He Literally FLIPPED OUT Over My CAMMED Dodge Viper! (Ba-Dum-Tss)

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Sorry about the weird audio cuts, SME and UMG both suck and claimed background noise and AR-one is what pays the bills so I had to cut the audio. I use "my Viper" very loosely lol, it was just mine for the weekend but it was a blast to take it around. The homie Evil Tricking hosted his own car meet so we had to come out and show some support! He literally flipped out over the Viper ;)
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  • Had to cut some sections volumes out due to copyright 😪 hopefully y’all still enjoy

    • The hood bulge on the Eclipse is for cam clearance, not the turbo. Also, next time in that parking lot, that Curry House on the end has really good food.

    • You good bro. Still an awesome video like always!!

    • Lol my bad

    • I know the music lot background you good 👍 bro

  • And he did a flip... so what

  • Did he sell the Z06?

  • 8:15 🤭

  • Nice video

  • How do the C7s get lowered?

  • PPL ARE SO NICE TO EACH OTHER... SUCH A PLEASURE TO SEE. It felt good to smile throughout pretty much the whole video. I dont get that oppourtunity where I live in Hawaii. Its most definitely NOTA what most ppl say it is. It is super- racist. So much jealousy and its very sad here. Texas is a real cool place! Everyone getting along and friendly! Thanks!🤘😝🤠🇺🇸⭐🌵🌴

  • He was the guys in high school running around doing parkour

  • That "hump" on the hood of the Eclipse was to help with clearing the cam gears on the 4G63T engine. My 98 convertible with the 4G64 (single cam) still had that hump even though there are ZERO clearance issues even with the 4G63T. I think for the most part the 2G Eclipse had it because the 1G did and made it sort of an icon for the tuner world back then.

  • Always a pleasure to be in one of your videos! 4_door_Z06 here.

  • Guy doing flips is so cool I wish I could be as cool as that guy..I wanna do flips at car meets 🤣

  • this is also unrelated but I just ate some old crackers

  • Not yours

  • That Eclipse hood remains me of the Dodge Eagle Talon hood! Sleeper!

  • The viper is nice 👍

  • Typical slingshot owner attention seeking.

  • The guy who flips is cringey as fuck with those poses & the way he walks away like he just beat someones ass. lol

  • That green zl1 tho 👍

  • Bruh this was like 8 minutes away from my house😔

  • who the hell is on aux

  • Your neighbors must love u huh

  • Hellgato pulls up in a stock looking car? What happen to his viper and extremely crazy hellcat

  • The eclipse hood is like that for the gsx and gst time belt cover so it can clear

  • First minute of the video when you were speaking all I could hear was the viper.

  • Yo where is your insanely loud C7 corvette man i miss it

  • The hood bump on the Eclipse isn't for the turbo it's to clear the timing cover..

  • All the dsms have that bump my guy. BUT they were there so the cam gears would fit under the hood

  • 13:41 corona virus kinda cringed lowkey

  • I seen the gold corvette built by HPC on the beltway Friday ... that’s a beautiful car brother

  • shoulda called the meet "Whips & Flips"

  • No one cares about flips trying to act cool at the end of each flip

  • " Over my cammed viper " Gives it back Monday

  • Lol never again shall I do that many flips.. that shit was hard!

  • Thank you for coming bro! Really appreciate the love

  • The ending of thought, which is the cutting at the root of the self, when there is such non-identifying attention, then does the self exist? The act of listening implies listening to the senses you can’t stop the senses but the moment I say I must have more of that begins identification.

  • Damn the cars, what about the yams

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and I love c8 lot more my favorite car 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Happy hallowen

  • You don’t need to rev everytime you park haha

  • I thought buddy was gonna throw up when he locked eyes with the guy on his right. + 13:25

  • That green zl1 was Sickn

  • The DSM hood rise is for the cam gears, not the turbo

  • Me thinking this was a new video but Sinclair put out the same one 🤨

    • We go to similar events lol, now you get to see it through my eyes

  • Those weren't push ups, he was doing the worm. LoL

  • Damn that music in the background was annoying AF!!! Beautiful Viper, nicest thing there IMO...

  • Wait u own a viper ?

  • cops in texas get paid to go to car shows 😂

  • I could care less about the dude doing a half flip. I like seeing you roll race!!! Line them up!!!


  • DREW, we in here

  • This was fire haha

  • I wonder who the girl is by him

  • After hearing the sound of that viper v10 makes me want to get my borla exhaust on asap! ROB OTTA LAS VEGAS 🚗🙋🏻‍♂️

  • Oh he’s cool he does flips

  • Serious question What's the point of this guy doing flips in front of cars? I think the most pointless one has been in front of the cop car a few videos back.

  • The flip guy definitely living his best life respect man

  • Thats not a supra that a bmw with a Toyota badge on it an a supra badge on the back a real supra would not have no bmw parts in it or on it an to top it off it dont even have a 2jz motor in it but no disrespect tho ita just not a supra to me 💯facts

    • @Ricky Cooley in that u may be true but in my view i would have like to see them make up the 2jzgte a lill more than before

    • How often do newer versions of cars keep the same engine as the previous? As far as BMW making the platform, that's a good thing. The stock engine makes more power than a stock 2jzgte. Plus it's still a dohc straight six turbo. People have proven these engines can make built 2jz power. I don't see a problem here.

  • Amazing viper brooo!!!!

  • Is it your the viper

  • I don't know why Mitsubishi contoured the hood there, that's not where the turbo on those sit though, it's in the front

    • @ZboC5 thanks! I never knew what those were for

    • @AlleyCatLive It's to clear the timing gear on one of the engines they used, don't know the name offhand. All the hoods came that way because it was cheaper and easier to deal with on the assembly line.

    • @Cars Across Texas No, they made the hoods like that, even on the NA ones, I guess they just thought it looked cooler than making aa bulge straight up front where the manifold actually sits! lol

    • Aftermarket maybe?

  • UMG is like a Karen wants to ruin the video

  • Would be cool to see a video like you did the audi driving the viper more.

  • Hell yeah brother, always love your videos.

  • I Like Dodge Charger /RT, SRT,Challenger/RT,SRT

  • 7:39 is my dream car 🥵

  • The real Savage is the toilet

  • Happy Halloween

  • Cool video Bro🤟🏾, Keep up the good work🔥, See you in the next video👊🏾

  • 69th like

  • The guy that does the back flips always wears the same shirt 😹

  • Love it the CEL is on, get used to it or hope it burns out soon, all looks no reliability POS ! LOL #pinky

    • CEL was on because the ECU isn’t great in the Vipers. He’s about to go Motec

  • Pls cars across Texas buy a viper and cam it just like the one you are driving next to the vette nice

  • The best way to die is in a Dodge Viper

  • Nobody wants to see this foo do flips if I wanted to see someone do flips I would of searched that instead. I came to see cars lol

  • The red gtr looks like the third wheel in between the two husband and wife gtrs

  • A viper durango

  • Too bad it’s not your viper lmao....

  • 31st yay im here

  • sounds like an old man has the aux

    • I was thinking the same thing 😂

  • I'm more excited about a fucking Panchos being open still

  • That pun

  • GG EZ

  • Oh boy, when did u get a Viper!?!?!?!?! I really want to know!!!!!

    • @Cars Across Texas Oh cool!!!!!

    • @Cars Across Texas thanks for the explanation sir

    • It was just mine for the weekend lol, it’s the guy who builds my cars personal vehicle

    • I checked the description and he says that he rented the viper for the weekend

    • Same goes for me!