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Today we go on my first car cruise ever, hosted by Texas Infamous! It was a ton of fun and we were getting a little rowdy. I don't think anyone got any tickets but there were several cars getting pulled over and given warnings. Looking forward to the next one! Enjoy guys.
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  • 1:46 the mustang bullet my favorite one

  • 22:52 “that boat isn’t gonna fit here”

  • Speed racin? Stressreliever.

  • You look like a surfer

  • ion know why but I fukin smiled when u stepped on it bruh that shi looks so fun

  • I like vr4

  • 5:28 yes he is from Killeen. Haven’t worked up the balls to run him yet. He is fast as fuck.

  • Why can't I sub you

  • Be nice to see a Classic Dodge Charger in one of these, as I am honestly always looking out for one whenever I watch. Nothing against the more Modern cars, but I tend to have a greater appreciation for more Vintage cars. If I HAD to pick a favourite though... that's hard... I'm British, but I have a fascination with American Muscle Cars. So... probably Corvette, Viper, Camaro, etc. Edit: When I say "Classic Dodge Charger" I am specifically referring to a 1967, as I remember there is a Classic Charger of a later era in this video.

  • i like the fox body

  • I remember when I raced. It was that Same Spot In Mexico 🤫

  • The 70 people who disliked this video were Karen and all her friends

  • Demon

  • Yo I think I saw you guys on my way to Beaumont love the content buddy hope to join y’all when I get my truck fixed up

  • SEND IT I love ride outs like this dude is hilarious blocking Karen in 😂😂😂

  • Where is this located and how can I get an invitation 🤩🤩

  • I love cars🤤🙏🏼❤️

  • 8:28 thats a challenger😐😐

  • old school charger............... oh boy...

  • Love The Vid Brother 👌👌

  • The fact you don’t hate on any cars makes your content so much more enjoyable then others!

  • Where are the masks ?

  • I love Dodge charger and mustang Gt 500

  • I never seen my dream car at a meet 69 dodge Daytona

  • In My neighborhood parents got their kids to throw rocks at their glass windows once. Can’t do anything to 10 year old.

  • Bro want to get in on these scenes.where you guys at.building my daily wrx for now.nothing much.moving from so cal

  • Driving look so fun but I get to wait to I’m 17 or 18 years old 😀😀


  • 8:36 that’s a Challenger! Omg...

  • Yes sir

  • this man needs a fucking firebird

  • I dont know why I haven't been subbed bro I always got you in my recommended but glad I've subbed now

  • 9:36 lmao

  • i love all of the cars but i really love the foxbody since i rode in 1 before

  • You need to buy a Scrum (Microtruck) and become Scrums Across Texas

  • The “bought not built” meet... jesus

  • 13:20

  • Would a boosted V6 be welcome at your meets? I know most are 600+ WHP.

  • been talking about getting a vette for a while. good to see you got one. cant wait to see what you do to it

  • Great Vids. As soon as my Accelerate Yellow C8 arrives. ill hit you up for a meet

  • New drinking game: take a shot every time he says brother

  • Chill with the whole brother thing lmao! It sounds to much like you are trying to be like Cleetus lmao!

  • 14:58 if you think that little piece of wall was bad it’s terrible all the way from Wharton, Texas all the way past Rosenberg going towards Houston on highway 59. They have been fixing there for a long time already

  • He said this a real mamalona lol Much love all the way from California and keep doing what you do bro.

  • Yessirski😂

  • My dude needs to be sponsored by KEEPS..lol

  • Sorry to tell u but that yellow car is a classic challenger

  • Block your speed brother

  • Just a HTown thang... Swang that Vette !!!! Much love from El Paso

  • Wait is that a HUD of your MPH on your windshield? Or is that a reflection?

  • great video

  • his voice makes me want to punch babies and gouge my ear drums out.

  • YESIRRR BRUDDAAAAAA but naww for do a burn out :D

  • I just wanna know why he’s cruising on the highway in 4th gear 😂 why waste gas unnecessarily

    • If he has money to buy a zr1 then gas mileage shouldn’t be an issue

  • I love your videos, but you really ought to blur out your speedo.... There are like 5 or 6 recorded acts of triple digit speeds where you would go to jail if caught. Brother.... please....

  • Bro, nice to see the channel progressing but you need to blur the speedo. That can be used against you in court and you have cop followers...just sayin.

  • Where are these events posted at? I live in Texas close to Houston and wold love to come to some of these.

  • I thought Vegas had a lot of construction

  • That was a Challenger on the highway, not a Charger....just for the record bub

  • "There's so many Mustangs though" - Come to California. And it's "There's so many Tesla's"

    • @JoeEric Estrada Its like this now in California too. Every 3-4 cars you see is a Tesla. Almost nobody drives Mustangs or Camaros here.

    • That's part of why I rejected getting a mustang or a Camaro and get a s2000. Those two cars are fucking everywhere. They lost their charm because of it.

  • The G8 is actually a Holden SS. The G8 just has just replaced the holden front bar n grill with an ugly Pontiac one. Love the car scene u guys have over there

  • Killeen TX! I'm right next door!

  • I want the mustangs

  • Take a shot every time he says brother 😂, lets see who lives the longest

  • What do u think about the soon to come challenger super stock

  • Lmao that explorer at 23:10.

  • Killeen like 3 hours away from Houston I seen that car. I think I'm dude either stationed at fort hood or retired.

  • i love your channel but PLEASE stop doing the 12 o clock wheel grip lol

  • Brother, thought you said your car was going in the shop for some mods. That was what ,weeks ago.

  • 2:42 he said “what’s goin on man how are you” twice in like 2 seconds 😂

  • Cars across Texas: * Literally sees any car * *W A N T*

    • So many projects in my head, not enough money to execute 🤣

  • I'm wanting to put some work into my 2011 f150, maybe one day I'll run like you guys. 😅

  • The Aston-Martin DB9 was definitely my favorite

  • How you gonna “cruise” with da winders up??

  • Great POV video. The Z06 sounds nice the way it is.

  • Great video brother

  • This is “ La Mamalona “ 💀💀

  • My dawg swanging 😅

  • I am not a big Mustang fan but that Desert Mustang is saying something.🔥

  • I'm still waiting to see the highway shut down. Never saw that.

  • Just got my would youlook at that sticker for my integra rear defuser

  • Love the fbodys 😍 btw u got me saying the bops now. 😂

  • omg loved the video finallly a youtuber that does some hoonin and dont hide nun

  • Obviously you're not a mopar guy That would be a challenge or not a charger

    • Or I had a gopro in the middle of my face and couldn’t tell around it lol

  • Holy hell 2nd gear at 85mph? @13:57

  • Hulk hogan has joined the chat

  • I live in Austin, how can I get notified about these rides?

  • The pink mustang driver doesn't deserve to drive that car. Piece of Sh*$

  • Hey brother I have a question, what exhaust can make a 2004 very loud it’s just a v6 need some help :(

  • Mannnn I was walking across the street to a state fair and a MF like that truck with the train horn made us all fall and crouch lmao he got the best laugh out of it though so I think it was worth the scare

  • You guys still use front plates in Texas? I thought all states had stopped that.

  • I lowkey wanted to see the Fire Department Car at 17:15, why you no supply? It would have still been better to show then a GMC.

  • That was the cleanest 3000gt I've ever seen💛🔰💚

  • Make a car show in Salinas ca

  • scared to get behind the charger .

  • Coming out to Arizona Friday??

  • haven't heard "brother" that many times since Hulk Hogan

  • Drink everytime he says Brother. Apparently Hulk Hogan is alive in him

  • This boy stealing cleetus’s vocab

  • Cars Across Texas: Not sure how much I can put in the video, without incriminating myself also him : goes 120 on camera