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This meet had lots of awesome cars and some full proper sends leaving! One very unlucky BMW owner happened to do a baby slide leaving the meet right in front of the most hardass rookie cop I've ever seen. He tried to give him a "racing" charge wtf. The car got impounded but thankfully there wasn't enough to take the driver to jail. Hopefully y'all enjoy the video!
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  • That’s me in the m3, got the car out of impound pretty much a day later thankfully!

    • Why did they even impound you?

    • @M.V Knight we don't shit diff. In texas that cop was just a bitch and we have alot of them here. In dallas due to people doing takeovers on 4 ways blocking traffic even the smallest rev would tell a cop hell no now theyre even messing with the roads here to help divert the want to full send it jokes of them this brings out alot of turns and tuners like myself loves these. Some are cool tho but this cop actually have a small peepee

    • sorry you had to go through that bs. clean whip!

    • @SNICKERS makes sense

    • @Heavy hauling Idaho I tell them I want a jury trial 99% of the time the DA comes trying to make you & tries to scare you into just pleading guilty with no points or offers to reduces it & lower the cost with no points or drops it completely. It cost the state alot of money & resources to do a jury trial for a ticket. If they actually continue I just keep postponing the date till I can't no longer & hope the 🐖 doesn't show up, if he does I just pled no contest.

  • why dont you do some cars shows with ur gf

  • I don't pay my taxes for this 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 right on bro

  • Pigs 😤

  • In a situation like that, the cop can arrest me for calling him something bad?

  • Maybe if he laid off the donuts he be more happy in life🐐

  • Rookie cops on a power trip are the worst!!

  • Car gets towed for going a bit sideways....thats pretty sad....Those cops where definatly bored asfukkkk

  • Wish my parents sponsored me with a ferrari at 17yrs old 😅

  • Those arent real cops... they tax revenue collectors. What a dickhead

  • Hooning laws hey! Is that correct in accordance to the road act or road rules ... breaking traction is irrelevant of limitations of horsepower entering traffic conditions. ... some laws need to be amended. Now that everyone has at least 300 hp .. but your limited slip differentials always seem to fail and the cars slide out of control. BMW diff rarely fail ... what's the deal , center star pinions need balance when cars are off Centre. Stiffening of suspension or sway bars needed to combat the under or over rotation of gearing or something to do also in diff clutch packs. ..

  • And this is why we hate police :)

  • The green beemer is my favorite. Rock on dude

  • I love the dodge charger

  • I Like Dodge Charger,Rt,Srt,Challenger,Rt,Srt.

  • Charger 4 door so u have more witnesses when you win a race

  • i NEED that green zl1 camaro with the green lights on the party pack’s Instagram pronto

  • I love how you give 0 shits about the cops and you're just pointing out their stupidity in front of them💀💀💀

  • Love me some challengers! Own a 2018 RT

  • 3:18 that 5.0 ain’t shit, come see my brothers and it’ll blow ya ear drums

  • Rip to that purple pagani that we seen in your vid


  • One time I was pulled over for doing a 72 in a 55. Then I drive up the street and the same cop that pulled me over already had someone else pulled over. I tell you some of these rookies are out for blood

  • What do you know if you guys didn’t drive like assholes leaving a car show then the cops wouldn’t have to waste their time pulling you over. Car shows are great it’s awesome to see all the cars together I love them but when everybody stands out in the middle of the street taking pictures drawn attention then the cop show up. And your narrative on the video doesn’t help. Cops are doing their job because there’s a lot of people in one area. I do remember one of your videos a couple weeks ago where a guy slid into the crowd, so that could be part of the reason there’s so many cops around there.

  • If anything that was a wreck less driving ticket and not a full on impound. That cop way to serious!

  • Let them do their job. I bet it would be a big deal if that dude slid in to your parents, or wife, husband. Then I'm sure you'd be singing a different tune.

  • Those birds were going ham in the intro

  • no mask

  • Charger

  • Mad props to the tow truck driver for being careful and not tearing anything up

  • Karen's even make it in the police force.... proof. Credit to the tow truck guys for taking care with his car.... when a mate here in UK got his car towed from his driveway it came back with burnt out tyres, £2000 in body damage and the idiots even got caught by a speed camera the next day .... he got his car back 2 weeks later. Nice upload 🔥🔥🔥

  • Dude you don’t need to be cop watch. I agree it’s bullshit they should have let him go, but gathering around filming and talking shit isn’t going to help

  • Charger bro

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and my favorite car zl1 lot 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • What the point in that silver mustang revving like that if theres no flames. I thought that's what two step was

  • Charger, but I still love the Challenger.

  • Another 🔥🔥 vid

  • Now that cop took his job way to serious 🤣

  • Anyone know the kids insta in the 812?

  • Charger all the way especially the 2014 SRT8

  • All most 200k brother

  • That cop is a douche bag he could have gave them a earring scene they didn’t do anything

  • The best part was Drew singing in the end and I'm glad I got to listen to it. Between the charger and the challenger I would have to pick the challenger, they look a little better to me

  • So there is 5 cops only for 1 guy? They must be moron 5 😁

  • This is what happens when you let tyranny act like it belongs here. The reason we've lost our country is because we allow injustice. The rest of us are next. It has just barely begun. Mark my words. Laugh now, Cry later.

  • looool my lawyer would have been on the phone so fast

  • That 350Z is crazy tho

  • Like the Challenger better just sounds mighty more mean then the charger

  • 17 years old? That’s some daddy’s money type shit.

  • 3 cops really u don't know what is really going on .. no offense

  • That GT tryna blow his 5oh

    • 9.17

    • which one was you talking about ?😂

    • Sounded like shit rather hear the chop

  • I know you are young but you sound like the douchebag here. And why would you out yourself in harms way like that? You don't know what the guys in the BMW had, the cops could have thought they reached and shot at them and you would be downrange and could easily get killed. Watch yourself dude. The internet fame is not worth acting like that. What is respectable is you taping and stating your opinions from a safe distance. This is why I don't sub. You have a lot to learn.

    • I don’t stand there if I’m in danger, I know for a fact this kid wasn’t going to pull a gun on the cops. I was in no danger whatsoever

  • I'd prefer the Charger in the upcoming Redeye version: Gray or granite widebody Hellcat Redeye. They have great exhaust notes, too.

  • That's the type of cop that's friends with the tow company.

  • Was that a Stinger?

  • your commentary on the cops doesn't make you look good. you seem ignorant

    • @Captain Morgan Same can be said about how you appear in these comments. He did a lot of assuming without knowing any of the other facts behind the situation. I like the cars sometimes the commentary on them is questionable but alright. This commentary on the cops was just ignorant. As you also seem so take your own advice and see something from a perspective other than your own.

    • @Cars Across Texas don't be silly you know that slide wasn't an accident lmao. Maybe there was something else wrong with his car like unregistered or something else that could be a reason he got towed don't assume. But what he did is considered reckless driving which is a misdemeanor and can be towed. They don't need to roll 5 deep? Doesn't seem like the other cops did much. Just seems like they were in the area and stopped by. you can never know in this world. Just seems like you jumped to a lot of false conclusions without knowing the whole situation

    • Ignorant because this was the most ridiculous pullover I’ve ever seen? There could’ve been 1 million reasons he accidentally slid like that. And they tow his car? Shit happens, they didn’t need to roll on 5 deep for nothing. I have all the respect in the world for LEOs that do their job right.

    • Get off the channel if you don’t like it, you seem like you have no clue how to see something from a perspective other than your own

  • Cop was prolly racist

  • Lmao BOOOO-ooooo. That shit killed me

  • Seems you have some liberal new deputies that need to go to a real academy to learn protocols, btw the trooper is cool

  • That trooper was bullied in school?

  • FTP

  • 4_door_Z06 here get BMW guy a copy of his pull and cop pulling him over, he may be able to talk it down from street racing to excessive display of horsepower.

  • update video please!

  • Let the cops do their jobs. Do stupid things win stupid prizes.

    • Yeah I’m for not allowing stupid shit to happen. But come on, that was a little ridiculous to tow a car away for. Could’ve been a million reasons the car went sideways for that split second

  • Any meets n Dallas area on the 28th?

  • Wats up bro showing love from 🇲🇽

  • One of the 350z had welded diff lol

  • Cops out there are stupid especially if they're just like this guy smh I just wanna know what race was he seeing with all the cars stopped at a red light

  • Police's🗑🤮

  • You guys still wearing shorts and t-shirts in Texas? We wearing 2 jackets already in Virginia 😂😂

    • Original6Productions every state got bipolar weather 😂

    • Houston weather is bipolar. You wear a jacket one day and then it’s hot asf all the way till late night. Texas weather period is abnormal as hell

    • High of 60 today dropping to 45 tonight 😂😂

    • Daniel Yang damn we had a high of 40 today and I was driving with the windows down

    • t shirts indeed we had a high of 80+ today...

  • That officer is definition of a pig

  • I just got my license suspended for 3 months 😞😞😞

    • @ForzaWiz LUCKY!!!!! But man all I know is I learned my lesson 😂

    • @Eddy dang. I floored it in front of the same cop twice in the same spot on the same road in like 3-4 days lol. He never pulled my over lucky I let off at 60ish in a 45. Never pulled out doesn’t have me on radar cause I have one

    • @ForzaWiz 56 on a 35... I got pulled over 2x for that. 1 on September and 1 on October.. I’m 19 so that’s why they suspended my license quick :(

    • @Eddy damn sorry man what he clock you at for him to take it?

    • @ForzaWiz speeding brother

  • challenger idc if its a boat, 2 door vehicles just look better.

  • The A12 man can't get a better Ferrari and the GTO OMG that's a hella good car

  • 🔥🔥

  • That’s me in the open downpipe bmw 🤙🏻😂

  • How you get pulled over for fishtailing 😂, cop on some power trip. What if he just lost control, don’t need to lose your car for the night for that.

  • Looks like there's 4 or 5 cops with nothin to do. Should take their jobs away and give the tax payers their money back.

  • I'm going to have to agree. That was not even a burnnie. Was like he hit a little bit of water on road. Looked harmless as hell and no different from the others Riding a gear making some noise.

  • @13:36 that cop looks like that gamer Swagg 🤣🤣

    • @Cars Across Texas 🤣🤣🤣

    • Swagg but with a severe McDonald’s addiction 🥴

  • I love both Charger and Challenger, but I would always choose the Charger over the challenger any day (unless it’s a Dodge Demon of course)

  • I need to show up earlier when you record the cars coming in I got there late asf lol

  • I appreciate the towtruck driver being respectful & responsible for how he handle that guy's BMW. The cop should have let the owner of the BMW go with a warning unless the guy had behind the scenes stuff going on that we don't know about.

  • Why search his car? Cops are ass

  • They towed the car but didn't take him to jail that's very odd

  • The green camaro. Nice

  • that 350z was wicked!

  • Dude in the BMW would have pulled the COVID card lol I have COVID office you should probably just let me go or I may accidentally cough on you lol

  • Challenger cause it looks OG to its name 🔥

  • Yeah, no one was racing. That rookie cop is full of shit. Unless that BMW owner had outstanding tickets from before, there's no reason why he should've impounded that car.

  • IS THAT A SUPRA?! no in fact that would be a bmw

  • I'm probably in the minority here but I really like that mr2.

  • Out of curiosity.. how did the 17 year old kid afford the 812 Superfast and the GT500?

  • Challenger 😏

  • Do y’all know where I can find some meets at night in Austin tx? I can find a lot for Houston but I only hear of the night meets after they happen so I was wondering if one of y’all can help me find a source for later in the day meets in my area

    • @Ugh Wren i appreciate it bro but it seems like they have been inactive for a while now. Thanks anyways tho

    • @Carsandcoffeeatx on instagram

  • My man with his new hyna.

  • Cars acroos Texas:what you have under the hood 350z owner:stock 😒

  • Thats the thin blue line gang waist of tax payers money always film the police most are bad and corrupt but just because some have family that are police think they are automatically a good cop

    • If there are good police, how do we explain the bad police? If you see injustice and don't stand, you're a coward, if you're a coward, you're not a good cop.

  • My man, what kind of watch you wearing?! I know you making that AR-one money lol all love brother! Keep up the content!

    • Nothing too crazy! Just an old Armani Swiss watch that we had at my old job! I am a big watch guy but race cars first so I haven’t gone out and splurged on any big ticket watches aside from my Tag Heuer.

  • BMW must have had outstanding tickets to get towed. Can’t imagine they towed him for that minor offense 😡

    • You would be surprised! I had “tint to dark” for my windows even though I could see just fine, instead of a ticket the officer tried pushing to get my truck impounded... I requested a supervisor and the supervisor told his officer to just write me a ticket

    • Welcome to the NWO. "If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever". George Orwell

    • I remember when I had faith in the police to not go overboard. Barely.

    • you'd be surprised