Ultra RARE Holden UTE Steals the Show at American Car Meet! (You NEVER See These Here!)

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You Aussie guys are lucky because these are sick! I wish these Utes were more common here. This one was properly imported, still RHD and everything. It was also for sale! Maybe I'll have to add this next to the Z06 ;))
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  • Classic not plastic

  • pitty that GM has axed the Holden name in Australia and Holden is no more. Thanks GM not.

  • I wanna drive a holden in the us now lol

  • Why do Americans think reving cars is cool?

  • 26k jesus.. thats expensive lol

  • R888 do great in the rain btw

  • There normal were I live 🤣🤘🏼

  • There’s a company that brings utes over from Australia and gets them set to our country’s specs for driving on the street

  • Ever heard a Tesla sound off?

  • I got one of my friends who moved to Australia to buy a Ute, which he is trying to import to Canada so I can buy it from him.

  • Channels doing good. Next up, cover for the mic to stop the distortion from the wind. Keep up the great vids💯🇺🇸

  • It's not a real aussie ute unless it has stock rims and tyres on the rear. #FACTS

    • They are Holden VY Monaro Wheels

  • 26k wow that’s close to 50k and

  • Straight up gronk !!

  • Need Aussie fords there too. Go Aussie muscle. Holden and Ford need to come back in Australia

  • Bunch of wankers revving their engines like amatuer masturbators

  • Dude you should supercharge your corvette cars across Texas

  • There's a few ways to get a Ute in the U.S. but unfortunately, the chicken tax prevents utes that are not made in the U.S. for the U.S. market illegal to import but there's a few loopholes to get one here. There are 3 Utes that were made here in the U.S., the Ford Ranchero (1957-1979), Chevrolet El Camino (1959-1960,1964-1987), and the GMC Sprint/Caballero (1971-1987, rebadged El Camino). You could also count the Chevy SSR as a ute but its technically a convertible pickup sports truck, so idk. If you want an Aussie Ute you can get it doing one of these 4 things: If it's 25 years or older you can import it no problem You can take a pontiac G8 and order the Ute bodykit from Australia and turn it into a ute yourself or have LeftHandUtes convert it for you You can also import a ute if it is a rare edition and you can claim it as a collector car, but you can only drive it to race events and car shows and put 2000 miles on it per year Finally, you can bring over a Ute with foreign plates over here and you'll be able to drive it here for 1-2 years before you have to send it back to the country you brought it from (but you have to make sure that its okay to bring it here first)

    • These were sold in the US also. 1978-1994 Subaru Brat 1936-1942 Chevrolet Coupe Delivery[13] 1982-1984 Dodge Rampage 1981-1982 Ford Durango 1983 Plymouth Scamp

  • No GTO love from this channel. You got a beautiful Supra and right next to it is a phantom Black Metallic GTO. But no love 😞.

  • U guys need to start importing them,thats worth about 5k aus $,look up HSV(HOLDEN SPECIAL VEHICLES)OR HSV MALOO

  • I’m in Australia and I just got my 2017 Holden Commodore SV6. I love my Baby

  • Hell yea I see you out there.

  • ar-one.info/down/fmjHepWIm4_Al5U/fydyw.html Thoughts

  • Rip HSV😭

  • Price holdens in oz $ ? until them fast Tesla's make the rounds there fast 🦘🙃👍

    • Same ute model in the video, $5,000 for the cheapest

  • That ute has the standard front bar not a SS bar, also has VZ taillights. My old man had a VZ SS ute, done mad skids and you could throw a swag in the back and sleep there if you got on the beers.

  • Yea being aussie there legit every where and that's a holden vu commodore ute

    • @Boyd yea basically everyone chucks vt vx spac kits on them and chopped rear springs

    • I was thinking vx because of the droop headlights but nope you are correct.

  • Better buy it while you can. GM announced it is shutting down Holden. Sad thing is, the Aussies have done so much to contribute to muscle cars here in the states..... Ever squeeze a Coyote into a Maverick? The Aussies did it first, down to a suspension kit and wheel well modification kits. We never could of done ours without cheating by finding some youtube vids put out by our friends down south and over seas!

  • That ute is a Holden VU Ute , that is not the front bar of an SS that is a standard commodore bar. 26k for a VU Ute damn must be those import fees that have jacked it up to that price, here in Australia I would only pay 6k for it. No tub liner no hardlid, they are not SS wheels either, that is just a stock VU Commodore ute with an LS, what you need to do is google Holden VU SS Ute and you will see what I am talking about the sedan versions are a Holden VX SS with an LS1 in them, they also have a S pack which is the 6 cylinder version.

  • Wow 26k for a VX ute, I have 2 of them in my drive way they cost me 5k each lol

  • Hahahaha Dan got spotted, lucky he didn't have the GTO out lol

  • Daniel from Rosenberg TX owns that ute.

  • yo my guy get a hsv maloo if you liked that one its like that but with a ls8.

  • I'm from Australia and you can find an ss Ute everywhere here. An old one like that you would be able to find for like $10,000 AUD which is like $7000 USD. Cheap as chips mate. Holden Utes are the Australian skid pig of cars. Nothing special to me. I would absolutely love a corvette but they are super hard to find here and way to expensive here. Just like that ute is very expensive there unlike in Australia.

    • And if you look hard enough you could get one even cheaper

  • I'd have to disagree, and say CCW Classics look good on ANYTHING

  • Maybe you may have creamed your jeans if you saw a HSV Marloo Holden Ute ?

    • I have a new custom built Maloo hardlid and sail plane to go on my Black VU with HSV kit. I had them build it with no locks when I was in Australia. Shipped a new hood with scoops too.

  • Yessss, the mighty ute 👌 I've got an LS1 Ute myself

  • Ford Falcon XR 8 Aussie Ute is far better than the Holden. Google it and you'll see what I mean.

  • oi oi oi

  • where are my fellow Aussies at

    • @Jacob nah get an ls1

    • Kiwi

    • @Boyd same here

    • Kiwi

    • Sorting the paperwork buying my Commodore SV6

  • Definitely needs the ss front bumper and light.

    • @This Prank Sux My other VU is a genuine SS Ute M6 with HSV body kit. The white Ute was a base model. I swapped sub frame and LS'd it. Put 3.46 LSD in it and VZ Monaro/GTO seats with new leather. I put the stickers on it because most people here have never seen one and don't know what it is.

    • @Dale Leggett not to sure mate, but yeah I would say a rolling shell built up in the states, not a genuine SS

    • I think it was just a stocky with an Ls1 dropped in because didn't they go to the U.S with that Pontiac front?

    • And the SS badges, the SS wheels and lose the SS ute crappy sticker of the tailgate...... wonder if the dash cluster is SS ☺

  • i'm pretty sure that z/28 at 9:13 put down like 900+ at the dyno during tx2k

  • Just confused on how it got there, it is a VU with an LS1 but a VU isnt 25 years old so IDK

    • Want to say it was imported as a shell, been a while since I've talked to the owner about it

  • So sad the on3 guys pulled up but no ThatGuyMarin...

  • I see one of those utes almost every day hahah. love the content!

  • The one car USA needed to get but didn't and gave us a bunch of tiny sh**t cars

  • Gm could have imported it and called it an El Camino. Looks like same front sheet metal as a 2004 -2006 GTO.

    • @Mad Max Front clip can be swapped from 04-06 GTO to VU to VZ Ute. 08-09 G8 would swap to VE Ute. 14-17 Chevy SS would swap to VF Ute.

  • Where did that first meet happen? The one at 0:06? 😉

  • Bro it’s always cool to go to a car meet and see some classic cars

  • Makes me sad that GM got rid of Holden. I’m lucky enough to own one :)

  • A company in Colorado makes them. You supply a donor car like the G8 and they supply the body.

  • Damn slot of these cars come to the Stafford show Saturday nights at Ottos bbq. And a mustang that lives in my apartments with my mustang and my roommates gt500. The bullitt looks like my roommates dads

  • I see a lot of familiar cars at that meet Joey single cab square body with the big monsterous slicks on the back and that Holden I know him as well I'm surprised he's selling it

    • Kris coyote. My wife won't let me touch my Black VU SS M6 Ute with HSV body kit until I sell the white one. It's been sitting in my back yard taunting me for a while.

  • That Supra was like wtf am I doing here...

  • Is it greasy out bro?

  • In the Bay Area, I saw a Holden Ute SS. What was so funny was that I saw it across the parking lot and I kept looking at to see it was real. I eventually went up close and indeed it was an actual Holden. It was from that point on, my dream truck.

  • Tesla just sitting there all quiet 😂👎🏼

  • Who else is listening with earphones?

  • SS Utes rule ! That's why I have one.

  • I'm from Australia and they're so common over here I thought about buying one but I'm buying an R34 skyline instead.

  • You gotta start ending your videos properly

  • Left Hand Utes in Colorado will custom build a Ute for you.

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and me Chevy gang for life all day real true 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Anyone else notice the Model X with the frunk open? 😂

  • Those are Harding to find now it’s pretty good car for what it is

  • Holden all the way

  • it's kinda weird but I see these very often in nz

  • 26k for a VU SS hahahaha, tell him he’s dreaming, it’s worth maybe 10k on a good day. Doesn’t even have a tray liner or tonneau cover.

    • How many Holden VU LS1's in RHD that are road legal are there in the US? Don't forget all the costs in shipping etc. VY & VZ LS1 One-Tonners are commanding good money in Australia.

    • 26k USD is nuts. But then our American mates flip at what US iron sells for on this side of the Pacific so I guess we cancel each other out........

  • trade you a holden ute ls1 for a gen 3 2500 dodge ram



    • I have 2 VU Utes, VZ GTO/Monaro and a VF Commo,

  • Procharge and put the c7 on welds

  • Holden utes are a dime a dozen over here

  • Unfortunately Holden stop making cars here in Australia, had two utes, now got a crewman it's a dual cab holden ute ss 5.7 litre.. ..

  • Wow, given the fact I’m Australian it’s cool to see a Holden in one of these videos. Especially as I’m lucky enough to own a Commodore Ute myself!

  • How about a 3 series BMWute!!

  • What area of Texas is this

  • Im tryna convince my uncle to bring out his ‘67 GTO or ‘60 C1 Corvette out to one of these meets!

  • Their a dime a dozen here in aus that only 6 to 8 k worth

  • 7:41 go mango sexy asf

  • Let’s go 💪🏼💪🏼

  • Tbh its weird seeing all the mustangs and cameros in ur vids. In the north east its all classics or tuners at shows

  • You heard the man get him to 1 million views and he’s getting a Ute

  • In your own words the Supra came to party!

  • I've never seen a Ute before holy shit 🙏

  • If only they still made them, the aussie made & designed rivalry of ford falcon #barratheworld and holden could have contiinued.

    • GM stole alot of taxes from the Australian government that's the truth as to why Holden shut down, and Ford didnt promote the falcon like they should have, they preferred to have the coyote deep in their ass 🤦 such a shame really Aus needs to start their own manufacturing business, V8s and I6s with big fuck off turbos strapped to em, but I doubt Australia's corrupted government would let that happen withhout getting their hand in the cookie jar.

  • So sorry to hear about that Holden being sick.

  • Has anybody out there in Houston seen that guy Marin at any meet or roll night lately? That dude straight up disappeared lol

  • Bro where the heck are these meets? I'm in springbranch

  • 200k subs by coming by July my guy! Would be dope if you had an Outro for these videos! Your content is always never disappointing!

  • a holden ute where I'm from (Australia) is the most common car next to a Toyota Hilux (a small tundra)

    • was the common car, I've been seeing alot more mustangs than utes these days, I miss the days when there were just utes in the road

    • Damn right

    • Arthur Maait #aussie I’m not joking every old mate and his dog had or still has one

    • Here in South Africa it is called a Chevrolet Lumina Ute. Same car, different name.

    • They get on the limmie hard as

  • I raced him at Cleetus and Cars , this year in my Volvo Wagon. Very clean car, unfortunately the driver was not very chatty at the time. I out mph-ed him by 5 mph, but he won that day! Sweet video buddy!

    • @Danny there he is, good to see ya on here

    • When you staged, I just knew you were gonna beat me. I have a video of it. Looks like you weren't boosting at the light. The Ute is a pretty consistent 13.1 1/4 mile on a hot day.

  • There's a hella nice ute for sale in Washington state


    • Cool point for you for that "bulletproof" logic

    • You know anyone that's caught covid from a car meet ? If someone has had it and hasn't been proactively careful, it'd have been spread and as I'm sure it'd be notofied by the group and meets would shut down for a lil bit.... Till then, Co2&E85 is the killer baby. 👌🏾 😂😂

    • I agree. According to my calculations... When it's car meet like this it involves ppl who like to SHOW OFF and have the need to be seen. The face mask would obscure their face. How else would they be recognize to receive their cool points.

  • Fun Fact: Brazil is one of the countrys with a monstrous amount of UTE's , Examples: Chevrolet Chevette 500, Volkswagen Saveiro, Ford Pampa, Ford Courier, Fiat Strada, Fiat Fiorino, Chevrolet Corsa, Chevrolet Montana, etc.

  • Mate here we call them commonwhores (Holden commodore) my mate picked one up for $1500 straight six auto

    • I’m more into old vws dude it was a white commo that a meth head used to own

    • Straight six... so guessing it either wasn’t stock I6 or they brought a VL or earlier or an export VR?

    • Straight six huh

  • Definitely an awesome ute, not as cool as a Ve ute but still pretty sweet

    • @LCaddy Studios now your talking 🤣👍

    • LongLive TheKings could we turn a ute into a mid engine v12? Surely there’s enough space for it and no one would see it coming

    • Nah VE commodore with a twin turbo 403 stroker, would literally have that whole car meet lagging.

    • Vf gen f maloo with a lsa ls3 but anything that's got an ls1 is pretty sick

  • WOW 26k 😮 here in Australia they are worth about 5k

    • 5 Australian = around 8 us for that model, plus shipping costs, plus rego and what other coats to getting it road legal over there. $ maybe about right.

  • My names Holden so I feel like I should own his

    • Love the username, and yes you should own one

  • @3:40 everyone ravin up then there's the tesla😝😂😂😂😂😂