MODIFIED Muscle Cars SEND IT Leaving CRAZY Car Show!

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This meet is always awesome whenever I get the chance to make it out! Tons of crazy cars showed up and they sent it for the boys when they left! Enjoy the video guys!
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  • i know that man 7:50!! 😏

  • I went to that place once. They had a 2016 White Dodge viper with dual blue strips all the way down

  • gonna have to go with the LS 240 bc i’m a jdm guy at heart

  • What happened to your hairline 🤣

  • Talk about having a big nose, kid stuck his where it didn’t belong

  • I maybe going to Texas

  • Dumbass @2:40 backed into the ZR1s splitter

  • It’s gonna be so cool to go to a car meet 15 years from now and see a bunch of boosted nitrous C8s sending it

  • Trick flow intake

  • 1991 gt Fox 5.0 supercharged Fredericksburg Texas

  • they rollin in with the classics

  • Not a single Mustang hit anything. They really got that traction control dialed in.

  • 3:56 “That color is nuts” actually it’s red 😂

  • well you asked my favorite well all of them

  • What kind of car was that at 11:32

  • Michael Cole is my HERO. VOTE FOR COLE

  • 240s should not be swapped with ls’s

  • How often do you see an Porsche with raptor wheels on it

  • #b12bucketlist I had plenty of fun with you guys that day! Thanks for putting me on your channel! To support us visit our website


  • it's kind of funny at car cruises and shows in the Detroit metropolitan area all these new cars do not show up to our car showsdon't get me wrong they're all cool but they just don't show up in Detroit only classic cars

  • Is there a commentary available in English for this vid ?

  • Gotta go out to the shop and pat my '76 V8 Monza on the head after seeing that Astre! Wuv me some H-bodys! Original V8 car, now has a built 350 in it (still have the original 262.5cid/4.3L V8 in the shop, which I rebuilt with the goodies, just needs a ring job).Monza is '76 Buick #16 Gunmetal. Close to the color of that awesome 'Vette! Also has a 'glass L88 hood.

  • 9:33!!! It's called an EXOCET! It uses a Miata drive line and suspension. BTW, Flyin Miata out of Colorado put an LS in one years ago!

  • Where was this at ???????? Dallas or houston ??????? Tweeen somewhere. Where’s are all the cool locations and dates n times now that Its summer.

  • No forest is safe! Hahaa! TY Cool C.A.T.

  • Hey, just waiting for some food and a loud car drive by popping, and I thought of fireworks. Since many places will not have fireworks displays this year, car groups all over should do caravans in a bunch of neighborhoods and make some noise.

  • 11:38 what type of car is that

  • That black gto was nasty

  • Y’all got some money down in Texas let me pull up and get some lol

  • Ooooo the chevy c10 love it

  • Shoot more old-school cars and the new ones

  • 12:09 I bet that kinda can’t even drive stick

  • I'd have to favor the viper on the gold HREs that's a awesome setup

  • What you thought was an Atom is called an exocet. It's a kit for miatas. They do ls swapped in the often. Complete car is around 1200-1600lbs

  • How to find out when there is gonna be car meets? I'd love to participate when they have them!

  • 9:45 he said to mount the LS on it... really you just mount it on... anyway just kidding. Great vid bro

  • That trailblazer ss tho 🤤🤤

  • And a demon on goddd 😂😂😂💀 I am straight dead after that lmaoooooo

  • Just skip 12:10 😳😭

  • Iam kinda new and your boy just casually smoking a cigar 😂

  • That ws6 I would take over any super car no question

  • Zero to 50 only lol!

  • A Corvette is a sports car!!!!!

  • Seems like no one knew the GN at 19:25 lol.

  • At 16:49 is was in fact just a Boss 302, not a Laguna Seca... Trust me...!!

  • That ram looked ridiculous. What a waste of money.

  • Dodge Viper. I was in love with Vipers when i was 6years old. And it was my standard pick in Grand turismo🙌🏽

  • How do I get a “Si Quemaaaa” shirt Drew?

  • They had a row of supras there n r34s n r32s a few months back when I was there in the woodlands

  • I'm a new subscriber, is there a mailing list for the car shows?

  • i love seeing the chevy ss’s 😍

  • 9:37 that is an Exomotive not an Ariel Atom. Plus they come standard with an LS3.

  • Love the channel bro however I do not see a lot of C10s can't wait to swap mine. My swap engine is at G&G performance right now. Hopefully join everyone soon.

  • im sad this vid kinda flopped

  • 12:09

  • I was the kid in the blue shirt behind you while people were leaving.

  • Loved the video! The color on that ZL1 is hyper blue metallic. I drive a 1LT 6th gen in the same color, really beautiful blue.

  • 5:10. Completely cut his ass off😂

  • Between ZR1s, I'd go with the ZTK. :)

  • Favorite car the centri GT500 😎🤘🏼

  • blue on white is the best viper spec you can own

  • Astra had a build sheet in hatch area, not a Window Sticker

  • 2:39 dude nearly de-splittered the ZR1. Good doing bossman lmao

  • Every been to Athens Texas? Feel free to drive ANY of your beautiful monsters through the carwash next to Braums. It'd make my day man

  • That was b#tch'in brotha! Keep up the awesome vids!👊😎

  • Hey bro great videos! Just moved to Cypress, Tx. Wondering where I can find out about these meets? Any advice?

  • Any 🔥 car meets this Friday?

  • One thing nice about this show compared to the Cars and Caffeine meets you cover NO Cops!

  • 4:30 thats a beauty right there.

  • 2:14 ugly confused truck

  • I thought the roll cages for Porsche weren't legal in the US. Are they?

  • I think the 599 is one of the most beautiful Ferraris ever made. I also love the fact it is a GT car that is relatively affordable.

  • The Dodge SRT10 pickup and the Chevy SS TrailBlazer are my fav's.

  • Getting better man.

  • Damn cool cars gr8 sends & no cops to mess it up. Dream day

  • Also loving the content keep up the good work

  • For the supra’s you’d expect them to be rowdy even the porches’ where more rowdy then them

    • They have 320 chp wdym that's worse then a Camry

  • I'm Australian and it's so great to see the Australian cars over there in America. Great vid as always keep it up boss.

  • 11:19 what kind of Porsche is that

  • 10:28 ive hears a lot of s550 mustangs but not one like that that raspy tone is something else and hell yeah brother another awsome video

  • Much higher quality if cars here. NICE!!

  • I can honestly say. I'm never going ls swap in my 240sx. Ka24 for life...

  • 19:27 That Grand National 🔥

    • Too Much Josh Yes sir. Those kids standing prob thought “Oh a monte Carlo”. 😆

  • Dude plz wear masks... did people forget about corona virus

  • Htown!

  • LS swap the world

  • The widebody GC8 at 13:12 😍😍🤤

  • Dude knows his cars!

  • This dude channel grow insane fast coupe month he had 20k subs

  • I love the viper gtsr.

  • What’s the next vehicle pickup gonna be?

  • That big blower c3 stole the show, that thing looks and sounds crazy as hell

  • In the name of science put an LS in it

  • Lovin the videos bro keep it up! Like seeing nice cars of all makes & models. Hope one day to make it to a meet....

  • Your review and delivery of the cars is just right. Just enough delivery and time on the cars. Your ADD is my ADD. From: Yellow C5 corvette 04 convertible with the C6 z06 rims mod out

  • Where is this Houston?

  • Never seen so many Holdens in one place outside of Australia... Sick!!

  • He on x games mode