ANGRY COP Harasses Modified Cars For NOTHING! (Texas needs to change this law...)

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Cars and Chicks aka Cars and Coochie was awesome once again! Big shoutout to the ladies from Chixics for setting it up! That cop had a hard on for giving our front plate tickets which is kind of ridiculous that that is even a law in Texas still. There is so much worse happening that they could be dealing with lol but that's none of my business I suppose. Enjoy the video guys!
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  • 7:16 nah that’s just a 6

  • Pennsylvania gang no front plates needed here but great video though I love it!!

  • “Cars and coochie” lol love it! Love the channel brother! Keep up the good work! Happy subscriber here 💯

  • Free bro in the Maro & the Stang.

  • Felt mostly like Mustang, Camaro, Corvette, and Mopar week put together😈🐎🎀🏁

  • Rip red cars

  • i love ur vids nice catches with cars

  • In Dallas cops don’t care about front plates

    • @Kevin M I don’t know why that’s BS man I thought texas is supposed to be about less dumb regulations

    • yea but Pearland cops do bro

  • This happens when have Cali people living here in Texas!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Aye I made the cut at 17:55 🥰

  • Starting to see more ass out there at these meets. Cars and Coochie is real

  • Sucks here all those cars are illegal (Crying in Californian) 😢

  • 0:53 the girl or the car cuz both are fine

  • We not gonna talk about the Nissan Maxima at 7:00 using a whole ass wheel as a hood prop?

  • Im glad ohio finally got rid of front tags 2 months ago.

  • GD it. I live 10 miles from here. Wish I had of known there was a get together that night, I would have been there. Having had 37 tickets in the DFW area mostly when I was a lot younger. I can say that I have had several No Front License Plate tickets but it's only if they want to. That's one of those reserve Texas laws they use if they want to. Same as leaving your tailgate down. Yes that is a law as well. Will they stop you for that. No. Not unless it's late at night and they need a reason. I'm surprised they weren't chalking tires. A few of the clubs I used to hang out at in Arlington. Plain clothes cops would walk around and mark car tires with a chalk line at the time of day just like clock hands. Then when you walked out at 11 or 12 they knew you had been there for 5 hours and would approach you before you even got in your car with Suspicion of Intent to Drive Drunk and give you the 3rd degree. Now if you had not been drinking they would sat sorry and let you go but if you had any at all. Legal percent or not. Then they really started drilling on you and searching your car etc...

  • S197 @15:15 FTW. That Y firing order sounds way better than the bias opinion due to my 14' 5.0.

  • Chevy ss 🤤

  • Texas lackin

  • You would be wise to avoid confrontation with LEO. You could become a target yourself.

  • What a sorry ass cop just sitting there

  • new to the channel love the videos

  • Hey man, I’m looking at a cammed 2003 1500 single cab short bed 5.3 will that be good enough for cars across Texas 😂

  • Cops who hate on cars low key want one , this piggy probably drives a old Tahoe with 5 kids and a Karen wife just saying 🙋🏻‍♂️

  • Torn between respecting the show's organizers or having some fun..... It's a dilemma. Here's a quote from the event's posting..... No Burnouts No Loud Revving No Littering 🚯 No Drama 🚨Law enforcement will be on property Otherwise, I would have put on a show :)

  • O.o a mach 1 mustang

  • I'm not going to lie all the cars are nice but that bandit trans am

  • Hey can I live near surfside

  • Thatguymarin at the end!

    • I knew i wasn’t the only one ☝️

  • Green 5th gen 👍

  • Coolest 2020 car meets in Texas

  • Fav car: White Rx-7

  • *the cop pulled over the red mustang because it was too clean.*

  • This guy thirsty af. But scares them all away with early balding

    • @john lawful thats just pathetic lol 😆

    • Don't matter if you got that bank account

  • That black Silverado looks like it knows how to have fun.

  • How did i miss this!!! I was gonna go to bombshells today

  • That Camaro with the hood + quarter panel ghost flag paint takes the cake for me! I also thumbs'd up this video at 13 seconds in for seeing our Boy wearing his face covering!

  • That red mustang was stock lol

  • Red Mustang - pulled over because he turned right into the far lane . He needs to learn how to drive.

  • 15:16 What’s that 5.0 exhaust set up 😍🤣🤣

  • Yaaay masks, finally 👍

  • Anybody notice he didn't pet that pitbull 😅

  • Get the vette back and do some night time rolls with the boys. I wanna hear that thing scream for more!

  • “he’s a crip” 🤣 19:42

  • You guys are idiots see the cops there and you got a red headlights! That’s an easy ticket right there

  • All that ass out there and you didn’t film none smh

  • The Richard Petty charger and Bandit Trans-am were the iconic cars of the meet.

  • Dude Big Bee bro you where way more chill than I would have been if someone almost hit my mustang

  • Thanks for the vids, Rock on!

  • Next time y’all in Pearland area please let me know

  • Those 2 R33s were so clean! You should come out to Catalina Coffee & Cars, lota of classics and JDM bois there


  • that blue charge with the white 43 i saw it at a valero

  • More girls less cars

  • 13:58 missin gears my boi

  • 11:17 one tire fire havin azz

    • frs i thought i was the only one to notice he needs a lsd diff

  • Did you ever figure out why he pulled over the red mustang?

  • Take your masks off. Can’t even stand the first 10 secs of this video and can’t hear you say shit.

  • I like how you walked up to the cop and asked him 😂

  • the cops are not harassing anyone but they are just dong their job.

  • 5:20 were they trying to make it a spectrum😂

  • That cop is a asshole

  • Fun Fact: White goes on the Outside if you are Not sick 😷 and Blue Goes on the Outside if you are Sick 😷💁‍♂️

  • Cops are stupid man.

  • Thanks for showing some Pontiac love ❤️

  • Can’t fault the cop for doing his job.... don’t take it out on him take it out on the people who have the power to change the law

  • The red head lights are more dangerous because people used to have red and blue and tried to pull over people and take there cars

  • That cop dislikes anything that's red Maybe he supports democrats 🤔

  • Wow your all finally wearing a mask hmm maybe there's hope for Texas after all

  • So here's the deal. These rookies get frustrated that they can't be in charge so they aggressively stop minor violations to feel like they're deterring people from having fun. Not going to lie I used to be that rookie 10+ years ago. You can tell he's a rookie, driving that 2011 crownvic. They always get the shitty old cars. If it's a public safety issue, I get it. I.e. the bombshells wreck on 45 north. But if that's the case these guys should be setting up for unsafe exits and wide right turns, not equipment violations. Bottom line, if you get stopped for bullshit be cool. Most of the time you can just pay a small fine and remedy the "problem" without it going on your record. Yes I've been stopped and cited while off duty in my charger. It's a pay to play world sometimes.

    • dont talk shit about vics

    • Thank you for your service

    • Digital FTO look i understand that not all cops are bad infact my granddad was a cop and a pretty nice guy but it’s just kinda not to be nervous and well thanks for being a cop man

    • @C96 mauser that's not cool. Sorry that happened to you man. Sometimes situations aren't entirely clear at first. Not justifying them treating you in a way that made you feel like that, but it's worth consideration. Goes to show you one bad interaction can ruin a lot of trust.

    • I don’t trust cops period not after I had to draw my CHL on a dude trying to steal my ride and the cops treated me like a criminal

  • I’ll be In Houston for the next 3 weeks with the hurricane and my procharged 180sx

  • I was looking at the girl more than the rx7

  • 58th

  • I wish i had money to buy a car, or a driver license, or money.

    • @Gustavo Martins da Silva McDonald's bro and put back at least half your paycheck your gonna need 4 or 5 thousand dollars for your first car

    • @Original6Productions there's only one problem, i don't have the appearance of someone old enough to get a job, like, i'm 16 years old but people think i'm 8, like why the hell, have i being cursed?

    • Get a job and get a license lol

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and girls cars I love it and my favorite car g8 lot real true 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 true 👍

  • Dope does this happen in Dallas-Fort worth.moving soon to that area

    • Cool.thanks for the reply bro.looking for something to check out

    • Certain areas of the metroplex, yes. Where I’m at (East Dallas) they don’t really care about a front plate.

  • 19:45 “he’s a criiiip”😂😂

    • @Bob woosh... Lol got it now

    • Digital FTO but they saying the cop hates red so he’s a crip

    • Wouldn't it be bloods? Red? Blood is red? IDK just sayin

  • That murdered black R33 is to die for

  • Important tip for anyone driving a modified car who gets pulled over... When the cop asks the one question they always ask..."do you know why I pulled you over?" The appropriate response is NOT "because I let you."

    • Tell em bc you were bullied in HS 😂

    • @Kareem Hailey sounds painful, you passed a WHOLE trooper?

    • I’m in Louisiana and I passed a trooper, of course he pulled me over but he just gave me a warning

    • @Kris Nicholson Don't be dumb. Being dumb gets you into more trouble than it's worth

    • @Kris Nicholson Oof. Don't get caught with a gun while committing a crime. Then it becomes an extra crime. Good luck, I'd chase you as long as I could. I love a good adrenaline rush haha.

  • Cut from that chick getting out of the Fc too soon...

  • Dude in the Camero might have been left alone if he didnt have red lights facing forward. That law is nevver going to change.

  • I wouldn't hardly call that a "wheelie" he did in front of that got all excited for compressed forks lol And where was this "ANGRY COP", still looking ?

  • Nice cars but we need more coochie!!!

  • Does anyone know why the red mustang got pulled over for?

    • Front license plate

    • Bro I just got my red mustang and I’m scared now but also I have no front license plate

  • Y’all look like fools wearing mask outside

    • I just did because they said “wear a mask or you’ll be kicked out” on the event flyer. So o had it to test the water before I took it off lol

    • Or anywhere.

  • cars and coochie XD also sadest part is the video ending :( such good content my man

  • red front lights are illegal in Texas due to the police only have red and blue. I have dozens of colors! he will really hate me though lmao

  • when I get out there , he’s gonna hate me! 😁😃🤪😎👍

  • Flip the camera around and pop that fooking mask off. Lol When are we gonna race?

  • 0:55 “personal picture” Yesssir lmao Proceeds to upload to his AR-one channel with almost 200k subs lol 😂

  • 1:22 The GOAT 🚫🧢

  • Sheriffs Tahoe was my fav😂😂

  • As someone who lives in Texas that area where the car meet happened looks familiar

  • 2:36 wtf, does that fool have a licence or what

  • I liked the girls more 😂👌🏻

  • Hey Drew! How about one of those Shelby trucks to park next to your Vette, then all you would need is a Mopar and you'd have it all covered 😎👍

  • cops are such a joke. LMFAO

    • gotta meet their quota I guess

  • 11:56 I made the cut 😂😂

  • Roughly half the states still have (stupid) front plate laws. As a fellow TX dweller I agree it needs to go away. I put my plate in front window.

    • That's why I'm glad I live in Tennessee where were only required to have one

    • I never got pulled over in New York (NYC) for no front plate. Even the highway parol never bothered me as long as it was in my window. Maybe I got lucky, I only did it for a few weeks, and I hear stories of people being pulled over here. Depends on the cop. But when I park my car on the street after work, they have parking meter cops that go around and I woke up to a $65 ticket on my windshield one day. And he would just keep coming back like cancer. It's just a scam to get money. NY never surprises me. But I was always shocked Texas had that law. I thought they would be against it like lots of Southeast and Southwest states.

    • This silly state of Nebraska, and Iowa as well, will pull you over for having the plate in the front window. Of course Nebraska has started letting you pay an extra 50 dollars for no front plate.

  • the girls man