Whipple Chevy SS vs. THE WORLD! (+ Procharged Camaro Blows Up and THE COOLEST COP EVER!)

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This Whipple Chevy SS gets down with whatever lines up! We got some awesome runs and some really sick out of town cars showed up. We also found the coolest cop ever! Enjoy guys!
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  • And the coolest cop literally ever award goes to that guy right there!

  • That actually is probably the coolest cop in the World

  • Good to see a Holden Commodore "Chevy SS" rollin in the action.

  • 7:58 That killed me 💀😂

  • I live in south texas "Brownsville". 2014 camaro rs.. The cops are cool until someone fucks it up. And yes we race outta the parking lot. Cops give a lil leeway as long as we don't abuse it.

  • Intro song? I can't find the instrumental version

  • What video editor do you use

  • 9:40 Scoot Scoot Scooting is what he's doing!🙆🏽‍♂️✌️Bye bye

  • Subbed!

  • Some of the coolest cops I have seen. In New York they just shut us down.

  • Highway racing is too dangerous for me I dont even fuck around like that no more

  • Is this the best time to buy a car 🤔

  • And this is the reason y any old person will tell you to go to harbor freight and get a 15 dollar extinguisher it’s always worth having.!

  • You better not put water on that shit tf.! Lmfao

  • That cop was kool & I've never said that before!..good runs, looks like chevy needs to go back to the drawing board!! Again.

  • Coolest cops at a muscle car meet💪🔥😎

  • More interactions like this with police would make the environment less toxic. California should take notes.

  • My SS needs to get a little of that.

  • Man our car meets here suck! Full of judgmental jerks that just makes meets unenjoyable. I'm jealous! Great content man!!

  • I watch a laundry list of automotive youtubers, but dammit man your videography talent is impeccable! Crisp, clear, even during the races! Could you maybe do an upload one day just giving out a few tips or suggestions for better video in low light situations?

    • Cars Across Texas love it man, great content! Thanks!

    • NoMercyGT it’s all in the camera man! I’m glad you like it boss. Cameras are so good now that it makes it easy for me to just point and shoot 😁

  • Coolest cop ever

  • Seems like every car can keep up with the whipple? Maybe I’m blind 😂

    • yea definitely not just a whipple, built FBO , IM ASSUMING,

  • That was really was a cool cop. I love it when Trump says Bye Bye!

  • ReadyOneTwoThree!! RRrrrrr!, Rrrrrrrrr!, RRRrrrrrrrr!.........

  • lol that S550 definitely jumped the start on the second run and still lost

  • Lol roll racing!! That's not racing

  • These are the videos we want to see. Car shows and sends are nice. But your channel is going to blow up with more content like this. Your edits- straight to the points races and buisness.. Love it brother. Come to Jacksonville Florida for some gap sauce!

  • this channel gonna be huge

  • yuk yuk yuk yuk

  • @Cars Across Texas what’s the radio communication application they used in this demonstration? I’d like to use it in regards to converse with my peers during intense moments of downshift and acceleration.

  • Damn that sucks if Texas is turning to a blue state!! Me and my brother are talking about opening up shop down there.

  • Does literally every person gotta pull out their phone and record, like omg gotta get this on vid

  • what app did they use? I’m tryna use this for my local night runs.

    • David Mendoza Found it. It’s called Zello

    • Chris Hill same here

  • Mannnn that SS is something serious

  • 7:25 its nice to see that even though coyote LS and hemi guys are always at each others throats we'll band together to help the other out. #truecarcommunity

  • Chevy SS is a beast

  • Thats the coolest cop I've ever seen

  • That intro song was a banger

  • lmao wtf that silver mustang had his plate on his grille

    • Unknown he had to get his no front plate ticket dropped that day 🥴

  • That SS needs e85 and better fuel system.

  • Out of every state out there who would’ve thought that Tolmbout Texas would’ve had cool ass cops.

  • Man, that guy sounded calmer than I’d be if my shit was literally on fire lol

  • Great content so far im about half way thru. That cop was cool! Stay safe out there buddy. Almost 50k!!!!

  • Fire from beginning to end

  • I just got an SRT 392 one day I’ll make it on here

  • Those A10 mustangs are no joke.

  • Damn that 5th gen was Lowkey movin 😵

    • lmaooo I noticed that too

  • That first police interaction is how these interactions should go.

  • Pussy u block the group name

  • FBO cam and boost and still barely beats an NA 10 speed mustang. Pathetic.

  • The way car meets should go awesome atmosphere goods cops good communication and have each others backs

  • Awesome video!!!

  • Watch "Legendary Pulls" on AR-one ar-one.info/long/wx4zoaZwLYnrIZTanGFWug.html

  • Out here where I live, we have a couple of State Troopers that are chill like that, we had one that’d meet us at our “meet spot” and always ask who won. lol Hell he’d come out and eat while chilling with us till he’d get a real call to go to. 😂 some cops a chill af, just rare.

  • app used? this would be great since there’s a car meet tomorrow

    • Voxer most likely, thats what we use down in the carolinas.

  • Whats that beat in the beginning

  • If that was a cop from California, instant state reff on that car lol hell every car there would get a state reff

  • I dont think that SS was making 600

    • AKF .gaming didn’t think you were haha, I appreciate it boss

    • Cars Across Texas not doubting you brother, anyway good vid

    • AKF .gaming that’s just what I was told

  • :09 raising the gas price when the street racers come, lol

    • Ryan Conrad lmfaoooo I didn’t even catch that 🤣

  • Nice!

  • Gas station meet up= Its about to go down!

    • Smoke 1 yessir! That’s how you know it’s gonna be a good one!

  • What app is that ? I wanna use it

  • Cops checking out the cars and smiling...NEVER EVER IN R.I. OR MASS.

    • mario j amaral amaral or California most cops would block everybody in when it chill meet

    • mario j amaral amaral it’s pretty rare around here but this particular department is always very cool with us

  • Maybe they could hit the car wash before showing off their rides

    • mario j amaral amaral they just get dirty again racing lol

  • Beast

  • it’s definitely not a driver mod💀

    • Jabari {: lol, there’s always room for improvement even with top drivers 😬

  • At 4:15 there's all kinds of foot wear. You got Loafers 💵, Sandals with over grown toe nails 🏝, Vans 🛹. I bet their cars represent the same.

    • Very possibly 🤣 we do always have a good variety of cars out there.

  • Great content 👍 and sick intro, what’s the name of the song?

    • CRUSADER glad you liked it! And I’m not sure tbh, I just searched “royalty free trap beats free for profit” and did some digging

  • Signing in {} 864 to the 562💯

  • kong 2650... auto win

    • Corey Wharton that ZL1 wasn’t playing around haha. He made nearly 1000hp. 😳

  • We respect the police that show up. They know no one is going to shoot at them or even talk shit. Cops know they have nothing to fear from us, no victim no crime. 🇺🇸

  • Fun fun fun 🇺🇸

  • This has to be the slowest Whipple SS I've ever seen, this car should absolutely be massacring these bolt on only cars unless it's literally just a Whipple with no added extras and has a lack of proper long tube headers just choking the car out.

    • It’s FBO and Cammed with the whipple. I know he has new injectors on the way at the time I filmed this and was about to go E85 with a new tune

  • My boy J Rob puttin in work gappin’ fools.

  • thats how you start a racing video with a killer intro, makes you want to watch more love the beat

    • It’s the instrumental to this song. 🙏🏽💯 Процесс by Развал Кабиныч

    • Mercedes Benz yes the beat was fire!!

    • @Cars Across Texas Could you please tell me the Name of the Song/beat?(Sorry for my Englisch,it is my second language) Greetings from Germany!💯🔥🤙🏻👌🏻💪🏻😎🇩🇪

    • Glad you liked it!

  • Cool cops for the win

    • @Cars Across Texas I was shocked cool ass cop! Haha what was really going through his mind: "guys I've seen under the hoods don't even bother we ain't catchin em" 😂😂😂

    • Carlos González yessir! He’s setting a good example for cops that watch my channel lol

  • Hey bro what kind of car do you have and how much you making ??

    • Cars Across Texas awe fucking a man I was wondering what happened to your Z06, that soda pressing. Sorry man, good content though.

    • Alex Sanchez glad you’re enjoying the content bro! 😁

    • Cars Across Texas shiii that’s unfortunate bro. Love your content btw good shiii

    • Right now just a Tundra lol. I had a 2010 Z06 but unfortunately crashed it a few months back. Looking to get a new racecar for the channel soon!

    • Alex Sanchez Toyota RAV4 XLE making about 200 FHP.

  • was that SUPRA!!!!! @1:25

  • SS forever 😍😍😍😍

  • Bad ass Chanel bro keep up the good work 🔥💯

  • Private sent

  • After seeing several cars burn up on this channel, you would think ppl would carry at least 2 extinguishers.

    • Cars Across Texas lmao the guy who owns that camaro is one of my grass guys

    • 421ssrida wouldn’t be a bad idea lol. I’ll always have one in any future racecar of mine

  • love your channel brother keep it up 💪 much love from Italy

    • snvff xxx I appreciate that boss! Love to see the support from around the world 🤘🏻

  • Is that Whipple really making 600 WHP? Seems a bit slow for 600 WHP.

    • Def not even 600... cammed 6th gen kept up by a car if that

    • Cars Across Texas yes it is a DCT

    • Charles Turner Oh wow I just looked it up. Didn’t realize how light they are. Was just assuming because of the size.

    • 5000lbs??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 you sound foolish

    • BMW M4 RACE yessir, they’re pretty heavy cars haha. Is your M4 auto? This SS was manual too so that could affect how fast it looks too

  • If this was in California cops wouldn’t be chill like that guy no matter if it chill car meet or whatever they will make everybody leave I’m glad Texas isn’t like California

    • @Vladpryde don't wish that shit on us tf

    • Mfs would be getting their hoods popped or get towed away

    • @Vladpryde everybody get out and vote local and the big one

    • @John Macias Of course. Makes total sense. XD Florida Man will be the downfall of all of us.

    • @John Macias Good, lol. If only we could stop Covid-19 so efficiently. XD

  • Bad ass content bro keep up the good work