. Dudes clickbait ass titles are annoying af. I wish he’d just give it a title and post it. We’re going to watch the videos anyways. They’re vids with badass cars. Just post the shit.

  • All mustangs and Subaru’s are garbage 🗑

  • Possibly the smallest dog ever 🤣

  • That camaro looks sick but for whatever reason I liked the cream camaro more

  • I love my Houston people, will miss my hometown when it's time to move! God bless you all!🌈🕊👑🔥🙏🏾♥️💯🎯

  • Where at in Texas? I just moved to Breckenridge Texas sand hoping to meet some fellow car owners

  • Nut city!!😂😂🔥

  • That NSX tho 😍😍

  • That camaro was f-king riced out someone get drew peacock to roast this sh-t

  • *This man has the cutest........* Fill in the blank😂

  • Cool rice Camaro bro! And it’s a v6 🤦🏽‍♂️ id prefer the tan Camaro or that G8 or that Supra! 🦾🦾

  • NOOOOOO!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!

  • "look at this Mon" every time , love it lol

  • You are invited to the cookout 🇲🇽

  • NSX

  • I bought some rims off a guy in that parking lot hahaha

  • Finally snuck my car into one your videos 😂

  • Don’t let drew peacock see that Camaro

  • 2 things.. that didn't look like a skyline at all. Except the tail lights.. looked more like a 240sx.. and how old was the kid in the Subaru. Like 9.. lmao.. and that looked like a lot of stock cars.. clean. But stock. No need for reving motors.. lol

  • Camaro looked awesome until I heard it. Who dumps that kind of money into a V6 Camaro!?🤢🤮

  • The camaro was wild, but im a fan of the challengers. I'm considering getting one after I've paid of my wrangler.

  • Love the creme color on that camaro and the g8 sounds badass!

  • I would never bring my dog to a meet for the fear of them getting spooked and running off...nope

  • 4:59 finally the genesis getting recognized ‼️

  • Thumbs up from me

  • That G8 was "Choppin down Trees"...Hahahaa...ty CAT...


  • 3:57 You can see the right turbo just stop spinning right there

  • Holy cow, That Camaro is so overdone.... Crunchy. LOL

  • #2:29 🤣🤣that dude

  • Sad what they did to that skyline :(

  • Nice video bro

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  • King dollar?

  • I’m the e30 own I know I have to lower 😂😂

  • WIDEBODY CAMARO us my fav

  • All that camaro was missing was a set of swangaz and pop truck with the neon light saying "Not your basic v6 cuh"! The girl just wanted out she almost broke his lambo door hinge lmao.

  • The mamalona que , was so funny 😂

  • That wide body Camaro looked ridiculous. Maybe with some better wheels w/ a more aggressive offset, it will look a little better.

  • That holden/g8 sounds so good

  • You need a dog for the channel

  • Ya your audio needs tweaking it gets drowned out sometimes.

  • 3:28 looks like James Pumphrey had a chill pill lol

  • Heck yeah brotheeeer!! Lots of nice cars out there!

  • Have you said which way you're swinging with the vette mods? I can't wait to see what youve done to it.

  • Camaro representing DALLAS😈

  • That skyline was not clean in any way shape or form

  • Brave to be down 290 after dark.

  • I'll take that RCF any day of the week. Reliability and power in one? Thank you.

  • La mamalona duh😂😩

  • When he said

  • This is literally the only channel that whenever I see a new upload I’ll watch it. Good content my guy On another note the guy with the clean nsx completely ruined it with the “supreme” sticker. Other than that it’s immaculate. BROTHER.

  • That supreme sticker gotta go on that Nsx

  • Are you thinking about more carbon fiber on the Vette?🤔

  • 10:51 "Es la mamalona cuh" 😂

    • Alc cuh

  • How come no one wearing masks

  • Love ur vids man keep it up I already know you'll make it to 1mil 👍

  • 4:37 looks like the e30 that got caught on fire when doing donuts lol

  • Gotta request here: Could you attend more thematic or styled meets or are they not common in HTX?

    • @Xoulman Official ofcourse we do we have everything in Houston Texas

    • @Cars Across Texas Well maybe like a classic European car show, an entry level sports car meet, or maybe a strictly Mustang or Ford meet. Now that I think about it, something more along the lines as a car show rather than a meet, but something with a little bit more thematic than your usual Cars & Coffee. If you're interested, I'd highly recommend coming to DTX.

    • What exactly do you mean? I’m totally down if I seem em pop up!

  • TOP 3 CARS THERE , the puppy is # 1 , the ss camero with the sick wheel's , the NSX tied for 2 #3 skyline , honourable mention's my cat , the fly in my house that won't go away , but your Z06 & sinclair takes the cake all day

  • Bro that wide body Camaro was dope

  • dude this video super not stabilized or im just too fucked up for this

  • Love the content and your Z06 bro. I live in Spring as well and I’m thinking about starting my own AR-one channel again so hopefully we can collaborate but love your work and content bro. Keep it up🔥🔥🔥

  • They had too much going on with that Camaro

    • Dtx Dragon just to much going v6 with a 6 gen ZL1 front bummer with Lamborghini doors then all them damn side skirts just way to much going on

    • Nope, it’s a clean build

  • Mahnn I loooovve Camaros 🤒 Too bad the 2010-13 models don't come in rhd

    • why would you need rhd... it not an import

  • 3:46 so here he is showing us his titties jk i know tt means twin turbo

  • Have a good day everyone

  • Nice keep em coming!😎

  • 1:02 people like that dont deserve cars like that

    • It's a drift missile not a show car if your a car guy you would've noticed it when he came to view

  • I’m a new sub bro started watching last night love the the vids bro🔥🤙🏽

  • You shouldn’t put a 6th gen ZL1 front end on a 5th gen

  • Luv the vids bro, but I can't handle the way you say "man" 😂

  • I love it my boy keep up the work and I love the video and I love g8 lot my favorite car lot 💯💯💯💯💯💯


  • I love the exotic cars i just dont fit in them thats why i go to old school muscle

  • 2:13 he said did your dog just come out the room im dying laughin frfr i cant be the only one that heard that :D

    • he said out the womb lmao

  • My fav car has to be that red NSX and also because its my dream car

  • Ayeee that alot of red miata with the big wang is me 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

    • @Cars Across Texas you should see my turbo nb miata it has a 66in chassis mount

    • Hahah, your social media handles are so fitting 🤣 nice bro!

  • 2:32 “nut city baby lets get it”😂

    • Cars Across Texas but we can agree that the nsx got cake for days😤😳

    • That NSX is a big nut 😫


  • I love the widebody Camaro it looks so cool

  • That wide body camero looks lit

  • My favourite car with a thicc wide body I found my dream car