Picking Up My CAMMED CORVETTE Z06! (First Start-ups, INSANE SOUNDS!)

تم نشره في 2020/09/ 8
Today we pick up the heavily modified C7 Corvette Z06. That Big Cam package sounds insane!!! As we speak the car is currently getting a dual nozzle meth injection system and a new clutch so stay tuned! This car is INSANE!
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  • Idk how your z06 made 802whp damn that aint bad for those mods normally would do 710-760

    • @v Gladi a=Qe=

    • well that LT4 BEGS to be woken up, more than almost every other LS/LT

    • Cars Across Texas i underestimated them not gonna lie! Good to know

    • That's what happens when you have the best of the best working on the car! :)

  • 805 whp..? Doesn’t sound like it.

  • I bet when HPC sees you they see money signs 🤑....just like my mechanic did back in the 80s when I was racing Rx7s...money was no object back then...and I just had to have it..your car sounds friggin amazing...good luck with the build...you’re bringing me back to some really happy times watching your enthusiasm 💥

  • Definitely gave me a pudgy....👍

  • Cute little mercedes and lexus u got there. What were u trying to show off? Lol

  • E85 time it should add around 50 hp just the e85 alone love the car tho bro sound beautiful

  • when the heads up display RATS YOU OUT!!!!!!!

  • Dude, that bad boy rocks. I am in the process of selling my C7 Stingray so I can get a Z06 manual transmission.

  • I wanna see u smashing on it at 195 mph it's a blown ZO6 that shouldn't be a problem go find one of them open Texas roads and make it happen with your PDR cam 👍👍👍

  • You live in the same neighborhood as me I Recognized the streets

  • 7am for school? He’s a little big to still be in high school 😳

  • Sounds sick, is that the stock exhaust?

    • No sir, Stainless Works Long Tube Headers and a Magnaflow Competition Cat Back with no Cats

  • Sumbitch sounds Wicked 👌

  • Put some air in that tire

    • Had em down for traction in Mexico the night before ;)

  • It does sound good, and it's a stick shift!

  • McDonald's has better coffee than Starbucks!

  • Yep! That's a serious cam!

  • Texas weather. Wait 5 minutes!

  • Why are all the car lights blinking

  • whats ur wheels called?

  • Says every "meth" addict 🤣

  • That's right! My first stop, whenever I'm in Texas, is Whataburger.

  • Yeah its not 800 very nice car though but you sir are a goober

  • Automatically liked because of whataburger 😂

  • You're running 805 on alcohol??

    • E85 and Meth. Ran out of Fuel at 805, still has more in it. #LT4Problems

  • Congrats man that car is nice sounds great

  • Bet it does suck to have a little..........

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  • Fuck yes... and thats how its done folks.

  • What part of Oklahoma you from?

  • Magnaflow sounds badass. Much more aggressive sound than corsa.

    • Gotta hear it in person too! It sounds even crazier. The camera mics don’t do it any justice because of how deep and bassy it is

  • Car sounds awesome!

  • where can i get these wheels/rims from? brand??

  • I likey

  • Next vid....is my z06 totalled? Your lucky your parents have a garage.

  • Dude your parents' Z06 is badass.

    • It’s definitely mine 😂 it baffles me that you actually wasted your time to comment something totally false. But hey, your comment only helps me get more views and so I can buy more mods for *MY* Z06. 👍

  • Those who know, run Johnson lifters! I'd like to put some 2110's in my stock LT4 and ditch the DoD.

  • My neighbours would crucify me, if I had a car that sounded like that, OMG I must have one!

  • Sorry bro don’t mean to be rude but this car is too much for you and you obviously don’t know how to drive it

  • Need that Corsa Extreme on there to clean up the chop chop bro. Sounds nasty now but would be wicked nasty with the Corsa.

  • Fact: I got married in Texas and we ate What-a-burger for our wedding dinner. Fun times!

  • oh fuck yea!!

  • Man I’m just so impatient but corvette my dream car ;(

  • Whose car is it

  • Damn !!! ❤️ ❤️

  • Enjoyed your video, car sounds wicked!! What are the paddles for on a manual car? When you are out of meth does the horsepower drop? Thanks

  • Chops harder than Bruce Lee.......

  • Damn that sounds good

  • Doesn’t it kinda suck when ur meth dependent

  • Dam whatd you do to ur exhaust, sounds super sick. Did you do a muffler delete?

  • I don’t know who told you . “You will loose power on boosted cams “ depending on the Type of camshaft ?? Stage 1 and 2 usually for TQ and stage 3 for top end ?? Depending on head work .... I’m no expert mechanic so GEAR heads what am I missing ???

  • That’s funny that’s how much a 13/14 GT500 makes cammed as well man always liked the z06 this is the best body style !!!! Nice car love the channel !!! And fuck the neighbors !!!! I just got BORLA ATAKs in the mail !!!!! I had magnaflows !!!

  • You said "boys" 251 times.

  • Whats up with the paddle shifters on a manual car?

    • @Jeff Crawley sweet!

    • John rev matching paddles

  • Chop choppy chop chop Damn !!!! The Vette sounds super mean with the cam setup 👌

  • 6:21 you forgot to blur out the heads up display lol

  • from a car addict to a meth addict :'c

  • if you are not going to show the prices for the mods then why show them at all, let people know what they will be looking at if they want to do the same mods !!! duh!!

  • Sounds sick. I just gt a 2020 GT500 I love. Love your work. I just started a channel give me a follow =-)

  • Tell me about your gauge mounted on your pillar. How did you mount it and with what mount did you use?

  • Hahah you literally live right down the road from me

  • Loving that WK-1 SRT off to the side! More love for the Jeep!

  • Gotta love oklahoma cars :):) 405 here watching your Texas shows

  • What year is your corvette

  • need heads, ported blower, e85 for muh 2014 zl1...only makin 670whp right meow

  • Awesome, congratulations.

  • Car looks/sounds awesome.

  • Is that 99 hwy when u got on the gas leaving ur house

  • Sounding good keep the videos coming

  • You don’t need coffee when ur driving one badass corvette

  • Sounds amazing 🔥🔥🔥

  • She sounds ferocious.

  • 6:57

  • Bruh got that new meth

  • Join the big wang gang

  • It’s an ls ofc it’s gonna sound good😩

  • Ss717 entered the chat..

  • I bought a 5 gallon pair of M1 for $60. Lasts a pretty long time with my 2.5 gallon trunk tank. You can also get it in San Antonio. If you cannot find it around you easily I would drive there and pick up a couple of pails. $120 goes a long way in regards to meth. I factor about 12 full pulls per gallon.

  • Wow Awesome Car. Love how people thought you were talkin drugs when you said ,"I need some Meth!" Hahahahahaahahaha!!!!! I bout fell out my chair!!!

  • There’s nothing wrong with Oklahoma my man

  • On drag gas what the top speed you should make it a wild body and a new color that will look good.

  • Badass ride bro! Who did your mods

  • That engine sounds beastly!

  • Put a fat ass turbo

  • I can't wait to pick up my 2016 C7 Z/A8. I did KONG ported blower, upper and lower pullies, LT headers, low side fuel, Frankenstein ported heads and TSP custom cam. I also did other misc goodies. NO Meth tho, not right now....

  • Glad to see you have your car back and happy to see the results and really looking forward for what's to come! Awesome video brother!

  • That z06 sounds EXACLY how it should. Well done 👍

  • Chopped Across Texas!!!! Damn Beast bro, 👍👍👍

  • Makin me want a c7 man i love the idle btw. And also great video cant wait to see the full results once shes done.

  • Luv that cammed corvette sounds good.

  • when is the next meet I might come all the way down to bring sum of my Oldsmobiles

  • My neighbors don't mind the sound my cars make because theirs make just about as much noise.

  • What brand and model are the wheels?

  • Sounds so good when u hit that free way the first time and im listening in my charger rt parked one can dream 😂

  • Sounds so good when u hit that free way and im listening in my charger rt parked one can dream 😂

  • 3:54 the mexican dude in the truck at 3:00Am

  • I came from the insane karen videos

  • Oh shit my truck in vid😂😂😂

  • He has an Oklahoma plate hmm come to Tulsa

  • Just WAOW...crazy cam...sounds awesome.