2 Stepping Corvette and Camaro DEAFEN ME at Car Meet! (+My SILVER PLAY BUTTON is FINALLY Here!)

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Lots of cool JDM and Muscle cars came out to the LowLife EST meet! It was an awesome meet to cap off a very full day of meets! Hopefully you guys enjoy!
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  • serious question, do you guys get any crap from people, government, etc for having these massive meets? I have wanted to put one together for my small business but Washington state government is a joke and majority of the people so I am worried about the backlash.

  • Congrats dude, you have come a long way. Channel getting better all the time.

  • Every video it feels like I'm at the meet with you 😈😈🔥🔥🔥🐐🐐 that's y u are the 🐐🐐 youtuber

  • When you get enough to get a jdm car can you make a list of your favs n then let us vote 🗳

  • Im so proud of you🥺

  • I’m looking forward to the end of the year dog compilation. Dogs across Texas.

  • Never in my life did I think I’d find a riced c8

  • Where’s all the Sc300/400s

  • 5:13 what color was the dog colors if you were looking at them and not her

  • You need r32 no daily

  • 2:40 Name of wrap???

  • C8 by far my favourite

  • Best car AR-oner hands down. Congrats brother 👌🏽

  • The wrap on that Corvette was called Damascus

  • Best daily JDM is clearly the toyo Century

  • You deserve that plaque bro great job keep up the good work

  • Helllll yeahhhhh brotherrrrr!!!!!

  • Ayyeee!! Thanks for the Lightning love. You’re the shit buddy

  • Okay that C8 with the leds and golden accents looked fresh

  • Almost did that 3M wrap on my hunis car in that but seeing it changed her mind. Love that Texas style fam I would love to come finish my life out there BROO

  • LSX JDM on your next ride

  • They played ads for me

  • That one bitch with the 2 dogs looked real good

  • *R32 OR RX7*

  • Bro wheres your car ? 🤔

  • I already knew that he would get tha plaque, he is a really good AR-oner ❤️


  • Ugliest C8 corvette I’ve seen 🤢

  • Congrats bro

  • The r33 has become Ricey too me lol

  • From what I heard the Vette definitely won that..

  • I thought under glow played out with fast and the furious

  • That’s the ugliest C8 I’ve ever seen. Poor car.

  • whoever had that C8 ruined it

  • Congrats on the plaque and onto the next one! (250k, 500k?) Please do us JDM fanboys a favor and get an R33 or even better an R34 GT-R!! 🤙😁

  • 7:09 2-step

  • "when are your turbos coming" lol

  • (^-^) Bosozoku Gas pedal music Japanese car Motorcycle culture Throttle music ar-one.info/down/eniWmLWGosvF1aI/fydyw.html

  • Worth noting @4:07 the Z06 show is a 2008 Wil Cooksey special 427 Z06 limited to 505 units worldwide (427 sold in N. America). I had one but sold it to make room for my Ferrari (I kept a 2012 Centennial edition ZR1). That is a hand numbered and signed car by Wil Cooksey, retiring plant manager for the Corvette. Very special car!

  • yeah you should make a dog vlog lmfao, congrats on the plaque too btw!

  • But a jzx100

  • Congratulations on your 100k sub keep up the great work 🤟👍🙏

  • 7:39 lol

  • First thing is I love the videos keep them coming, but for more information on the modified Suzuki Samurai’s, it all started in Puerto Rico. They get turned into drag cars or drag show cars. 95% when you see one like that the most common thing is a engine swap. They usually swap it for these 3 engines 1. Rotary 2. SR20 3.1jz


  • More puppy content for sure! That R33 wasn't a GTR.... Would only have the 2.5 Litre engine unless converted to the 2.6 litre.

  • Congratulations 👏 🍻 That first wrap looks like the pattern that's on the walls inside a apartment or house.

  • Hey Drew love the videos I think a jdm car will shoot your viewers to the sky. Skyline/Gtr/300ZX/240 oh and we can’t forget a Toyota chaser 🤫

  • Congrats on the plaque Drew On for the blue TT mustang that was in this video Well the same night he wreck the car On 529 Not sure is the car is totalled But i Can said is fuck up bad It was my buddy

  • I know you love the c6 but what do you think about the Valarra?

  • that boy murder adrian !

  • Show some more civics si

  • Congrats man, well deserved by far. Thank you for the amazing content

  • Quality content and frequent uploads 🔥

  • You quit your daily job to make this channel work! I remember! Good on you! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!

  • Bro this meet was literally 5 minutes from my house just had no ideas this meet was going down 😩😩😩

    • Lijah Bray gotchu💪🏾

    • @Iamkoool2 bett appreciate you bro!

    • download the app ParkUpFront and follow them on ig, youll never miss another meet

  • So, we just ignore the Japanese cherry blossom frs? For shame.

  • We love you

  • 600th like

  • Nice congrats bro.

  • C8 was pretty ugly

  • Love the videos man. Congrats on almost 200K I’m a stay FW ‘cha

  • HOOOLLLYY SH*T BROTHER CONGRATULATION'S on getting your button , well deserved ma man

  • Drew and his C7 are the GOSPEL TRUTH

  • Congrats man!! been watching since the start and you have helped me out with growing my meets. Glad to see you shining!

  • What was that car next to the two crazy bagged mustangs?

  • Whats wrong at 3:17?

    • Cars Across Texas I thought of the car like they put some copyrighted brands or sum porno shit 💀

    • Music in the back. Didn’t wanna get demonetized

  • You need a 2g eclipse 👀

  • congrats bro!!!

  • damn drew u sexy

  • Shoutout to Karen that blew up 😂 keep up the good work ‼️

  • Im not fw the C8, but it aint my car, I dont even have a car so imma just🤐

  • More like dogs across Texas lol

  • Show some civics. Not the dumb stances ones but the big turbo ones

  • Who else here’s Secreto playing in the background 👀

  • I remember when you first posted that camaro getting away lol . Ever since then I’ve been subscribed.. CONGRATS BRO

  • Nice all silver.. congrats man 🏎 🏍

  • Lightning gang! 🤘⚡️ if anyone wants to check mine out, lots of videos on my channel! Fully built motor, lots of goodies, it’s a fun street truck! 😏

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and I love Camaro and c8 lot 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Awesome video again Bro, Cars are epic Thanks for sharing, See you in the next video🤟🏾

  • I really like your channel keep it coming with the video's cus they are awesome

  • I know you didn't want to hurt any feelings, but I'll say it; C8 officially ruined!!🤢🤮

  • I love youtube I’m addicted

  • Congrats Drew, awesome to see you doing so well. What's the hold up with your car? Seems like they've had it forever this time.

  • Hot stepper everywhere you go the guys let you film vroooom it’s that guy BIG UP U 💪🏻

  • Bro I’ll be real your not AR-one platinum but you are excepted and excepted in the car world and you show us sickkkk cars I TRULY HOPE THESE VIDS GIVE U FREE PIZZA AND LITTLE BIT TOWARDS YOUR RENT u earnt it ..... p.s im drunk 😵 but still love the vids

    • I know. I was saying it’s not platinum yet but your worth it 👍🏻👊🏻 I’m just bad with words

    • It’s the silver play button lol. You get it with 100k subs

  • You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • Congrats, It’s pretty cool to see people like you who appreciate many builds.

  • That c8 was so tacky

  • Congratulations brother on the plaque! You deserve it because every time I watch one of your videos I know what to expect and know it will be good. Oh and will see a cute dog! Lol Best of all you show the world a different variety in well built and done right cars with different taste. That I love most about your vids, you give ideas and others creativeness.

  • Road to 1 mil. I believe you’ll get there!

  • 200k subscriber celebration car meet??

  • Congratulations brother

  • Love to watch your videos bro, i want you to film me sending it!

  • 2 stepping sounds like shit. 9 second quarter mile - you have my respect.

  • Congrats dude

  • Ain't nothing better than a two steppin v8

  • That panamera witt the body kit looks like something straight out of need for speed payback

  • Cars Across Texas is literally my favorite car AR-one channel! Keep up the great work Drew!

  • I Like Dodge Charger /RT, Challenger /RT.