تم نشره في 2020/07/11
The time has come and the mod process has already began! This is just the tip of the iceberg. Lots of good sound clips at the end of the video and many more to come in the future! Mod list below:
Here is a list of what I did this time around:
Stainless Works Longtube Headers
Magnaflow Competition Catback with cat-delete pipe
C&R Racing Heat Exchanger
Snow Performance Methanol Kit
Flex Fuel System
Custom "Whale Cawk" Intake from HPC
Hopefully you guys enjoy!
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  • Your car is really cool, live it !!!

  • Pshh not even close to loud.. Get ya game up boy

  • Any issues with drone?

  • CLEAN BRO....💪AWESOME RIDE🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤩😍🤩😍🤩😍🤩😍🤩😍🤩😍🤩

  • Loudest? That’s 🧢

  • Ay! I'm planning on getting a stainless works exhaust on my F250! Their exhausts are great!

  • Reminds me of when I first got my tomei :,)

  • Shane from mikes videos has the loudest c7 in opinion

  • I'm working on a 68 cougar and hoping I can go on a meet with you once its done

  • Pressure

  • Hey dude your car sounds so good with those bolt ons ..i remember on the vid when u guys returned to karens hood u said u were quiet lol now after this, daaang im liking how it came out..and dont worry no cameras do justice for a in person experience ...glad you loved it and those smiles and excitement is just what its all about..priceless brother !! ..shot out from glendale az ..SHEEEESH

  • Lol peep me in the video at 14:35 looking like a goof lol

  • the dislikes are people in his neighborhood.

  • my dream car is c7 corvette z06 also, That s**t loud as hell lol imagine doin this at night at your neighbor hood lol

  • His reaction like a little kid that just got a brand new Xbox 😂😂😂

  • Take those lame ass Oklahoma plates off lmao!

  • Sounds great man. Makes my SS sound like a Miata.

  • now it needs to be cammed

  • Good shit compa 🔥

  • Seems pretty mellow but hell its a C7 Z06 so nuff said IMHO

  • You should put a kong 2650 blower on it but keep it pump gas so you can drive it everywhere! Love the vids keep up the awesome work

  • Sounds so good man I think ur is the second loudest The loudest has to be streetspeed717 (even tho his is a zr1) gotta be but ur still sounds so good 👍

  • You need to catch up with the times the c7 is old news get a c8!! (JK your car is beautiful)

  • do you plan on getting a new car like a daily or second "fun" car for the channel ?

  • ar-one.info/down/apbbh6ZoY6jbkrY/fydyw.html Check out my first video at my local cars and coffee Gave u and Sinclair shout outs thank you for inspiring me to do this 🙌🙌🙌

  • I'm definitely going to get a C7 loud af

  • Also forgot to ask, is this the shop in the Spring area?

  • Sounds like my car. If your neighbors have a problem with the sound of freedom, wait till you CAM it, those 6 am cold starts will wakem every time.

  • Bro the go pro has a problem with the audio I believe... I stayed until the end as usual and those sound clips are sooo perfect ❤️ congrats bro

  • Quad exhaust in the centre .Tough AF! 🔥Love this car

  • 😲😲😲😲😲😲

  • sounds almost as good as those pos coyote motors lol

  • 5:15 "There's no meth in the car" is what I have to tell cops when they pull me over #midwestproblems

  • Perfect exhaust setup bro

  • Pretty tame

  • It’s needs a cam

  • That second under pass ur reaction had me smiling bro. ...

  • Take it to cesar to tune it no bad reviews there bro

  • 13:36 Okay, holy fuck man, wow lol

  • Definitely a unique sounding c7 Z. A friend of mine threw on stainless works long tubes, no cats and an oem C7 ZR1 cat back. Sounds heavenly.

  • Wow AR-one money must be nice

  • Longtubes makes my c7z come alive above 4k rpm...the 6.2 LT sounds so mean. God I love that car.

  • Cough, Cough, Cam, Cough, Cough

    • He got the rona😷😂

    • Get one*

  • Exhaust isn't a big move....

  • Register that thing already lol.

  • The Karen’s worst nightmare the extremely loud corvette

  • Meh...

  • Sounds really good! Will stay tuned for what's coming!!

  • Sounds bad ass bro! 🔥🔥🔥🤘

  • It sounds good but I would hardly say the loudest Z06, just from hearing it through my earphones lol but I’m sure it’s crazy loud in person

    • My camera mics don’t pick it up well. It’s very loud but super deep and rumbly

  • I was so expecting it would be louder. 🤨 Still nice car, and good work.

  • Sir you woke my neighbors up from texas not ok lmao

  • The far left exhaust tip needs to be moved up.

  • Those exhaust valves for all the Karens out there 😅😂💀

  • How come it’s not chopping usually when you add headers you get like a chop chop on idle

    • Stock cam is why.

  • Sounding badass Brother 👍

  • We should compare notes. I’ve done Kooks headers Kooks xpipe AWE exhaust BTR Cam Texas Street Heads Dual nozzle Meth kit A&A Supercharger 3.4 upgraded Pulley

  • Are u going to get it cammed

  • Where the pops at?

  • I thought it be longer but you should went Corsa extreme all the way catback & headers

  • Do u do a conversion on it cuz I see Paddle shifters but your shift and like his manual

  • You should cam it it would sound really good!

  • sounds good but not the loudest c7z06 ever. Get a heads cam package that should wake it up.

  • Yo is it me? Or did his camera quality improve by a thousand?

  • A little el choppo?😋

  • That’s a really sweet exhaust you got on your corvette

  • “It IsNt ThAt LoUd” Trust me you gotta hear it in person! It’s super deep so the camera mics don’t catch it that well, especially the gopros.

    • Sounds sweet!!! I’ve got same car with Whipple heads/cam, LT straight piped,, trust me it can get louder

    • Cars Across Texas camera mics never do it justice .You can feel the exhaust note hitting your chest irl

    • Car Meet Postponed right????

  • Yessir

  • hhhholy jeez , YES SIR "EH" congratulations brother sounds amzing stoked your living your dream brother

  • 13:38 More, I NEED MORE!

  • If you want loudest you’d have to put exhaust dumps as close to the heads as possible

  • 1:47 YES PLEASE!!

  • Bro your ZO6 sounds sick

  • My absolute dream car, sounds unreal my dude, but the best thing about this is your reaction to it! Enjoy brother!

  • Cant wait to hear this irl

  • How much of a discount u got from hpc for promoting them

  • The tips looks almost stock and that isn’t loud I heard a louder one on 45s my ears was ringing

  • Sounds awesome mate!

  • Haha we need 1 million subs here hhaha, CAT is awesome and Texas is huge!...Oh your car sounds so sick, I knew you waited for that...

  • 0:40 uh the left 2 are way way off

    • Everything got heat cycled and retorqued in place afterwards...they did move a little...good eye

    • Thats what i said lol

  • It ain’t that loud, get corsas bro, don’t be a lil puthy

    • Tube*

    • Corsa sucks you want to get long tine headers and hit the mufflers

  • For the record, I am 62 and still love this shit! My ZR1 is loud (stock), my Vipers are loud (high flow cats on one, headers and Borla on other) and my 458 is a song of beauty as received. Keep filming!!!!👍

    • SAVAGE TUNER AND - I will try to make something with 458 & ZR1. Other Viper needs to be run too - still in hibernation 😕

    • SAVAGE TUNER ar-one.info/down/f4LbgbuWepm2sbI/fydyw.html


    • Bro can you adopt me dude i need a new dad

    • you want to be my adopted dad?

  • My dream car is a hellcat charger or a challenger I’m hustling 24/7 bois Wish me luck so that I can own one

    • Good luck, I hope you get one and then get a nice loud exhaust for it. I’m hustling for either a 2012/13 Boss 302 Mustang or a Challenger Scat Pack with the 6-speed manual

  • Happy for you!!!

  • Loudest ever? Uh

  • You Vette sounds so damn badass !!!

  • The zo6 sounds sick can’t wait for more updates 👍🔥

  • It sounds so good. I can’t wait for some more mods

  • Corvette is nice man I want a 2018 mustang gt but damn maybe just get a slightly older corvette sounds nice

  • Would it be louder if you went straight pipe over the cat back? Sounds sick bro btw

    • Yes but it wouldn’t help performance as much and would sound like shit in comparison

  • Sick Af bro keep up the hard work🔥🤟🏽💯

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love your c7 z06 black lot more and I love the video 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • 9:55 just rev bomb their ass 🤣

  • Congratulations bro, what about twin turbos

  • The ad had to play at the worse timing

  • Damn!!! that meth gauge 😏😏😏

  • Wait so it’s manual and has paddle shifters? How does that work?

    • The paddles turn on and off the auto rev match feature. Doesn't change gears.

    • the rev match thing is in the paddle shifters

  • what job did you have before AR-one ?

  • Where’s the closet hpc in West Texas

  • Sounds good dude, they're loud but I'm thinking that Corsas would be louder, just sayin!! You like what you like, enjoy!! Good video!!🤘

    • @Corvette._. Ken well Corsa Extremes are pretty Fn loud on Vetts, Mustangs, GTOs.... the AWE are loud also!! Alot out there to choose from!!! 👍

    • Stainless works is way louder than Corsa. Corsa are not loud u til you WOT. You want the loudest best exhaust for a Vette it’s AWE.