LOUD Muscle Cars SEND IT After CAR MEET! (Quarantine Made These Boys ROWDY!)

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Last week Texas started to reopen which means car meets are starting to come back. This was the first one I went out to and I guess quarantine had these guys going stir crazy because they were SENDING IT. Hopefully you guys enjoy!
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  • Nice shows and vids, love a great turnout. Atta boy!

  • Feel like the title of the video should include mainly dodges. Or mopar event somewhere in the title js

  • @ 7:15 >>> Nothing like the sensation of blunt force acceleration.

  • That big rim 392 is yuck

  • Too many Mustangs, Yawn

    • Erratic Skribble: You’re disappointed they didn’t wreck. I’m astonished.

  • Guys in ferraris are always late... They gotta drop they first girl off and pick up the second 🔥

  • Good show!

  • @12:48 that was me 😂🔥🔥🔥

  • Lmao Issa c6, no joke

  • E30 for the win for sure!

  • 12:38 the smile on that dude's face say it all ahahah

  • I never though I’d be subscribing to a car channel but I am 😳 thank you for the videos!👌

  • 12:25 “si quema cuh”🤣 nigga clownin

  • This is good stuff, but it isn't much compared to our Middle Eastern Brothers and Hagwalah (search on AR-one).

  • mopar or no car!

  • Well, Texas went into the herd immunity stage REAL quick 😂😂

  • 16:40 is why yall clicked on this video. You're welcome.

  • As an Aussie I'll say now I know wat send it means.. it means SEND IT NO WHERE.. these are just little skids not burnouts..

  • ALL THESE DUDES with sweet ass cars but no chicks in them !!!!! losers I always had chicks in my cars and even in high school with the drop top chrysler lebaron

  • I'm new to this channel and I absolutely love it. Keep up the amazing work


  • What times are those car meets? and what days? I live right behind all that lol

  • those floaters r ugly as f lol

  • 14:30 "hey can we roast some marshmallows?" lol!

  • Lol at all of the 4 and 6 cylinder cars..🤣😆😂

  • The 392 green Charger looks like sum out of Gta 5

  • unstated channel. thank u yt for recommending :]

  • love the guy in the background "AY PULL OUT THE MARSHMALLOWS"

  • good video man

  • Is their a car meet this weekend bro and if so where and what time?

  • This is why we can't flatten the curve

  • Dont let him put trash on car meets. Those are slide shows

  • Because i love this channel i unsubbed to 10 youtubers and subbed to this channel in 3 of my accs including this one

  • Lol he called Corey CJ SO COOL 😭😭😭😭

  • How do you know when these meets are going on I’ve been trying to go for awhile

  • 11:08 WTF are all those three wheelers called?

  • 7:58 The sound of that is sexy...

  • damn all those nice cars but no one can drive well enough for a simple drift lol

  • 4:57 the one mustang driver with control

  • Damn you guys like it loud in Texas eh? Some of them don’t even sound they’re running right god damn

  • pretty sad all these cars cant even light em up leaving lmao hows those stock car shows going lmao my 1 ton cummins could walk all those what a shitty showing lmao #pathetic

  • dude in the R8 will get you to financial freedom, I promise you.

  • I love how it’s guarantine and no one cares

  • This makes PA cars and coffee look super boring.😆😆

  • My favorite was the CTS-V

  • #neverlift

  • I think red shirt pulled on him 😂😂😂

  • Mopar got the best sounding shit easily

  • The Viper Is My Favorite Out Of All Of Them.

  • I watched this whole video because of the Viper! 😎 Laughed at the Sheriff burnout... and the Ferrari coming in last lol 😂

  • Love the videos man!

  • 2:10 that shadow made that red Cadillac look like a completely different car lol

  • where in texas are these meets

  • 8:30 "i have a real engine notice me look how loud i am"

  • Mane them mopars are just beautiful I just don’t know which one I want challenger charger or get a Chevy ss 😭😭

  • No mustang wrecked I'm surprised

  • Rip Juice WRLD💔😪

    • Who’s that

  • Do you find that alot of the muscle guys dislike euro or jdm car culture?

    • Acuu Schewb I just love it all but a lot of my Domestic car friend don’t like much of the import scene lol

  • Yooo I wanna come to one

  • The black Holden sound sick

  • Bruh they just leave and go fast this ain’t no send it, ever been to a bay area sideshow? Yeah that’s a send it... all this is weak they got cars and can’t do nun 😂

  • lmao at 14:30 you hear Bring out the marshmallows lmfao

  • That foot race at the end put a smile on my face. Gotta love the community at car meets just people getting together having a good time.

  • You have honestly turned into one of my favorite channels. I think I'm going to give AR-one a chance. How long have u been working at it?

  • Honeslty, really glad to see underglow, can we bring it back please?

  • Dude commentates like i would imagine my mom would sound if she thought she was trying to talk "gangster". I love it!

  • 12:23 “si quema cuh” 😂

  • Good lord that green charger.... did he design that in need for speed underground 2?

  • That red caddy is dope

  • lol black guy in D o d g e C h a r g e r

  • Those 3 wheeled cars looked more like the neon cars from lighting McQueen

  • No one know how to get sideways anymore...

  • If you have a V6 don’t ever come to this kind of meet 💀fucking sound of a lawn mower flooring it is cringy af

  • Vipers always have to beat all the mustangs, camaros, chargers, challengers, jdms , etc....

  • Jr garage is selling there viper for 27 grand

  • Is the 6th gen camaro with dual exhausts a v8 or v6?

  • 16:45 trhat V10 ohhhhh dear. love it

  • What camera do you use? Keep up the good content man!

  • ar-one.info/down/YV7TjclxqNyXnNQ/fydyw.html

  • how many mustangs in this vid lol

  • That cop was chill why cant they all be like that lol

  • I don't think the Chevy SS at the 14:00 mark was down enough love. That cammed monster sounded amazing and I loved the way the rear dropped when the power was put down. Beautiful

    • His car is sick but he’s been in a few videos getting a lot of love haha. I just don’t wanna have the same cars getting long sections of the video but yeah his car is super well done. He bought the whole kit to convert it back to a Commodore, bumpers, grilles, badges, and all

  • lmao that convertible 350z sounds like ass dude thinks his shit is cool, i swear 350z are the next civics

  • 13:02 deserves a 9.75/10

  • Mans is fr showing their license plates🤦🏽‍♂️smh

  • Mustang gang sir

  • The rolling neon big wheels made laugh! Dats some funny shit

  • YESSIIR 🔥🔥🔥

  • Shesh and boy, most common words in these videos. If this were a drinking game, everyone could be drunk in the first 5 minutes. Ha ha ha. Great content keep the videos coming.

  • Bro i love your vids, mainly Bc I live in Texas and I’m jus like wowd at the car culture. I really wanna go to meet I just don’t know where on earth 😦

  • why does it seem the dodge boys are the new ricer??not hating on them just seems every where you see them they have a ton of lights an crazy shit going on

  • that foot race is what you call car people on drugs lmao

  • The Viper is an excellent Daily Driver, You won't change my mind 😏

  • Why arent they Social Distancing???

  • I have a 93 foxbody it's in pristine condition the problem is it's a 4cyl hoping to coyote swap it.

  • Man, the car scene in Texas looks crazy!! Wish Ohio was like this :( All we have is cars and coffee pretty much :(

    • Yeah, pretty much :/ Cavalcade in Cincinnati is nice though I know my friend put in his silver and Aventador into the show with Green Calipers and all. He trades his car out every other year. 2017 he had a baby blue Hurracan😂

  • Is it just we or do burnouts and hellcats go hand in hand

  • @4:20 dude stole the wrap idea from mr organik youtube. Go look at his vette

  • Nobody there was wearing a mask, you weren’t, irresponsible morons.

  • Car scene tooo liit! What city is this?