COPS SWARM INSANE CAR MEET! (We Had Permission From The Property Owners for This...)

تم نشره في 2020/05/24
This meet was wild! I really had no idea what to expect but they had gotten permission from the property owners to do a burnout competition for an underglow giveaway but the cops didn't really care I guess. The event organizers even go back to powerwash the lot the next day to get rid of tire marks and rubber. The cops also didn't want to spot me to see if I would scrape so I destroyed my poor carbon fiber splitter :((( Enjoy the video guys!
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  • The burnouts are why the cops are there. Pretty soon you will have no place to go, keep it up.

  • *police helicopter blares siren* *pulls other helicopter* officer: *let me get my jetpack*

  • All that land in TX Yet no one has Private Land with asphalt/concrete for people to do burnouts and donuts? I’d just charge $5 a car and have everyone sign a release form Owner of Property isn’t responsible for anything that happens to people.

  • I’m sure this dude says brother more than Cleetus McFarland

  • yeet

  • I literally binge watch your videos dude 😅

  • Damn, that Charger at 5: 00 went through 6 gears while burning out, in a automatic. My old 82 Subaru GL would only "chirp" the front tires when I floored it and popped the clutch with a manual .

  • Im just curious how can yall pay these things most of them look like around their early 20s

  • Bad boys bad boys, what you gonna do what you gonna do when police Karen's come for you

  • 3:40 hes fucking trying lmfaoo im done

  • They need to make a video game based entirely off of Houston Car Culture

  • H-town holding it down.

  • 07:40 02:03 0:39

  • I would love to show up to one of these car meets. I just dont know how to find them until its on AR-one

  • The flames are so cool.

  • Awesome work, we will be at Knowledge Fest please subscribe to our channel!

  • What the heck am I doing? It’s 3am and I’m supposed to be in bed since I have to get up in a few hours. I’ve watched 3 videos from this channel and I’m not even into cars lol. These meet ups look so crazy and fun!

  • Mid-engine Vette... No ma'am.

  • Them burnouts tho 😁 all y'all crazy if one of em whips get loose 😩 everyone body like Swiss cheese 😂

  • You had permission from the property owner and the cops you’ll go home

  • Worthless pigs

  • You have the right to peaceably assemble and you have the right to move about freely. Cops can only make you leave if a manger or owner is complaining on private property.

  • Why do people that dont like cars have to snitch on us just having fun,😞 quit snitchin just let us have fun.

  • That hatchback civic is why the cops were called. They probably thought someone WAS shooting off a firearm.

  • Damn y’all got that 5 star wanted level😂😂

  • 3 hours later.... hahhahahah

  • U boys out in texas know how to have fun ... those new vettes are BEAUTIFUL . My dream car is one of the new vettes candy apple red with black rims . I absolutely love ur videos but you truly make me jealous as I live in canada . And the closest I get to ur guys fun is a bunch of old ppl with there old as fuck cars parked not doing nothing. Sitting around hoping they get a trophy ... dont get me wrong there some nice cars there but ..fuck me have some fun ,burn some rubber piss of the cops and then ....EVERYBODY RUN like there playing tag bcus the coppers show up .. I haven't been this jealous since stevie stole my girlfriend in kindergarten lmfao .. (clearly joking ) but still jealous all the same

  • I'm so jealous I live in canada and ppl here are not as cool as you guys out there in Texas. But at least I can watch just subbed much jealousy and much love from Canada

  • Those vettes are so ugly. They're not even american looking. European knock offs

  • Dude I wouldn't stand in front of those bikes lol

  • Seth Rogan the car guy

  • you guys have corona over there right

  • Crank up the bolts in the a arms just a little bit to help ya not scrape as much

  • imagine people get covid after this lol

  • Karen became a cop?

  • You should check Mustangs of Greater Clear Lake and Houston! June 13!

  • The cops are the trespassers

  • Hey my name is Xavier and my birthday is this Saturday.....I was wondering if y’all could come over to do the drive by birthday thing 👍

  • The no quema cuh 😂

  • Just followed your Instagram and subscribed to your AR-one channel really awesome content

  • Bouta get a tattoo from that man now

  • Burnouts...Lets see who can f-up their drivetrain the most...Dumbasses. 🙄

  • is this the same spot where that kid ran from the cops, trying to fight the another person in a Porsche??

  • Send me your PayPal I would rock your shirt Bra! I told the my car club we need a trip to Texas!!!

  • You know the owner of that tattoo shop got in trouble..but i bet his business skyrocketed

  • Man you really deserve more subs. You always give us 🔥 content

  • When y’all heading to west Texas

  • Who all are here before this channel made it to life of Palos👌👌

  • When I head to Texas I am getting ink done there

  • Man I wish you'd make a trip up here for these noland rd cruises

  • A Karen did it!!!

  • were not doing anything wrong... groups of 30 standing holding hands

  • I can smell the clutch of the first R/T trying to do a burn out😂😂

  • bro you got 45k subs in like 3 days wtf congrats on the pop off my guy!!

  • Helicopter fuel ain’t cheap

  • Helicopter fuel ain’t cheap

  • That hellcat with the underglow is beautiful

  • Permission to use property is one thing, have a permit for this car show? Try turning some gears in your head........

  • The guys on the helicopter were like: Why they're not sending it ? They have permission right ?

  • Don't they have real crime to fight... Oh wait the Houston police chief is a cucked liberal who hates fun and is a tyrant.

  • NFS Heat be like: 13:35

  • Best part police helicopters have sirens

  • RIP splitter can't have nothing

  • 13:40 I’m not the only one who backed away from the screen when those flames started shooting.

  • Thank Life of Palo's for the shout-out in his last video.

  • Should of had the peoperty owner file charges against the police for tresspassing, and harassment.

  • They tellin you to disperse cause of the virus going around lmao what else. Nobody wearin masks either jesus. This is how it apreads 😅

  • Honestly Texas police be chill we need those cops over here in La

  • Charger forgot to turn off traction control

  • 6 ft? 🤔

  • How do you find the car meets locations and dates

  • West University Place police are real cops. They don't cover much area in town, but they are pretty strict.

  • Hey bro I need help a friend of mine just got a full exhaust on his car and he was coming to my house for a car wash as soon as he pulled in a guy followed him in a Honda all tattooed up and told us to stop being load or else


  • tex sands car 4:34

  • Strange question, I'm from CA and they haven't cut back on the Covid restrictions. So is all of TX free of restrictions? Maybe that can explain the cops Idk.

    • No we are not but they are just doing car meets for the fun and love of it

  • Jesus brother Jesus brother Jesus brother

  • Literally all i hear is Seth Rogen 😂 please tell me im not the only one

  • that first burnout was embarrassing

  • yep thats a dodge for you

  • I see Karen in the crowd 🤣😂 She's calling the cops 👮‍♂️

  • That’s my cousin car who did the burnout with the lights underneath

  • Yella fella looks like the monster off the goonies

  • Yella fella did that crazy ass burn out on tires R us vlog .... he still got pasadena cops looking for him 😂😂

  • Is there no Corona viruses there or are u guys dum ass

  • It looks like you guys are new to burn outs you should see how the cuhs do it

  • Learn how to do a burnout Chargers . traction Control off , sport mode on , Brake and full throttle don’t let up ...

  • Where can I find out about these meets, I wanna go

  • Imagine a car meet without cops and Karen's

  • Truly representations of Summer ☀️

  • This finna be in the news 😂💀

  • Wtf was the charger doing? I had a rt challenger and it would RIP better than that easily.

  • He really stepping in all that rubber with they yeezys🤦‍♂️

  • Literally just found this channel a few videos show ! Subscribed! Keep up the great content please

  • I thought COVID-19 was like a worldwide thing. Those media scumbags just lie all the time I suppose! Well... I'll be still wearing a mask and gloves because I'll get a ticket if I go out without it... (in the country I live in) Like for real - cool cars, cool meeting and all but... Be patient - stay healthy - better times will come and then we can all gather :)

  • Can’t criminal trespass if your on a private lot. With permission from the owner 😂

  • Still waiting for you to change the intro sound with the exhaust rev to the Corvette exhaust rev sound when it’s louder

  • Could you say “brother” a few more times? 174 times Just isn’t enough !

    • @Cars Across Texas hell yeah brother!!

    • theflanman86 of course brother! 🤣 sometimes I don’t realize how much I say the same stuff 😬

  • “I thought niggas was shooting” 😂 every black person worst nightmare at a party or meet

  • Carbon monoxide yukkkk