SLEEPER Supercharged Lexus Takes On HELLCATS and MORE! (750HP Supercharged RCF) + Running From Cops!

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This RR Racing Supercharged Lexus RCF took me by surprise! This thing rolls out and nobody expected it to be that quick. It also sounds AMAZING. Hopefully you guys enjoy the video! This was actually shot back during TX2K.
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  • Bruh props to the Lexus driver fr even tho everybody in the section comments was like "ooh its sketched driving with your lights off" just stfu ok lol props to that Lexus driver man fr

  • The camaro had straight gas ⛽ in that bihhh hella fast

  • That looks fun af!

  • Sounds right at home amongst all the Detroit iron!

  • Lexus rcf insta?

  • Ever wonder if that same super charger can be but on a lc500 that’s the Lexus I want

  • Where you get that wood grain racing steering wheel for the RCF?

  • That Lexus must go to sleep with her makeup still on!

  • Of course this was all filmed in Mexico


  • Shit would be even quucker with better wheels lol

  • 0:04-1:27 pls Track name.

  • *_Finally as Japanese American sounding car stepping up to these American cars lmao. So wild_* *_So sick_*

  • "its stock" and then just absolutely destroys him LMAO 🤣🤣🤣

  • What's your 0-60?

  • Yall live in dfw???

  • I come back at least once a month to rewatch this one 💪

  • This is like the supras little angry brother, his big brother 2j always will win but 2ur is Close

  • Y’all got me when the foxbody popped up

  • Mustangs are fast

  • Great video. I’m keeping my Lexus RCF

  • did i just see a lexus gap hellcat??

  • TIK TOK @ironcowboy23

  • Is his sc running right? The race against the bolt on 5.0 he barely beat him. That's what a NA RCF/GSF looks like beating a bolt on 5.0.

  • The RCF is a car so good, supercharge it is like taking it's original value. With the 8k you spend, you should consider to buy a car with turbo if your problem is the speed

  • roll racing is boring, where the digs at?

  • First few minutes Music & Editing in dis shit is cold asf 🥶🥶💯💯

  • Is it even legal for me to watch this video if im black???

  • Hard to beat american big displacement engines on a rolling race.

  • 11:03 Engage Stealth mode.

  • Man that lex nasty. I'm looking to get one

  • Everybody hating on the RCF i love them. You can make them fast as shit

  • Don’t worry Lexus in a track race they would get obliterated

  • Been there before, on the highway over 120 having to switch off the lights after a fun night. Great footage!

  • what kindve camera do you use?

  • Mexico do be fun

  • What's the song in the beginning. Hits harrrrrrrd my man!!

  • These guys are just LUCKY my prius is in the shop!

  • What a pussy did you really say if you wanna dip drop me off but you wanna be rolling with him while he racing punks like you quick to switch up buster

  • Sounds like a coyote

  • Ayy that my barrio he’ll yea

  • 😂these are mainly used for corners not straight line racing but I still whoops ass

  • RCF sexy af. lol homie said its stock hahaha RCF won more 50 rolls than 40 rolls. maybe its where the RPMS are?? and when boost kicks in good runs tho!!

  • Name of the track in the beginning?

  • That is a Lexus with big balls.... shit!!!!

  • Yes sir 😆

  • That comaro runs meets here in mn lol

  • And WHY is that bolt on 5.0 THAT fast.

  • That run with the wide body hellcat was ON par

  • I love the 123 😂😂❤️

  • Relax 🐅. Cool to see Lexus make some power but he's racing stock kitties that make under 650whp...

  • japanese > american cars. lexus best car brand

  • That shit is 🥵

  • That’s crazy GQ up here in MN now! Really does travel all over with that redeye

  • I have a bolt on 5.0 Lexus ISF and I love catching people off one ever expects a 4 door grandpa Lexus to be quick lol

  • That lexus sounds so good! Damn!

  • First race against hellcat he kept leaving early lol.....

  • He didn't want any of that TT Huracan😂😉

  • No cop.. he lies about mods, he will definitely lie about cops fake chasing him 🤷

  • Why lie about mods ?

  • That ZL1 walked it from the get go don’t mess with that A10

  • Man i wish there were supercharged Lexus SUV's like the RX350

  • There’s toyota for yall

  • Pro tip: adding a bunch of lights, or deleting your muffler, doesn't make your car fast.

  • Something was up with the RC-F cause 750hp should be way faster than that

  • The Lexus has an ig I can follow?

  • Ig of the owner? 😋

  • Fukn hear yes sir. One more time omfg..

  • What’s funny is that it’s more believable for a Lexus to be stock than any other muscle.. there’s not that big an aftermarket for Lexus anymore.

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 if you want to dip off anywhere you can just drop me off

  • Mustang GT 🤢🤮

  • Tomball tx stand up

  • Actually for what ever camera you got pretty decent video for being night time very clear unlike other vids u can’t see nothing!

  • Is the RCF stage 3 ? Looking at which stage to go for

  • That hellkat stock

  • Texas state troopers watching this with a chubby and their ticket books in their laps

  • Was that on grand park tollway?

  • Whats the Lexus Instagram???

  • That Lexus beat the hell out of that FedEx truck

  • I saw flashing LED, I already knew that loser was gonna lose...

  • Lol They raced on the feeder of the Beltway 8 near Beamer rd. Houston tx.

  • And STILL the hellcat Redeye Reigns Superior above all

  • Is that the 99 near 249?

  • Lexus what model? LC? RC F? Sleeper? 🤔Are you sure? 🤔 Sleeper may be an IS250 or 350 with afterstock.... I though sleepers were Toyotas, Mitsubishis, Hondas... 😂

  • (Cars Across Texas). where did you bought and how much the carbon fiber instrument dash/gauge top cover? I know factory comes with black alcantera.

  • The guy in the Lexus drives like an idiot. Lost almost every race. Going around cars on the shoulder. Hes only alive because he doesn't have FAST car

  • Ebbybody knows Lexus is made by Toyota. Pure junk. Fools buy dat shiit.

    • Lmao "pure junk" yet Toyotas and Lexus outlive any car.

  • Pure stupidity!

  • That Fox is pure motivation.

  • Car is a yes the wheels are a no lol

  • Down 99

  • I have a V6 and it only makes 400whp check out my dyno. But its amazing how much power these cars are making. Great video!!!

  • *fat American people always race in straight lines lol they have no skill*

  • Is that a stripes gas station! Def west Texas , Mexico lol

  • She sounds beautiful

  • As soon as I saw that huge cross I knew exactly where they were 😂

    • I said the same thing the big white cross

    • Where? Cuz I thought they was in Orlando,FLA

  • zL1 baby, the ONE TRUE ROAD KING!

  • On the 50 roll, Hellkitty passenger 1, 2, ....Lexus driver floors it

  • How much that rcf pushing?

  • How are these guys able to afford these cars and mods??🧐