Crashing A MOPAR MEET in a CAMMED Dodge VIPER! (It Sounds So Good!)

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Huge shoutout to Elie at High Performance Connection for letting me bring his Gen 5 Dodge Viper around for the weekend! This particular Viper was extra rowdy, fitted with an HPC custom grind cam and a set of Greg Good Heads. I think I may need a Viper now... We had to show this MOPAR off at a Mopar meet and we stole the show!
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  • that black CTS V in the beginning has horrendous paint. learn how to wash a car properly, sheeeeeesh

  • Those wheels on the Viper definitely a a new look that is appealing. I'm digging it.... and the exhaust note...of course is legit.

  • traction

  • Why did I think he was gonna start rappin to the song at 10:38 jajaja

  • Mmmmmmmm Viper. Now my pants are gooey.


  • That Blue is gorgeous.

  • Where is your car.?

  • Sounds like me driving my moms corvette, “nah I didn’t drive it hard” lmao

  • My mustang made the cut 😎🤟🏽

  • Have to admit when you revved that engine, i loved it man sounds almost perfect. Chills bro

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  • Is the staging area at that strip still made of washed pea gravel on a hill? LOL I remember back in the day they would soak that whole thing down and it would be a slip and slide mess. Good times.

  • That CTS-V needs someone to tend to that shit paint. Geez.

  • That Viper is Epic

  • Will you get your corvette zo6 back?

  • You should buy a viper put it next to the vette nice

  • Viper has always been my dream car. That Gen 5 was so sick. My heart 💔

  • No more lame 1/8 mile crap please! Beautiful Viper! I have one too and love these cars!

  • The MOPAR KING has arrived. I hope I can get a Viper some day. Will definitely make it happen

  • Dumbest title of all time.

  • I might be coming to Houston in 2 weeks because of my birthday I wanted to go to a car meet San Antonio doesn’t have any

  • Mean while Europe is on lock down watching this🤐

  • If yall wanna see more crazy vipers, search up Calvo vipers on AR-one

  • Nice content

  • Yess the actual meets are back

  • Where is your vette?

  • Mopar HYPE!!!!!

  • favorite part was when you parked and you let us hear that v10 goodness

  • Drew is definitely gonna buy a viper soon

  • I wish I got a head/cams viper for the weekend. But that thing it's gorgeous, the viper has been my favourite car since I was 4

  • Isn't a Viper considered MOPAR?

  • I’m so late but better late then never

  • I’m behind on videos. When will you get your Z06 back?

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and I love red c8 lot my favorite car 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Where can I find some dates to these car meets? I’m trying to go to one

  • MAN I hear that guy builds fast cars!

  • Viper has always been one of my dream cars. I'd love to get to one of those meets.

  • What's the tune at 10.50 please

  • That viper looks and sounds bad ass!!

  • OMG i love dodges you should defs buy that

  • That f -body Z28 Camaro is so clean. My dad used to own a 99’ Z28 Camaro same color as the one in the video with a cowl hood I believe it was TT’s I honestly can’t recall I was 12 or 13 when he sold it for various reasons and after all I fell stupid in love with Camaros especially F-Bodys I want to own one for myself to get nostalgic reasons and also I wan to own a 6th gen Camaro SS in blue .

  • You know you in Texas when u here that lil troy & fat pat playing 🤘

  • What exactly is “Whippled” i know what Turbo & supercharged is but not whippled

    • @iKlap you on cod I’m 10-

    • @SRTgold oh ok I thought it acted like a turbo or supercharger for extra speed and ya I am only 17 my dad into racing he knows way more than I do

    • You must be new to this or sum but it’s gud no hate

    • It was a whipple brand supercharger 😐

    • Whipple is a brand of positive displacement superchargers. Just like people say procharged but procharger is a brand of centrifugal superchargers.

  • Scotty kilmer has left Houston what a bummer

  • Cammed Vipers always sound good. My dad has a cammed Gen 3

  • Ayy that’s me in the side exhaust bmw lmao

  • Where’s the street racing videos at ?

  • that c6 was nasty man!

  • You got the Cuhs 😂

  • That's some meat 🍖 I respect that

  • I live in Texas I should be going to those meets in my MK2 supra celica

  • Too little sidewall on the tires. Need more meat!

    • He has a CCW drag pack for the car too! Typically runs meatier tires on those lol

  • It's quite nice to see your best AR-oner driving your dream car. That Viper is dope!

  • Viper looks beasty.

  • That's one of the nicest Vipers I've ever seen Drew, sure would look great next to your Vette in the driveway. Sure sounds fast and bet it would be. 😎💥👍

    • It’s a 9 second car all-motor, but it’s also setup for a pretty hearty shot of nitrous! I think I need one now lol

  • I didn’t sell my Z06 lol. The HPC Camo C7 was sold.

  • Only real Texans bump mo city don

    • @Cars Across Texas whatttt you actually replied I love your videos man every time I see you post a new video I watch it man much love from Arlington Tx💯

    • Yessir 🤜🏻🤛🏻

  • Why did you sell your Zo6

  • homie car meet...

  • Mobb is Silly .... cant believe that was your first time to NE 1/8th.😮🤘🏻

  • I want to get a dodge viper

  • What's sup bro how are you doing so what are the plans for your Zo6 and for the future

  • Damn that color is sick

  • I Like Dodge Charger/ RT, SRT, Challenger/RT.

  • Legend has it if you're here early he'll respond

  • man you making me wanna leave college for the weekend and come back to the H

  • Get a viper bro, sell that corvette and get a viper!!!!

    • Need a better daily first! I could not daily that car 😂

  • 9:08 cosmo and Wanda think they're slick hahaha

  • I'm considering moving to Texas now just cause of all the car events there 👀

    • every car here is like 700 hp at least lol

    • @Lil Mustang try canada. we got nothing up here. literally, my car wasnt sold in canada, i have one of few, and i cant even get parts, unless its from the dealer and i pay out the wazoo, plus wait time to get the parts shipped

    • I wanna move there too 😜😌 cause we don't have car meets in Mississippi😥😪

    • Come on down brother!

  • "A couple cars" ? Dude lost by 3 buses

  • 9 sec all motor viper

    • That would be awesome

    • Actually I think it would be better turbocharged

    • Imagine if it was centrifugal supercharged

    • Yessir! It’s rowdy af

  • Where yo at in Texas? You near Austin?

  • Wait drew put his Vette up for sale?

    • @Cars Across Texas Oh ok! Bro I got scared, I just haven’t seen it in a FAT minute n

    • No sir lol

  • me at 8:22

    • @Cars Across Texas ill be seeing you at cars and chicks

    • Aye nice man!

  • Want more viper vids while you can!!

  • You should buy that Viper!

    • If I had a better daily driver, I’d trade the Z06 in ASAP for one. It’ll be the next big ticket race car purchase.

  • I assume you went to HMP on grudge night, they don't display times. When that track was built it was mainly guys that used to street race out off Rankin and 1960/45 and some of the other hotspots from back in the late 90's, so they didn't want their times displayed. It's a neat track, seamless concrete, no transitions.

    • Cars Across Texas I enjoy the vids from HMP, I don't know that they built it to curb street racing, I think it was just a unintended effect it had on street racing in the area. I moved down to Corpus in 99 which was around the same time they opened that track. I miss the car scene in Houston, we don't have much of one here, so I really enjoy your content.

    • This video was my first time out there! That’s actually pretty sweet that they built it to curb the street racing 🤣 Rankin Racing is before my time lol

  • Damn! That viper is amazing!

  • That viper looks sweet brother! But I’m sorry I still love your corvette maybe cuz I own one 🚗 ROB OTTA LAS VEGAS 😎

    • Robert, you should bring that Viper to Cars&Coffee this Saturday if you’re in town! (I mean in Vegas obviously) I was at the one on Eastern last Saturday, and we’re going to the Cars&Coffee at Shelby America this upcoming Saturday. So tomorrow morning 7-10!!

    • Aye I appreciate it Mr. Rob! 🤘🏻😄

  • Wsp

  • 12th!

  • Maybe if the rims were steel or silver

  • hi

  • 3rd and when I was trying to watch this my pc wanted to be bad and it glitched out on me T_T

    • @Cars Across Texas I'm getting stationed back in Abilene come Jan- we'll have to link up some time, really love the content. Looking at getting a Mustang GT or Charger or Challenger with a scat pack in the next couple of years. Should be fun.

    • Oof that sucks man! But glad you’re here!

  • Hello

  • First😂

    • @Cars Across Texas yea lol

    • @Cars Across Texas i double refreshed first time it was a cod AR-oner and when I refreshed it said posted 2 seconds ago I’m surprised too my data is slow 😅

    • Damn you quick as hell! Within the first 30 seconds