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ReUpLoAd? No, my buddy Sinclair Photos just got this one up before me lol. This meet was sick! Lots of crazy boosted muscle cars showed up and sent it when they left! Hopefully you guys enjoy!
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  • I love that R33 but I love the R33s

  • r32. definitely.

  • My dude, never stop making video's! I always enjoy and look forward to them!

  • Love the green colors they are coming out with lately.

  • 😎👍🏾🔥💯

  • Seth Rogan twin

  • Whats up 1500hp corvette dudes can i test one of these bad puppys out to see how well they handle?

  • Please invest in a gimble

  • So ready to join the fam 💪🏽

  • Man you should procharge the c7 an f1x

  • “Sounds like shit”

  • Yo that green c6 🤠🔥🔥

  • All of them. They were all my favorite.

  • This is pretty awesome car content thanks!

  • I just saw a license plate on a mustang in Nebraska that reads "crowd plow" funny shit

  • WTF is wrong with you?

  • The constant commentary is annoying. Lets just hear the cars please..

  • Holy shit

  • What’s the pro charged c7s insta that exhaust note is just 🤪

  • wheres all the old muscle cars?

  • That blue SS with the D5 wheels is nice

  • 5 o mustangs are godly change my mind 7:20

  • Best car meet content in Texas🔥

  • hellcat

  • Them excessive rides 🤙🏽🤙🏽 🔥

  • Charger at 9:16 that mug is fucking crazyyyyy He can come ride with the maro boys I give him the pass omg that mug so live 👀🔥

  • Badass Video🙌🏻

  • Did you call the charger a water fountain? 😂

  • You really need a gimbal.

  • LMAO Chopping down the rain forest

  • I think you should definitely get the R33. Trust me you won’t regret it

  • My guy about to hit 200k

  • Bro you think street cars with parachutes is only in Texas, come on over to central Florida and we will learns ya. Lol😎

  • My son has never seen ur car i asked him which vette wud u pick ...?Straight out went with the BLACK one.yours

  • I’m sure we all love the vids when there’s a cammed ls

  • any gen5 or gen camaro ss for these cars with a passion. certainly no s550 that's for sure..owned one for a year..hated it after one week. junk car

  • those coyote s550 mustangs sound weak sounding and nasty rasp on every single one i have ever heard.. ffs nothing sounds as good as a chevy pushrod motor.. TERRIBLE every single one..the coyote problem is lack of low end grunt..makes it sound weak as fuck...

  • lads. never ever get emotionally attached to a car. never go ocd with a car. make sure you have a good balance in life. a car is quite a way down on importance in life. make sure you're wife and kids want for nothing. your house is perfect throughout and ofc all paid off. then get yaself a nice whip. many people put a car at the top of that list. not good and not right lads. me..wife and my boys want for nothing. our new built house is pristine and all paid off. i then just bought myself a 2012 2ss camaro in CASH. it has to be this way mofos...

    • Great advice sir. However, every human being does not have the same life goals and will make decisions on what stage they are currently in. For example..some of these guys (and gals) only drive these cars for shows or racing and may have a diff everyday car. Just another perspective...🤷🏽🕵😷

    • Judging by your poor vocabulary, i call bullshit.

    • Depends on where you live. Don't think that's always possible with income and house prices in places. Sadly

  • I like procharager

  • Your in Pearland

  • Got to love those camaros

    • Yes sir!!!👏🏽💯❗😷😍

  • That gold chrome is a rip of of the funk bro vette

  • That dark green ZO6 was my fav

  • 5:50 now we are talking 😉

  • This Reminds Me Of The Big Dawgs

  • Who’s the owner of the green c6 vette?

  • What part of Texas is that

  • This man is so underrated bro, the content always lit🔥💪🏼

  • All those c6's

  • Man all them cars slow I'll race anyone of those cars against my 600 shot compound boosted 01 honda prelude for titles want some get some.

  • This video is old sinclair been uploaded this

  • Wtf y’all are right behind me I live next to Studio movie grill😂

  • When you want a lot of cars but you don’t have enough garage space. Talk about car guy issues

  • Covid vettes

  • Houston is at such a high level now. Out here in Sacramento everyone is so slow. I got a stock C6 with a little spray and I gap everyone.

  • Hey some really nice sounds and cars from this video mate

  • That was a Holden not an SS

  • Bro wtf that’s down the street from me

  • That was cool the dude bought you some chow awesome 👍. Damn them Vettes sound rowdy 👍

  • My fav was that green Corvette that won the competition...TY CAT!

  • While it's hard to beat the mopars for the exhaust note, I think the C7 vettes sounded great.

  • Daddy drew over here hah

  • Currently in Dallas, thinking about moving to Houston. If I do, gotta get out there and meet u guys, looks hella fun! ✌🏾

  • 1. Corvette 2. Camaro 3. Mustang 4. Charger

    • Edited list: 1. Corvette 2. Camaro 3. Everybody else! #The end Thanks for coming out!😷👀🏎👌 Drive safe!! See ya next time! J/K folx!😂

  • Cars Across Texas Install Cams to your vette!!!

  • Its so hard to beat a clean fox body in the looks department. Black or white ftw

  • I want, Actually I need that 1500hp Vette or my life isn't complete and that G8 sounded nasty 🤘

  • I can always count on those HT boys to remind me that my car aint shit lmao

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and I love green Camaro lot 🙌 💯💯💯💯💯💯and all c7 and c6 and ss lot big my favorite cars real true 👍

  • Dont live up to the reputation...lmao on the 5.0 funny

  • That NSX cleans

  • That procharged black Z06 with the wicker bill could be you my dude

  • The women showing out over there in Texas 🔥🔥

  • Wow!!

  • One thing I enjoy a lot about your videos is that you are very knowledgeable about the car scene in your area. You seem to know a lot of the cars and their builds and it’s cool to get an inside scoop of what’s under some of those hoods 💪🏼

    • I try to inform! I think it'd be cool to have some of these guys with badass cars get recognized sometimes!

  • Bosch edition hellcat pretty sick!

  • People in Texas must have unlimited funds 😩 cars are crazy

    • Not necessarily.....BUT, we do love football and CARS!🤓😷😜🏎💯❗😍

    • If only that was true 😔

  • Can Always count on this channel for good consistent vids 👌🏾

    • I appreciate ya boss!

    • Hell yah Brother

    • yeah compared to SCS where it takes him a month to make a 7-8 minute video😂😂

  • My personal favorite car was that black ZO6 in beginning of the video. The owner is a cool guy. Thanks for coming out! I hope to see you at the next one!

  • Yall were 5 mins away from my house and didnt even know it 🤦🏻‍♂️... si quema llanta cuhh🔥

    • @Trapaholic oh 😅

    • @TrashBandit 24 it burns tire = si quema llanta = burnout

    • @Trapaholic no I just don't know the si quema thing lol

    • @TrashBandit 24 don't know what what means? it burns tire cuh, beamer is bimmer is bmw i think

    • Still don't know what that means and still feel dumb :(

  • I still don’t get why people don’t wear a mask?

  • Yessir

  • 5:35 ... sounds like shit 😂😂😂 finally a cool mustang owner..

  • The three corvettes are some rowdy bois 🔥🤔

  • Hi I enjoyed watching your videos,but do not appreciate the fact that you use Jesus's name like it means nothing.I will not watch your videos any more.

    • @john lawful fair enough, but you get the analogy. Just leave him alone, don't need to be negative.

    • @TrashBandit 24 talk is just talk murdering is not

    • @john lawful how is it not the same? You said other people said it's worse so why is this a problem, right?

    • @TrashBandit 24 no where near the same seek help I can say what ever I want even though their crazy people that will kill thinking god is offended

    • @john lawful that's like saying a murderer is fine because there are different people that kill for than them. Either way, just let him do his thing. Not your problem

  • post daily man, i need more car videos to watch

  • not enough WS6s

  • Do something esle with boostinh it! #turbo


  • That gold corvette is pretty much Corey funks car

    • Omg. Look up Corey funks Golden corvette

    • Corey Funks car is probably the worst looking C7 on the internet

  • was supposed to sleep but then I saw you uploaded so ;) Guess i can wait!

  • Damn Brother!!!

  • 5th oh yeah

  • Noty gang ✅

  • Hello

  • Who here watching now ?

  • Yeet. Zr1 is best. Would you v10 swap it?

  • Here we go 👀 🍿. C6base is one insane car. I like the c7z06 😬. My gosh. Sick asf vettes at this one 😳🔥🔥

  • Yee

  • First