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We got a bunch of race cars together to go give one of our friends sons a birthday car parade and most people were loving it except for this KAREN. She took it upon herself to block off the road and call the cops but she didn't realize the cops would side with us! This was awesome and Happy Birthday Gavin!
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  • We went by again with more cars! The community was so happy! Check it out here!

    • Sorry I saw this so late but this was awesome and an awesome thing to do for kids!! Come to Irving you'll be welcome here

    • Lkom

    • Have you been to Lubbock Texas?

    • 500th comment

    • ​@Mr. Pink Do you understand that one loud car isn't the same thing as 20 of them lined up? Do you understand that loud sounds reverberating between brick buildings are a LOT louder? Do you have kids? Do you understand that noise under this condition, a young infant-aged child will suffer PERMANENT HEARING LOSS AND LIKELY DEAFNESS and will need to wear a hearing aid for life? Are you stupid?

  • Lmfao🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣

  • 11:19 “RUN HER OVER” 😂😂

  • Notice that was the only group in the neighborhood complaining.

  • ‘Moral of the story’ don’t be a karen and mind you fucking business!!

  • anyone who saw the lady who came out with her panties?

  • how many kids does karen have on the neighborhood to make her know whats good and what aint good

  • Lock Karen up!... Lock Karen up!!!

  • Love the win

  • Telling them to run am over Mustang:this looks like a job for me 🤣😂🤣

  • A dumb bored people convention sad

  • Sweet! Looks like a Transformers convention!

  • You little shits!

  • They’re doing it for a cool purpose. I understand maybe having an issue if they were speeding in the neighborhood, but revs at 2mph, come on. People make issues over the stupidest shit...


  • Pinche pelotuda se piensa que deben hacer lo que ella quiere y like si vienes por capitán gato

  • Imagine forgetting to press record button..............

  • white folks......the master race

  • I wish I had the footage from the police station 😂😂😂 that KAREN screaming i do not consent to being arrested. I wanna talk to your supervisor 😂😂😂 There is justice after all.

  • That fat angry Karen wasn't smart enough to know that taking pictures of the license plates would do no good. What is she supposed to tell the cops? They were driving the streets being loud. Honest officer they were. Yeah i agree with dude who said just run her ass over. Some people are just fkn miserable. I bet she's the president of the local HOA

  • I bet the Karens are still pissed lol...

  • 🐱

  • k:aka a:laverga r:e adictivo e:m no ponderian subtitulos n:aaaa la karen re facherita

  • Capitan gato

  • It´s a Stupid Karen

  • Si vienés de capitán gato dale like :v

  • Quien mas viene del canal de capitan gato?

  • Nothing like watching a couple of Karens get their just due LOL

  • Now that’s a party!!!!! 👍🏽

  • Why do the Karens have to ruin everything

  • Would I be thrilled about the noise? Not at all. But knowing this is for a little one's birthday? C'mon now, that's heartwarming. Hope he also likes police cars since he incidentally got to see so many of them! Lol

  • :( dirty camera

  • That 1st dog was like nope I'm not in it don't film me I have nothing to do with Karen over there, and another thing why does the guy narrating it sound like Dane cook lol lol


  • karen got owned.

  • You idiot. You missed the actual part of them fighting and getting arrested 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • That’s a whole neighborhood of Karen’s and Kevin’s

  • Title should read When MORONS have nothing better to do. Wait and see what this brings youall.

  • women like those is why i'll never get married again lol

  • more like cars vs Karen's ... who will win .... in a police tag team match .... next time on cars across texas 🤣🤣...

  • Looks sorta stupid just making loud car noises, but it is your right.

  • From a real Karen to those imposter KARENS...grow up, it's day time. No one is hurting anyone. What can the cops do...absolutely nothing. They pay tags and insurance and can ride on any public street they want. It's a car club freak. They would have been gone in a few minutes.

  • This is sofa king wrong.

  • ....gawd..."its a destructive thing" lmao. Its for a kids bday. Karren! Geeze...

  • That bitch has got to move...the whole hood rightfully hates her ass, trying to ruin a kids birthday.

  • So the Karen’s husband who was supposedly a cop? Got arrested? Lol

  • On behalf of humans that enjoy fireworks, celebrations, and good old fashion fun, THIS was awesome!!! lol

  • Excellent vid awesome cars

  • You guys are awesome this made my day ! No this made my week! Definitely subscribed 😊

  • These cars look so good without that ugly arse front plate 😛👍

  • Man they got gandalf the gray calling the cops, I mean his eagles

  • Your camera is messing up the whole video it it’s frozen for more than half the video

  • That's Awesome that they got arrested

  • Wow what a miserable lady.

  • And here me thinking trailer trash lived in trailers?! Turns out everyone in America is equally trashy.

  • I just realize years ago I used to work with a company that used to cut the grass in that neighborhood lol

  • Please help me spread the word and the dangers of the self entitled, bitchy, nasty, stuck up and evil "HATEFUL KAREN CUNT CLUB"! Everyday across America another child is robbed of a happy birthday, another day is ruined, another road is blocked, another face is being screamed at, another life ruined! So please help us suppress and stop the EVIL known as the "HATEFUL KAREN CUNT CLUB"! Please this is not a joke the evil is real our brave men and women didn't defeat Hitler and the Nazis just to face them again on our own land so please help us stop these fucking Nazi cunts.. as little as a dollar a day pimp slap one of these cunts giving them the reality check that they need thank you for your support and God bless... 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • So let’s say it’s Karen’s birthday. Random person she invited: what did you wish for? Karen: for everything to go my way. It will only make the world worse. Random person: good luck having that wish come true.

  • Love the sounds of those engines, awesome, mean!

  • they should've revved it in her ears

  • That husband can’t even use a wrench,, he never built a race car. I bet their house gets egged and teepeed a lot from here on out

  • My birthday’s coming up,,,,, just saying....

  • My hunting buddy had a neighbor like a karen..but was a hillbilly. The road that lead to our hunting spot fishing spot went by his secluded house. It was an easement but dude flipped out every time anyone drove day a year after my friend had moved I thought about what a dick he was and decided to do a drive past and video it for my buddy. I started driving down and here he came s ok I punched it bouncing over his homemade dirt speed bumps ..he chased my truck like he was antifa...I crused the ditch a while then decided to split. He heard me comming and him and his fat ass wife were running like hell to trying and block me.. so I really punched it holding the phone up videoing them. The wife started throwing big rocks and he was trying to rake my truck running behind me and tripped over his own speed bumps and rolled like 5 times and came up shooting..i was laughing so hard that all i did in return was pop off a mag once i stopped laughing...but that only made me laugh harder because aparently he only had the 6 rounds he had shot at me ..once he heard my shots him and the swine wife were running tripping over each other and trying to get back over their fence like a couple school girls...i forwarded the vid to my buddy and he and his wife laughed for a month..

  • Dam she got some large Karen army, the 10k dislikes from Karen’s go brr Also youtube getting real comfortable with the unskippable ads

  • So driving through a neighborhood with a racecar is drag racing now😂

  • Awesome can y’all come to Birmingham, Alabama and give me a ride!!!!

  • karen husbands beard is the ugliest thing ive ever seen in my entire life

  • Ok but who grows an Amish beard without a stache?

  • I'm a old man, late 60s with ringing in both ears BUT man that looked so fun. If lived across the street from b-day house, I'd be the one handing out soft drinks for y'all

  • Brass knuckles would have solved this issue in .50 seconds

  • Bunch of idiots these Karen losers. Unbelievable the scene they created over nothing!!! No patience for Karen's male or female!

  • They should’ve moved and made a loud sound so the Karens would just go like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • My favorite was the civic for sure

  • I have to agree with the Karen. These car races are very noisy and shouldn’t happen in residential areas.

    • Then move away,, just GTFO...

  • I feel bad for the Karen's, since their lives are so miserable that they get pissed off over such minor things. They will never find true happiness in life.

  • Well I don't know the law in the States, but if there is nothing that says you can't then, well... you can do it XD.

  • Now I have some Karen’s u can scare... Keep going 3751 Santa Fe cumming ga


  • apparently she was a certified karen bcoz whole neighbourhood was happy on her arrest.

  • 12:27 who impostor? Everyone:karen is kinda sus. Everyone: *vote* Karen was an impostor remains impostor 0*

  • Wow , hey guys another one 👏👏❤❤it

  • Lol

  • I like blue black red silver megenta

  • I like the silver Camaro

  • I wish I could afford a Camaro

  • Nice car your like me Camaro and Corvette

  • Rich yuppy bitch complained about a kids birthday party! Go fuck off rich bitch..

  • I hate Karens but if you wanna do a burn out, do it where no one is mad about it.

  • i used to build race cars lol bullshit ken

  • The kids must have loved the cars. Too bad for the old hags who had to complain.

  • Props the guy who said run her over

  • Is it just me or when most of the cars are pulling up they sound like tuned spray bottles.

  • Everyone gansta till I pull up with my Toyota Prius.

  • Burn out, smoke em out, keep on.

  • Whe don't give a sh.t about your feelings stupid b.tch. GFY

  • Just drive by them? If they touch your car, call the cops...

  • When the residents cause more rowdiness than the cars.

  • If i was in karens was ded

  • Who else here after they went back to her neighborhood...😂😂

  • Karens Don’t want kids to like cool cars and Karens hate cool cars