Motorcycle Fails at Doing a Burnout and GETS EMBARASSED! (SHUT DOWN!)

تم نشره في 2020/08/30
Wrong time to do a burnout but if you are gonna do one don't embarrass yourself like this idiot.
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  • If Cars do meet ups bring your dog to the meet ups

  • Best Bra, the way you just know everything... Parts, accessories, all of the cars, of course! Bro, you are just amazing!! I know cars, but man.. you make me look like I'm in 3rd grade!! Do what ya do like ya do. I'll keep watching and tellin others! Yup, I subscribed and shared! I do that with all of your videos. I especially love the birthday drive-by that made a Karen sell her house!! I'm still broke out in a sweat from laughing so hard. Hell, just thinkin about it makes me laugh! You are good at what you do!!!

  • Dude in the tundra cannot drive

  • What part of Texas is this?

  • You're not in Southwest if you ain't scraping just a little😬😂

  • Out of all the cars, in my opinion the tundra has the best send

  • “Time to turbo charged my life” got me 😂

  • So me and my mom tried going to an official car show with a bunch of modded cars and my mom had to circle the place about 3 times before asking a cop where to park and we couldn't cause it was full

  • Brother where can I buy your black "Se Quemaa" Cars Across Texas shirt?! That is bad ass 🔥🔥🔥

  • 12:32 the slab gets a moment of silence

  • Pure awesome :D But come on guys, some of you need a lesson in merging, sheesh. coupla close calls there...

  • Anybody got that wide body black z06 vette’s insta handle

  • Don’t you anything better to do with your time lol your way to old to be car spotting hahah what are you like 43/44

  • Where y’all meets at someone @ and tell me

  • 15:58 car lag😂 also best looking car to me👍🏽

  • As always you deliver a good video :D I have a really nice car in this Sundays video coming as well ;) A S15 with 2JZ and 1000 horses shooting flames ;) Keep it up bro!!

  • @5:10

  • Biker dude lookin like johnny tran in full leather outfit from the first fast and furious biker scene .. Should definitely practice at an empty spot not packed with people and cameras.... He is never going to live that down he tried so hard >< i almost feel bad for him. "Almost"

  • 12:51 The only McLaren in the world to do the three wheel motion 😳

  • As a biker we do not clam him

  • Its so painful to watch those exits with the scrapes. 12:24 thats how you exit without scraping haha

  • What city was this hosted in ?

  • I like the toyaota widebody truck

  • The owner of that lowered Nissan truck needs to be arrested🤦🏽‍♂️

  • 9:10 who build those Drive In and Out ditch, indescribably. I Bet my Audi TT 8N will be there Instantly flip and roll over.

  • Damnn Mmm latina 😎 at 7:01

  • Foot outside windows add traction

  • Krypton Green 👀

  • Thanks for coming out!! Drew your ZO6 gets VIP spot at our next meet for sure!!!

  • I take that Thundra.

  • Zl1 green

  • Funny that dude wasnt tall enough to do a burnout on a bike

  • Biker at 5:09

  • 3:00 can we just take a second to acknowledge that tundra build😭😍

  • 16:40 i go vroom in my scatpack 😅

  • 15:12 is the reason i will come to the next one

  • I was more happen to see a holden in your video im from Australia so it is some pride there

  • Love that Rocket R8

  • Yes sir bro keep dropping them banger. Come checkout my channel once you get a chance!!!

  • Omg that blue Tundra 😍😍

  • Hahaha headturners shut him off, what a joke.

  • Last 3 meets you’ve posted have been less than 7 mins from my house and I missed all of em

  • C.a.t said " Tha BagGeD SuPeRTaRd"

  • Hey CarsAcrossTexas!! Thank you so much for coming out to the @HoustonHeadTurners car meet!!! See you on the road!!!

  • That Yota is SICK!

  • That lambo was crazy

  • I wonder how many of these people drive automatics? (several if they have the foot out the window 😂)

  • Love the vids and content. Gotta say hi at the next meet. Thx for showing the matte YAS some love!!

  • What I like best about your videos is your knowledge of cars so keep learning and teaching, that’s your best thing!

  • Badass turbo truck

  • Coming in hot @1:00 🔥🔥🔥😂

  • if u cant do a burnout dont do a burnout cmon man 😓😔😕

  • 7:02 is why we are all here.

  • That is a Holden SS. Made in Australia.

  • Why do they keep having these meets at places with messed up entrances?

  • Zl1 of course

  • That Camaro green was 🔥

  • Isn't vixen usually related to porn?

  • Those two greens should not be beside each other....Clash!

  • Corvette is my realistic dream car. Even if it's a preowned 08.

    • Yes sir... Vettes are tons of fun to own & drive.. Especially on back windy roads.. They are amazing cars. Get 1 & hold onto it.

  • Whens the bike fail??

  • Zl1 all day

  • The Holden Commodore SS not a chevy. If you want the us version it's a Pontiac. It's like calling a Lamborghini a Maclaren 😂

  • 12:30 Wtf? Whyyyyy!! 😂😂😂

  • Great work... You all buy the lowest car and don't know to crab 🦀out of a driveway. Awesome 👏👏👏👏🤣😂🤣😜

  • 9:25 Damn, you could actually see the bumper fold in...that hurt

  • 5:15 Douchebag...I would be so nervous if that was my nice ass M5 in front of him. Love the color on that.

  • Dude in the beginning's yellow shirt was really popping that would be a good complimentary to the FRS color in the back if its his car

  • Title should of been don't bottom out 😂😂 gahdayum the north Texas meets don't have that same problem as of yet thank God!!!

  • Nothing sings 15:16 like a V12 Murcielago.

  • I feel embarrassed and I didn’t even do the burnout well unsuccessful burnout

  • That Chevy SS procharged sounds sexy 🤤 go give my wife a follow @vixen_ss !! Nice vid brother

  • I love the dodge changller demon

  • I love mustangs but the 5.0 sounds weak without headers an a x pipe

  • That guy on the bike wasn’t trying to do a burnout. Dude was obviously having a stroke from those full leathers with that heat index of 108.

  • Damn AJ that shirt is 🔥

  • The little music timelapse is superb 👌

  • The little off green colored S2000 is a buddy of mine-work in progress

  • I like the lighttttttt mustang

  • Urus (cattle) has 10 piston calipers on the front and single piston rears. Not 8 piston as you stated. They are the largest carbon ceramic disc in production. Still uses an audi engine..

    • Proves my point even further 😅 those things are freaking crazy!

  • 3:15 that tundra going crazy 👌🏼

  • THICC AF 7:00

  • That bike no cuema cuh

  • If “😎😬😢”were an event in real life! 😂

  • That tundra is sick af!!

  • Had no idea there was a Head Turner chapter in Houston!

  • Idk if this location is good for meets? The cops didn’t show up so that’s great! But the damn drive way!!! Fuck that dip!

  • i think i speak for almost all of us when i say whoever has the murcielago turned a beautiful car into a horrendous car with that ugly wrap

  • That Urus had the 10 piston caliper carbon ceramic brakes. 6 piston rear.

  • When stevesPOV comes to Texas I would live to see a colab!

  • 7:00

  • As much as i wanna dislike the video bc you wore an asstros jersy, im gonna like it anyway bc issa banger

  • 7:02 bro ik yall noticed that

  • That Tundra was amazing. Somebody put some time and love into it for sure. Love the galaxy coyote. I hate a GLI Jetta that had the entire interior that looked just like that. Thank you for this. I'd love to hit one of those car shows. 👍

  • The blue striped Amg was a gtr pro. The other was just a gtr

  • I like the McLarens and love the vids man keep it up

  • which news channel was that ?

  • Please someone if you know that bagged tundra’s insta handle drop it i gotta follow🙏🏽🔥

  • Ok Mr Cars Across Texas.... We've talked about the jersey already and i can respect that you've been a long time fan.... But of all ppl of who's jersey to wear, u pick the cry baby? At least get Bagwell or Biggio brother, much love and respect from NYC!!! Keep the videos coming!!!

  • Nooo not the astros Jersey smh