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The car culture meets are always awesome! I finally got to take a supercar to a supercar meet but we were a little late so we didn't make it into the show lol. Lots of awesome cars out there though!
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  • 2:32 "puppy🥺, oh my goodness" 😂😂😂👌🏻

  • Skyline GTR R34

  • Awesome capture of this event! I also love Camaro Z28s! Liked and subscribed

  • No way I saw both of my favorite AR-oners in one video aka you and Sinclair photos

  • give me that Diablo all day long

  • lol, my mercedes just apeared at 16:03

  • 11:49 that Porsche its beautiful

  • Ignoring that 350z Nismo🙃

  • 16:36 That GTR flew and those guys know it.

  • 6:00 ZEZE reference

  • "Z-28s make my peepee very hard." Welp, now we know what the next Cars Across Texas shirt is gonna say.

  • Gotta Love those vipers. that nissan R34 was nice too💯

  • That R34 isn’t v-spec the front fenders tell it.

  • Who else started vibing when deadmau5 started playing

  • of all the cars here i HAVE to get a damn CTSV

  • Shoutout to deadmau5 at 3:50 🤘

  • 14:51 thats why you should love the SRT dodge lol

  • Crown Victoria is my best car

  • That carbon fiber GT500 tho!! 😊

  • I can hear the Karens in their suburbans....

  • That 599 in tourqoise is my fav


  • Man we don’t need to know what makes u hard 😂😂

  • Where is this in Texas?

  • you seriously think we want to hear you comment on every car? "for the boys" shut up dueche

  • That R34 and Diablo 🙌👊

  • Z28s make my pipi very hard 😂😂🤣🤣😭

  • Those AMGry plates would work better on a beast of the green hell AMG!

  • 3:43 is that moose? The car looks exactly the same and it kinda looks like moose

  • When is your corvette coming back?

  • That’s me @14:52!!! Love the videos !!

  • Those Audi's 🔥

  • Just saw that 1600hp aventador in florida

  • He would always pan to another clip right when the beat was about to drop in the background music lol

  • When you coming to san antonio for a mega meet

  • Who was living long enough to remember the song at 3:38

  • Nice video

  • red lambo was sweet.

  • The R34 and the Delta is just next to my heart,wish i will own one of them some time.

  • Where are these meets at??😍

  • So, the rich people clearly live in a different part of town from all of the people with regular money.😂🤣😂 All but one of the exotics went one direction.

  • A good semi chub for a nice z28😂 man I love this guy🤣🤣🤣

  • Oh my Lord that Camaro is loaded with nitrous

  • C1 all the way

  • Can we all take a second and applaud the guy in the H1 for doing something that so many soccer moms in their mini-vans can't seem to do and that's park between the lines!

  • That C1 Vette? Love it.

  • Love your videos man but the sends in this video weren’t the best

  • The NSX send was highlight

  • I needed this video

  • I cant believe you looked at a ZR1 and your only comment was "C7 ZR1" like I get there's lots of cool shit but that's a ZR1 you just disrespected. You gave shitboxes more attention that that guy

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and my favorite cars denom and c8 lot real true 👍 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • I about died when he said “z28’s make my pee pee very hard”

  • Good stuff man!!!

  • That white 300zx took it👏🔥

  • My favorite car was the r34

  • That’s dope. GPS behind the wheel

  • Silver GTO favourite car Australian 🇦🇺 Muscle Holden Monaro over here ✌🏼

  • 16:38 lmao those kids reaction!

  • SHOUT OUT TO THE GOAT @1501!!! WOW SICK GOAT MAN!! Some one tag the owner!!👍👍👍

  • Dope car meet 🔥🔥🔥

  • 19:46 vette almost pulled a mustang move right there 😳

  • Nobody’s 720s is touching The DDE 720s 😎🔥

  • 15:46 " Z28's make my pee pee very hard"

  • Your amazing man

  • I had to re- watch that green nsx at least 5 times

  • My favorite cars were the tesla,McLaren, and c8 corvette

    • @Sarim Shahab its just a opinion settle down

    • bro tesla's are ugly af they aint even a sports/super car

  • My favorite car is the 68 camaro @ 6:23


  • Hella ya checking in from Ontario 🙏

  • Love the channel! You’re a man after my own heart, respecting and loving the builds no matter the platform or direction they’ve taken it. A true gear head

  • It’s never a cross road Texas video without a puppy

  • How do you find the car meets?

  • when and where does this event happen?

  • I heard somebody say “Top of the Mook” when u showed the Bel-Aire 😆😆🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Agreed Z/28 big nut 🥜

  • That weird kinda brownish colored Mustang was dope

  • Great stuff brother !!!

  • Who else is trying to start a AR-one channel in 2020? Let's build together ❤

  • Bro that Tesla books god dam

  • DEADMOu3 in BacK round

  • My favorite is the viper all day nice

  • Love these vids 🔥

  • How can I find out when and where these car shows are going to be. I got a 4 yr old who loves cars and would really like to start taking her to some shows.

    • @Alexis Herebia Thanks

    • Follow him on Instagram, he always posts before going to a car meet:)

  • 9:32 I think you should get checked, you can never talk right. Always way to fast and fuck up your speech alot man

    • You could not even talk l just show the cars and your views would stay they same.

    • @Cars Across Texas its every video tho. Like you have a problem bro

    • That’s me trying to say 5 things at once lmfaooo. I forgot to cut that out the video 😂

  • Hey man, im coming out to houston from san diego to get some work done to my car. any idea what instagram pages I should follow to see info on meets that I can check out while im in town? appreciate you

  • I like the gtr r34

  • That Diablo! 😈

  • First gen Audi R8. 2008 R8 is my dream exotic

  • 🇬🇧 That Is Very Intense DAWG.

  • I Like Dodge Charger /RT And SRT, Challenger /RT And SRT.

    • @Mos2 man dodge demon🤝

    • @Jevon Bigga they dont

    • What about the act v6's need some love

    • Why leave out the best dodge?😂 hellcats all day

    • I like long walks on the beach.

  • what's a cars across Texas video without the hounds