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I hosted another car meet and it was insane! I did not expect the turnout to be this crazy. A Bugatti Chiron Sport has NEVER come to any other car meet in Houston except for mine! Thank you to everyone that came out and supported the meet!
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  • Make sure to check the description and drop some subs for the Bugatti owners!

    • you lost a couple million views by not putting Charlo in the title. wtf is wrong with u. I couldn't believe you didn't know who he was. let me don't know who Tyson or Mayweather is either 😭🤣

    • check the link for that truck

    • You should check this youtuber named Blackwidowsupra his supra is insane.

    • Umm if y’all go to Dallas car shows like park up front they bring the Bugatti all the time and the senna and the paganis. It’s pretty lit

    • A lot of people get the Bugatti to their shows u ain’t the only one

  • French car seems out of place... lol...

  • So glad I subed

  • Jesus H Christ that Chiron is more than 3 million?? I just fainted lol beautiful car

  • 8:07 alex choi if he had a corvette

  • ya need a koenigsegg

  • Bugatti is my fav

  • Wow Corey was there from Carmen and Cory wasn’t expecting that😎

  • Those boys are from Tanner vlog Tanner fox

  • I can't stand to watch these videos anymore. I'm afraid I'm going to see a Koenigsegg Agera R drive up and then I'd just lose my shit. It's not that these videos are bad, it's that they keep reminding me that I'll never own a car, never mind any of these cars. I feel bad enough as it is. All that said, these videos are great. I hope you keep making them. I just can't keep watching them.

  • i was at ur show and brought a supra

  • Nice! Get a Pagani Zonda R

  • These insane cars are making me jealous. I'd love to own any of those cars out there such a dope meet!

  • It’s kinda funny how Volkswagen pumped that Chiron out

  • 32:53 Lightning McQueen: Basically a Corvette. Live Action Remake: Camaro. XD

  • This makes me want to live somewhere with big car shows like this.

  • My fav car is the Lamborghini Aventador lp-704 🤤

  • I dont know anything about this group but does the guy recording own his own sports car?

  • The Bugatti Chirons

  • Beautiful cars, great gathering, loved seeing all the variety. ....please get the camera under control to showcase all the hard work! :)

  • U left one hanging in the Bugatti

  • Can u brag on yourself just one more time....? Being professional is sounding like a professional.

  • bugatti owner is gg exoctics

  • im from texas i love it

  • Your video a little bit shaking . Make me dizzy . Btw your content are good

  • Lol that should be my car the plate has the last of my SS number in it 7618

  • I thought it was gta v... 😂

  • Anyone else notice the guy kept reving the Bugatti up when the camera man was trying to say “ 16 cylinders “ 😂

  • i just thought the mater truck was the coolest shit

  • Bro this is my birthday 😮 What are the odds

  • Napoleon Dynamite drives a Bugatti?!? NOICE!

  • 18:38 "ya'll make it hard man"

  • good attitude and car meet

  • hmmm..... favourtie car in this video...... such a hard choice..

  • It was a crazy car show

  • Dam it!!!!! Boy what a nice car meet

  • Love this guy’s energy had to sub

  • Lmao I was the suburban hittin the box 😂

  • I'm gonna nitpick. Not to be an a**hole, but it's pronounced Ky-Ron. Sorry. (not sorry.)

  • imagine bringing a rafe to a car show smh

  • Its funny how all the High Dollar Exotics are registered in Montana. were no taxes are Paid

  • Alas, No 370Z'S

  • Vulgar display of wealth.

  • $1,500,000 dollars to be exact

  • I dont understand why people wear masks outside.

  • Dam jermell charol at your meet that’s crazy 😂

  • This video its crazy 🔥😵🔊 love this

  • Remember voters...if the democrats win you will regret owning anything with more than 4 cylinders and over 150 HP. Big engines, loud cars will be a thing of the past and you won’t have guns either.

  • 28:49 lol wonder if they realized who that was, funny cause earlier guy was like gotta be a rapper or something... Had big chain on his neck. Then u see him. Lol watched a little longer and found out you didn't know him😂. It be like that though

  • The guy that calls dogs puppys....thumbs up on the vid ...

  • It's a three million dollar VW "BUG".............40 pounds lighter than the standard Chiron..

  • 33:05 white people are weird...

  • A Bugatti cost more like 3mil to 5mol

  • The white truck is from a show called Texas metal

  • How tf did he get into the car before unloading it?

  • Jeeeezzz OMG..this some serious shit going down..

  • 13:30 ??? in the back

  • RIP 20:40

  • Channel 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • Honestly best car in my preference was the Chevy 3100

  • “A glass-windowed trailerman” ??

  • With a Montana license plate. 😂😂😂

  • This was freakin awesome bro

  • How about the Bugatti vgt

  • Cool meet bud, but learn to keep it humble ....

  • I’ll definitely have to make the trip to the next one

  • I love watching these when i got no one to talk

  • Most Hyped meet at his own gotta love it can’t beat it

  • @mc_rippinz 1600hpvs1600hp?

  • I’ve always wondered why every super car has Montana plates. 0 sales tax and 0 state inspections

  • Waddup bro, love the content. Just wanted to ask if you guys contact anyone in specific before holding a meet?

  • the ONE meet I don't go to

  • kid : can we get corvette stingray? mom: no we have stingray at home the stingray: 7:54

  • How can I know when these meets and stuff are I literally love by almost all of these videos you take I live off of Rayford I would love to come see nice cars !!

  • WOW! 🤤🤤🤤🤤 LOVE IT!!

  • I’ve seen that Bugatti at a Dallas meet, dope vid. Crazy cars

  • Hey bro can you tell Brianna I said hiiii it’s Antonio from El Paso and hi from my sis flower

  • yo ride with ry only has 230 subs

  • Tuff meat🔥🔥

  • I think that guy in the Rose was wearing a tuxedo🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Who’s green laser is that I saw it on the cops SRT on the left hand driver side door

  • I loved this meet so much thanks for hosting! The Bugatti was a great surprise

  • When is the Dallas meet? Your boy Sinclair not saying!

  • Best video I’ve seen and amazing cars

  • Corona virus

  • And this is why Texas is top 5 in corona cases.

  • I wonder if thus is the same chiron sport in Dallas. Saw two of them at a meet last year a silver and black and the spec in the video. The owner also brought a La Ferrari and a carbon Pagani

    • @Frank S550 It's the driver you found son that took it out.. The dad has a great collection

    • Just dug through my photos and it is indeed the same car. But a blad older guy was driving

  • Imagine cold revving a Bugatti😭

    • That thing honestly sees so little milage it won't matter in the long run... but God it hurts to see

  • Love the Chiron. Wow

  • great meet, had a blast! lots of amazing cars and crazy builds! Looking forward to your future meets!

  • check the facebook link for that raised truck!


  • The Bugatti Chiron is really dope

  • Volkswagen Racing 👍

  • Hi I met u before I said are u cars across texas on the meet when some people got into a fight with a person with a Porsche I'm not sure if u remember. But it was the first meet when u got ur corvette

  • Napoleon dynamite pulled up with the Bugatti😂💀

  • Littt asf

  • Montana plate 🤣🤣 I see what they did there

  • Do you have a tripod or a camera stabilizer, camera shakes a lil to alot when you walk, motion sickness.

  • You do be catching sone nice ass cars tho that’s for sure