My Mom Reacts to My CORVETTE Z06!! (She Was Scared lol)

تم نشره في 2020/05/29
My mom reacts to my new Corvette Z06. She has been so nervous about me doing anything crazy in it but overall she enjoyed it! Hopefully y'all enjoy the video!
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  • I’m famous!!! What’s vlogging though 🤣. I’m so proud of you. I’m driving it next time and we are getting it on camera!!

    • I have been watching your son since his Karen videos. Your reaction was funnnny... oh lorrrrdd. I got y’all up in Dallas for Starbucks.

    • I thought that was your Son......I've seen some of his Videos, and said to myself I know him.....Haha.....Looks like yaw had a great time.....Nice.....

    • I love this! You seem like an awesome mom. Glad you had fun

    • I've been watching your boy since his Karen videos, just wanted to say it was a breath of fresh air to see a real mom doing her thing with her boy! I'm 6'4" 300, and my mom says the same thing to me if I get out of line!

    • FYI- Vlogging is when you walk around filming yourself and talking to the camera.

  • Oh lorrrrdd. Lol

  • @05:57 Your Mom 'shows some ankle and waves like a beauty queen'. That is straight class right there!! (too bad it skipped a generation or two in today's women)

  • Stay humble dude

  • Twin turbos???

  • I love his smile 🥺

  • That supercharger screamssssss

  • I know hw6 when i see it 😂 briar forest area

  • Badass car man. You should put that car on some shirts with your logo and sell them. Or at least shirts with just the logo. I would buy one

  • "That Karen money" , and the "double oh shit handles" got me lol

  • The audio is good 👌

  • Not one of the new ones but still an expensive ass car

  • Bro Idk if your already busy for fathers day but they are hosting a coffee and cars here in Lake Jackson. Im not sure if you come way out here. Im not the host of the even but it would be legit if you swung by.

  • Thought it was funny your mom saying she could put you over her knee 😂😂😂... You would shatter her legs... LOL... I told my mom at age 14 she would never hit me again... She never did after that... Your mom is totally awesome tho. Glad you shared her with us... I was thinking when you asked her what her favorite part was she was going to say being with you my boy... But no she said the red... LOL... Thanks for the video... Much love... Stay healthy....

  • 3:22 Race Car? OMEGALUL, This goes on straight line fast and that's it... This Corvette Z06 is not a Race Car lmfao

  • That’s a Mama that’s proud of her son right there!

  • Dudes got some balls for posting himself missing a gear in his new car for millions to see 😂 no hate tho

    • I got nothing to hide lol, it was my second day with the car. I always appreciated when people I watched showed themselves being human from time to time haha

  • C8 looks good but you CANNOT beat the C7 look

  • “Let me grab my double oh shit handles”😂

  • My guy you’re channel has grown so fast it was at 100k subs just a couple weeks ago and you’re already at 156k subs. Keep up the good content my man you’re blowin up and you deserve it for bringing us badass content like this🤝

  • Rip to george how do u feel about the world RN

  • Once you drive manual you will never want to drive automatic again 😂 I wanna try paddle shifters they seem cool

    • This is a manual car and I totally agree. The paddles in this car are just for auto rev-match lol

  • Thx Karen

  • Hey man are you planning to get the armytrix exhaust?? Defiantly recommend it. Keep up the good work and what an awesome video.👍👍

  • DANM CARS ACROSS TEXAS!!!😰 You're already half way to 200k!

  • Who can really say they own a C7 Z06 at the age of 21 Big ups to you man 🙌🏻💪🏻

  • how old is he?

  • today i was at a car prad with my dad with 300 cars #fun car#old cars

  • Yo the next video will be based at buccee's (It is a giant gas station)

  • My boyfriend bought me a 💃Charger. I don't even know what kind I have💁 but I'm going to find out after binge watching all your videos 😂 All I know is I feel like Superwoman when I'm driving. The fast lane is my lane 💅I just subscribed today

  • This is boarder-line click-bait, boarder-line. We were expecting a launch..

    • She was so nervous off-cam I figured I’d take it easy for her first time 🤣

  • Seen him at 2 meets I was with my brother Hakim... he a cool dude! Congrats on your success!

  • First video i watched a month ago and my first comment was, this guy is very well spoken, very respectful and has fun in his videos. Plus car content man... Instantly gave a sub and been hooked since. Keep it up brother, much love from Dubai!

  • Are you still going to get new tires ?

    • Yes! Just waiting on a wheel to fit the R888Rs on rn

  • 6:55 "You being careful?" Notes she doesnt have a seat belt on... Safety first, especially with that top off!

  • Being a bigger guy myself I’ve wanted to get a corvette but I’m afraid I wouldn’t fit how do you feel about getting in and out and the overall comfortability daily driving?

    • Once inside I feel just fine. Same with my C6 I had. Getting in is tough being 6’2 and having the car lowered already lol

  • You should do a meet up in Dallas bro!

  • Goat

  • Mom is the best hands down lol

  • “The first thing ALL THE GIRLS notice is the red interior.” 👀👀 you ain’t slick.

    • That’s what the women point out first 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣

  • Congrats bud!!! You deserve it. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay humble!!! Keep the hustle!! Also, call me a dummy but why the paddle shifters on a manual???

  • Cet the TKX KAREN license plate. Great idea! Lol

  • Lol her reaction 😂

  • Holy shit I haven't looked at your sub numbers in forever. You had like 20k last time I looked lol, feel like it wasn't that long ago. Congrats

  • Moms was straight up speechless when she first got in. Keep the awesome content coming bro!

  • So when are we gonna be seeing a ZOCIETY banner on the vette?

  • I like how he’s Chillin enough to show that yea, people who drive manuals for their Dailey, can still miss a shift sometimes. Whether it’s ur tryna bang through and em ur hand slides off the shifter before it goes in to gear, or you just miss the shift in general 👌 idk just cool to see he left that in the vid lmao 🤷‍♂️

    • I always appreciated when youtubers I watch showed them being human from time to time haha. Also filmed this my 2nd day with the car after not driving a manual for 7-8 months so I was still getting acclimated lol

  • It’s manual and has paddle shifters?

  • I love your videos I can't wait for your next video. The one thing that I have a difficult time with is you saying (Jesus Christ) all the time. Im not trying to nit pick at you or infringe on you 1st amendment rights. I just think you appear to be a intelligent guy and I know you have a larger vocabulary than needing to use the Lords name all the time. Im not trying to be a smart mouth either. Keep up with the excellent work.

    • I’ll work on it! Thanks for the feedback. I try not to repeat the same thing all the time but I don’t realize how often I say things until I’m going through the vid in post.

  • What a great guy. You deserve it man!

  • My man saying aftermarket, splitter, and aero as if moms knew that stuff haha 😂

    • She hears it enough from me, she knows the gist of what I’m saying 🤣

  • Awesome video man please put ur hands 3 and 9 tho ur making me nervous 😂😂

  • Man what do yall love about corvettes? Mines staring at there ass!

  • Double oh shit handles... love it! 🤣

  • Get rid of the wheels that come on the car there absolute trash and get something that's better for cooling they heat soak

  • Drew, your mama's awesome. Did I see red paddle shifters, I thought it was a stick.

    • It is a manual car! The paddles are actually for auto rev match.

  • Bro your mom is cool and she likes the Z06

  • Why does the car have paddle shifters ?

    • [RAYGAN GIBBS] they put active rev match in the manual cars!

  • omg counter

  • Back into your drive.

  • Scaring your mom and still bringing her home safe.... priceless reactions 😳😂😂

  • 1:32 almost eat the stearing wheel there huh?😂

  • When she said “double oh shit handles” 😂 glad she likes it though man

  • I need a shirt. Where can I pick one up?

  • The connection between your mom and you is the same as my mom and I. Much respect to you bro. Thank God for our beautiful moms.

  • hha.. That splitter is so toast.

  • You actually raced against a sports bike on the highway? Don’t really see that everyday.

  • It’s crazy to think that you are 21 🙃

  • 8:41: When boomers wanna be instagram famous.

  • theres no way your 21. im 20 and you make me look like an infant

  • What he said @3:30 is facts I hate people who bitch about drone and I dare them to complain about it while I’m giving them a ride

  • Where was the full send man?! Soon as my grandma was in my GT I did a rolling burn out on the way out of the neighborhood. She never trusted me but it sure made some good content! haha

  • Get it built by AMP bro they know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to corvettes, it might be a drive cause they’re located in Grand Prairie but it’s 100% worth it

  • Love this channel

  • Brother you have to learn the no lift shift on the manual Z. It’s so worth it. Just keep the gas pedal to the floor and right after 6k rpm, put the clutch in and shift. It will freeze your rpms and go into the next gear. It was designed for it from the factory. The sound is orgasmic and it’s a faster shift!!

  • Wrap the Z06 purple

  • Corvettes are my fav😍

  • My Dream Car List 1:C7 2.Gtr 3.Mustang My affordable one:Mustang

    • you can get a C6Z cheaper than a new mustang atleast where im from. theyre all fairly affordable, but GTRs are GTRs...

  • What year Is you zo6

  • congrats on the Z06! Mom approves! 🙌

  • This is awesome haha! I remember when I took my mum in it the first time. I never stepped on it in the Z06 because she almost had a heart attack in the c7 stingray I had before that haha

  • Need some driver mod but you’ll get there

    • The way ent this was filmed my second day with the car lol, it’s getting better now slowly but surely haha

  • Be safe in that car bro 💪🏽

  • Your not to old or to big to be turned over your mommas knee! 💪❤😁

  • Your 21????? No way I’ve been subbed for a fat minute and is barely finding this out. Lol aye man congrats on the new car ‼️

  • awesome car there mr peacock that's not your mom ffs...has to be your younger sister

  • Car sounds so good. Mmmmm ❤️🤙🏼🍻🇺🇸

  • Moms are the best!!!

  • I have driven a lot of performance cars in my life and two of them are on top. One was the C7 Z06 and the other was a MK4 FF Shelby Cobra with a 347. Both of them are built with one purpose in mind, and that is to kill you. You sound like you have driven Vettes and that's a good thing. Respect the power my friend, it will get away from you.

  • What are the paddles for?

  • His mom: You bein careful??? Also His Mom: Doesn’t have a seatbelt on

  • How much are you paying a month?

  • Go for a corsa system and you can have a race car with no drone

  • I thought the c8 was both manual and automatic, you just lied to your mother

  • What are the paddles on the steering wheel for?

  • Favorite part of this video is easily the new car smile on your face throughout. So you’ve officially stumped me. The audio with your mom in vehicle. Is that from GoPro or Lav mics?

  • Reaction video was epic!! Your mom is awesome!! Congratulations with the corvette!!!

  • Not much of an American car guy but this new Z06 vet is sweet red interior and the tail lights 👍

  • The smile in his face when he’s with the bike is just something priceless and hands down best feeling

  • My car and coffee shows mate and take me if want to go out