WHERE HAS MY Z06 BEEN?? - Z06 Update Video

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I see y'all asking and it is now time to answer. Stock clutch and slave cylinder gave up on life and melted a few things and COVID has made it super difficult to source parts. Hope you guys enjoy the video! It should be back soon!
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  • My boy Sinclair !!

  • She's a Rick and Morty fan, god damn it KEEP HER!

  • U should try n work on your own shit

  • where are you shooting the car shows?, is it in Dallas?

  • You will get the Vette soon bro! Its all about being patient...watching your video at 5 AM cause I live in Dubai but won't sleep until I see your videos! Keep it up!

    • @Cars Across Texas No problem bro! If you need anything whenever you decide to come up! Just let me know! I got you covered!

    • I appreciate it brother! Thanks for the love from over there, I’ll get out that way for some content eventually!


  • I work at GM man its the borders that are shut down that are delaying parts it has nothing to do with the company...covid happened...

  • Batmobile 🦇

  • Where do y’all be at I wanna know y’all living my dreams

  • Sourcing products isn't the only reason why gm sucks... This coming from an ex gm fan boy of a very long time. Went Ford. Wanted faster and more reliability for less money.

  • Yes get a big wing

  • When Are you uploading the Video From Sundays Car Show??

  • Drew the wing you got is going to look on the Z06

  • Great update! We gotta get a good cruise down south the border when she ready. You will need that extra 50 HP! 👀 just to make me look even that much slower! But I’d still like to try even though I know I will loose with my NA car.

  • Next car viper

  • Bro that wing on your black Z would be some batmobile shit!!

  • Should of took ur vette to AMP

    • Nah. The cars they build with the same setup are slow 😬

  • Where do you get your main source of income since your youtube channel is still small if you dont mind me asking?

    • Don’t go into it expecting to make money. It won’t happen for a while and if you go into it for money then you’ll get discouraged and quit faster. Start off as a side thing, a hobby, and build it until you’re ready to do it alone. That’s what I did. I was working 40-60 hour weeks and doing school as well as AR-one for the longest

    • @Cars Across Texas seriously? bro ima be a youtuber so i can buy me a wrx sti then lol

    • AR-one lol. That’s all I do now

    • 👁👄👁

  • You should collab with LMR. Best tuner with awesome quality work that takes a beating and has 0 issues. Get that vette powered up💯💯💯🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • My car is perfect as is and the only issue I’ve run into - the slave cylinder issue - is because I didn’t want to upgrade the clutch setup yet.

    • @Cars Across Texas streetspeed717 never lost a race or had an issue with his C7 and beats it hard and daily drives it. I’d have to see HPC cars get run as hard for as many races w/o failure to believe it. Perfect daily also. Do you know his channel?

    • Nah. HPC is better.

  • That 68 is my girls car 😂

    • Thank you ! It’s a fun car

    • It’s so sick haha. Elie gave me a little run down on it

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and I hope your c7 z06 back 💯

  • It’s perfect how yours is !!

  • Noooo plz don’t ruin your z06

  • Stop bashing GM during covid they been busy building ventilators..to hell with 1 vette..can't really be upset with longer shipping times either right now

  • I’ve come to believe people in Texas have unlimited funds for upgrades

    • @PontiacSpazz Facts

    • Man either way we all going to end up winning at one point at our lifes we just need to be patient and keep grinding ! You can do anything you put your mind to.

    • @THASAVAGECARTEL that part lol or sell drugs 🥴

    • A lot of people inherit from their families in Houston, Austin and Dallas. You'll literally see 16-19 yr olds with C7 Z06s and Ferraris or GT500s. That's the part they don't tell you. And then they make AR-one channels or become IG famous but never say were they work or what they do for a profession

    • Dead ass man

  • Do the big wing. Shits dope

  • Send it to LMR

  • Lmao my dude blaming GM? Sounds like HPC broke your shit. LMR and RPC are turning LT1s and LT4s daily. Not to mention that ghost looking garage/no one working. 😂 Go buy a ford or import., it's more your style.

    • Hell no they didn’t. GM just doesn’t get parts out. When my cars back out find me a car with same mods from either of those shops and I’ll put 4 cars on them. This was also filmed at the end of the day on a Saturday when he doesn’t have a full staff on site. Couldn’t catch me dead at LMR.

  • Glad to see an update on the Z06, here i was thinking you were just loving the different cars that you got to have fun in, but I can only imagine how much you miss your baby! Excited for when Drew and the Z06 are tearing up the streets of Texas! 💪

  • ar-one.info/down/q16oqZWbi6rHksQ/fydyw.html

  • Gm does suck, big time.

  • 1968 Camaro has no wing window square mirrors. 1967 will have wing window and round side mirrors. 1969 will have 3 marks In front of rear wheel wells and has more defined body line down the sides in the middle. Also different front and rear a little more angular. Interior gauges different as well. But these things will always be true so you can tell the difference.

  • Arctic White is best color on everything

  • damn bro u need lower your vette... I have a 2015 c7 z06 / z07 and got VMS lowering bolts; best thing I could've done. Keep up the sick vids.

    • It is lowered already, engine is just out right now to get the torque tube and wiring harness installed

  • GM is trash. Switch to Ford, that'd be so SICK

  • Yes the whickerbill!!

  • Keep this spoiler looks cleaner than wing. Looks good on a zr1 though

  • Why did they pull the motor for a fueling or clutch issue

  • If you order aftermarket fuel parts you won’t have to worry about GM taking forever

  • Pickle Rick whip

  • That's a 68 camaro

    • The rectangle signal lights in the grill makes it a 68

  • I was going to buy a 2016 ZO6. The Mercedes dealership just took it in and the salesman took me to see it in the service department. He asked the tech guy how it was going and the tech guy said they would have the front tires in that week, but the rears would be another month. That’s the reality of owning these cars. Sorry not interested.

  • You could see light through the hood of the Z06...

    • Yessir, because we are waiting for a wiring harness

  • Sure someone else commented but 5:38 that’s a ‘68

  • Told you needed the duck bill for the ZO6

  • Someone has probably already told you that not a 69 easy to tell the difference more like a 68 but love the corvette for sure should really run when you get it back

  • Its COVID nobody has parts it’s not GM

  • Big wang for the vette 🙏👍

  • I feel a cease and desist order coming your way! Lol, say GM sucks a little more.....

    • @Cars Across Texas - I believe there was another channel that was taken down for similar issues. I believe it was “Family Crusin”? He had a hellcat catch fire and completely ran his mouth about Dodge etc... I just wouldn’t want to see your channel find the same fair. ✌️❤️

    • I’ll happily go get a Viper if they want to play that game 😂

  • Dam I seen Pegasus on the news the other night any idea on how he's doing?

  • Gm doesn’t suck your just impatient

    • @Cars Across Texas blame COVID not gm I waited 3 months for a starter it’s the system that’s slowed down but believe what you want next time buy something else

    • 2 months for 1 single part? Nah GM sucks.

  • Nothing to do with gm. I work for chrysler and more and more parts are going back order. Covid thing sucks also

  • Does that guy Ellie had a orange ZL1 with a big wing we had a nice group in Mexico 🇲🇽 last night seen him there didnt see him run but it looked sexy!

  • thats so sick , I just had a guy on my channel with the full ZR1 kit on a Z06 looks sick also just filmed a collection with a ZR1 wit hthe mid wing and then the same night a ZR1 with a Z06 wing crazy , I will send the photos to you on instagram DMs

  • dude can't wait to see the Z06 back , also I feel bad the meet I set with you and sinclair photos to collab with stevespov didn't work out , he happen to be in florida while you guys were up there

  • Nice fucking ride dawg

  • Hell yeah been waiting on that cold start!!!!

    • @Cars Across Texas Going to be so sick when its ready to do some work on pavement!

    • Same brother! It’s been damn near 2 months!

  • Why do you need a new harness?

    • It wasn’t exciting. Just a tiny little thing but just enough to melt the wiring harness

    • I can't believe you didn't have a camera on that...

    • When the slave cylinder busted, it broke a clutch fluid line loose and that leaked onto my headers starting a little baby fire

  • 0:52 activedating-24.online

  • That was a 68 Camaro.

    • Someone else left a comment saying that already! That thing was sick, had a built LS2 and built suspension for auto cross. Some guy built it up from some rusted out chassis he found for his daughter

  • Screw GM, Go Mopar 😎

    • @Cars Across Texas that Charger hellcat redeye or Durango hellcat looking real nice 🤪

    • 🧐

  • Go to lonestar for parts all the other dealers suck big time

    • None of them have what I need lol, trust me we’ve looked

  • Dude you make awesome content. You're my favorite youtuber. :) - Danny from Chicago 👏🇱🇷💯

  • It’s a 68 Camaro Drew!

    • Ahhh good to know! It had a built LS2 and the suspension was setup for some pretty serious Autocross.

  • AJ won that contest and is selling the car anyway? :D

    • Cars Across Texas the cleanest frs/ brz in the import face off

    • What contest? Lol

  • I pointed this out two videos ago but I don't think he notice Cars Across Texas spells out CAT so my theory is he is secretly a cat person

    • @Cars Across Texas Thank goodness

    • Lmfaoo, I’m more of a dog person though 😅

  • U love to see when your early

  • Keep the wing you just got for it, it looks cleaner

    • @Cars Across Texas I think u should get the X wing to handle the downforce bcs of the power imo

    • I’m excited to see the car with it mounted on!

  • DAMN YOU CORONA EEEEENNNNNDDDDD dtew first day it is back pls do a hella big burnout love you boss

    • I’ll see! Tires get expensive lol but I appreciate the love brother 😄

  • Where’s the rcf from Andretti :((

    • I’ll have to see about making that into a video, haven’t looked at footage too much yet haha

  • I like your mom and her wheels 😂😂😂🤣🤣 Joking I like the Viper and the Apollo

  • 🔥

  • If you didn’t have the Z06 what car would you get instead

  • The tanjiro sticker tho

    • @Cars Across Texas gunna put zero two stickers on my Monte Carlo

    • She’s proud of it 😄

  • I Like Dodge,Rt,Srt,Challenger,SRT,Rt.

  • 1st Waddup CAT shoutout from Ohio brother!!

    • And the puppies, can’t forget the puppies

    • @Cars Across Texas anytime brother I absolutely love your channel and content

    • I appreciate it sir! 😄🤝