Dyno Night!

تم نشره في 2020/07/24
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  • I was there to, your car is clean dude and keep up the great videos! I had the slammed single cab.

  • You know that is a bad ass car to be able to sport Tiffany blue and still get respect. Love it!! (Tiffany Blue)Balls to the wall.

  • 8 91 horse power

  • I Like Dodge Charger / RT And Challenger / RT

  • Nice Cars

  • Socially distanced my ass you're all over each other around the television with the numbers on it lol

  • Hey Cars Accross Texas I gotta 2010 Jag I'm tryna bring down to some of the meets can't wait to show my Jolene off and see the hellcat man she looking beautiful

  • Taking cash from viewers is cringy asf.

  • I dont trust the dyno there you made almost the same as your 1st pull before mods. As long as you know thatbitch is fast fk the numbers a dyno says.

  • That was disappointing. How did your numbers drop almost back to stock?

  • Aye bro get it tune by midnight performance 🤭

  • Why wasn't this stream called Dyno Nuggies.

  • P.S. it’s always more fun to tell people the lower numbers, so when you give them Gap sauce it makes them go crazy😂

  • Spark plugs! And Gaps! When your pushing that much power, you need to check the plugs frequently bro. Love the Stingray!

  • They probably using SAE and smoothing 5. That will give you the most accurate numbers. A lot of shops will inflate the numbers. Still rolling the fuck out.

  • Saw you guys cruising through the cypress area yesterday!

  • Hey my first dyno night Mac wow

  • Is that randals charger?

  • LMR is a great engine builder. I think there in Houston?

  • Are you going to race on track sometime?

  • Drew don't feel bad about those numbers Is very normal to see hp drop Those LT4 blower suck big time They produce alot heat sock after one pull Once u are procharge and upgrade to weapon X cooling system tjat should be fine And also 605 hp it's the most accurate When i saw the first dyno I knew u car will be in the 590 to 610 RWHP But at least now u now the real numbers u putting in to the ground Looking forward for the next upgrades brother

  • I'm curious to know if he pulled timing and why? I wouldn't think you would need to pull timing on e85

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and I miss your live stream last night💯💯💯💯

  • Mo power baby

  • Let the garage know his dyno is off and needs calibration!!!

  • I wouldn’t stand behind the car my buddy got hit by a drive shaft that broke one time just saying man

  • This the guy who’s always around 290/barker? I see buddy often

  • Love the dyno runs.

  • COOL

  • Did u see the new The supercar suspect video

  • Yess more streams

  • 34 minutes This is a long video

  • What's up u were live

  • That teal charger ❤️

  • Saw y’all at the car meet earlier

  • Second???

  • Have a good night boss.