My 800HP Z06 SHOOTS HUGE FLAMES! (Fire-Breathing Corvette!)

تم نشره في 2020/09/10
My inner ricer is so happy lol. Hopefully you guys enjoy!
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  • I stand by what I said at the meet, if you weren't limited to that 4500 rev youd have obliterated my V man!...also I think that Rev battle spun a main bearing, so its LSX427 time.

    • @Cars Across Texas I think it was, but those 5.0s earned the win no excuse from me! I'll get them next time!

    • Maybe that’s why you were struggling racing that night. 😳 but your car sounds crazy!!

  • What are the mods in your Z

  • Best car in the whole place is the car to the right of the STI with the blue underglow @6:00.

  • Him sees a lambo "meh" when he sees a dodge "OH SHIT A DEMON ON GOD"

  • Quick question where can I bring my c7 to get my exhaust done here in H-town.

  • Bartle skeet on them bald eagles

    • Bartle skeet on dem bartle doos??

  • Hi just wanna say big fan but are you gonna do the stage 3 spoiler attachment

  • AR-one Money

  • OK plates still? :)

  • How do you find these car meets in tx I wanna show up to one?

  • Your Vette is Bad ass !!! Brother 😎😎

  • That was my old AMG GTR that I just sold! Can’t believe I’m seeing again! I miss it

  • retarded honda sound after the bald eagles released

  • The flames from your car 👌👌👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏

  • You’re vette was chopping harder then the caddy for sure

  • I just like how he knows every single car that comea by, bro I wish I knew what cars were coming up like him

  • 10:46 Lol just f that chevy cruze

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and my favorite c7 z06 and CTS-V lot 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Always love to see an American V8 breathe fire 👍, i was just cruising around with a widebody FR-S that could shoot fire but nothing compared to what was produced by your Beautiful Vette! 😍

  • It would be cool if u built a mystery machine from scooby doo

  • Merica!

  • Las mamalonas cuh 😂

  • I’m sure some people know I would ask on the forums but it’s kinda slow to respond. Does anyone have and idea the Down side of the Burble Tune I’m trying to keep my car for a little while but still have my fun . I’m stuck on the fact not trying to flood my cylinders or cause an issue that’s long term

    • Elyaas Faiq yea that’s what I do , Daily the car drive it a lot actually . Put like 20k plus this year, it’s supercharged already just want those pops maybe not the most aggressive..

    • Injectors, speaking from personal experience. They’re cool but don’t keep them on if your cars a daily like mine. My car only has 37k and injector in cylinder 6 already went out from having crazy aggressive burbles on

  • yo your corvette is sick!!

  • 2:20 i used to work w/ the guy who owns that Porsche not sure what happened to him tbh lol

  • That cammed corvette?

    • Yeah he had it done on the video previous to this one I believe. Cammed and a few other things done I can’t remember everything he did. Magnaflow exhaust and cammed.

  • Las mamalonas presentes cuz!! Yeah sir 😎🤘🏻🇲🇽🇨🇱🇺🇲

  • Las mamalonas presentes cuz!! Yeah sir 😎🤘🏻🇲🇽🇨🇱🇺🇲

  • Time to roast some marshmallows. I'm coming through ! 🔥

  • I think all you needed was a runway Drew and you could have been flying buddy. YIKES! Great stuff brother 😎💥👍

  • I wish my comment was noticed 🥺💯real fan here 💯✊🏾

  • Yayyyy! Let’s burn rings!!!😂

  • I guess that Cam let’s you rev to 7Grand?

    • Mathew P. Yeah it’s fine. My car is tuned to rev up to 7300 or so right now actually.

    • Cars Across Texas I was talkin about the first pull in the beginning, wasn’t too sure wanted to ask cause I’m thinking of a Cam just don’t wanna fork out just yet got like 70k on the odo rn maybe soon

    • That was only 4K. Car is limited there at idle still and I haven’t tuned off the idle limiter.

  • Aston Martin hands down classy and fast but not too fast

  • Sheesh them cars so sick 💪🏽 just gotta keep grinding to get to that level

  • 0:54 my god the cam and that sound is godlike brother nice

  • Was anyone else waiting for that subie to shoot a rod out the hood

  • That demons beautiful 🤧😍

  • Get a tire on her!!!!

  • I see so many race car by my house

  • Do you like south Florida

  • It sounds insane

  • “Holy Mollyyy dude” funniest shit ever 😂😂

  • Pull the mufflers and run true straight pipes

  • Yo those flames were so good man. Bet you're super happy with that.

  • So you Corvette became a Dragon-vette?

  • Now that’s a whip 🤘🏼

  • Hell ya sounds beautiful to my ears

  • Well at least you fast enough to gap some of these stock super cars 🤣

  • Damn, who’s ugly 180😎😎

    • fr thoooo. looks like a 240 to me. I think he's capping.

  • Las Mamalonas! 😂🔥

  • The “vette alv” license plate😂

  • I feel like Texas has a car meet every night in a different city lol

    • We do lmao almost every night 💀

    • Yup

    • The Bullet F30 y’all boys small compared to us 💪🏽

    • @The Bullet F30 used to live there. Brackenridge Park is alive and well. DfW is crakin

    • Where tha next meet gon be at,

  • Cts won

  • What happened to the Texas plate?

    • This was filmed before I got that haha, the Texas plate came in when I filmed some reactions haha

  • You think of a custom plate name yet

    • Cars Across Texas lol😂

    • I think I want to do “THX KRN” because she’s funding the build from those videos 😅😂

  • Wow

  • Flame on, that was niiiice!! 🔥 🔥🔥

  • YES!!!! Your genuine excited face when you heard the beast breaths flames!!! Love it, love you, love the vette, love the videos!!! Keep it going!!!!!! Love from Nova Scotia Canada!

    • My inner ricer was so happy! And I appreciate the love my dude! 🤘🏻

  • Dressing classy👌

  • Opinion on stingrays ?

    • They look good and they’re a solid deal. I’d probably still pick a C6Z06 if you want a faster race car but the C7 is more for looks 🤘🏻

  • Sounds so good🔥🔥

  • Take her to the strip man!!! More driving content in general please!!! One of the best sounding c7 z’s in my opinion. Keep on keeping on brother!

    • @Cars Across Texas hell yeah brother!Can’t wait to see what she can do!!

    • The strip is a must! New clutch is going in right now then I think it’s time!

  • Hi

  • The viper was my favorite car and demon yeah and your vette sounds nuts

  • He has a epic channel an a epic car this a epic combo

  • beautiful 😍

  • “Cue the Kodak dancing gif”😂 But free dat boi

  • Your car sounds good 👍👍👍👍

  • ssssssssssssiiiiiiiiiiccccccccckkkkkkk dude massive congratulations on the flames & new place , only 1 way to go & that's up ,keep on up'n your status brother , " falling is a part of life , getting back up is living "

  • Your content you put out is fire bro really enjoy your content

  • what is that shirt

  • Take them to gappalebeess all gaps are free!!!!!😂😂

  • I'm pretty sure that's a 240sx

    • Lol

    • I didn't realize how much a 180sx looked like a 240SX

    • Nah bro, it’s a 180 haha. Only reason I know is because of badging 😂 I don’t know old JDM like that

  • YOU SOB! YOUR VETTE SOUNDS SICK. loving the big cam in your Z. Brother set that thing free and let thoses tires rip, would be my suggestion on the next up coing videos.

    • Some Mexico action on a closed course with definitely not me as the driver coming up 🤫

  • Are you coming to be emergent

    • Cars Across Texas I would love to see your corvette that things fire

    • Of course it’s my meet haha, the car may not be there though

  • Camera quality is 🔥

  • im moving to texas later in life

  • The car sounds good man and do you have time for a question?

    • Patrick Vukmir you as well buddy!

    • Cars Across Texas ok well anyway have a nice day

    • Patrick Vukmir probably not. Totally not out of the question though.

    • Cars Across Texas so in sometime in the future do you think your going to install some NOS to the Z06?

    • What’s up buddy?