Corvette ZR1s TAKEOVER Cars and Coffee! (+Ride Along in C7 ZR1!)

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Good to be back out at a morning car show. This one was hosted by TracktionHTX and @Damdaved. It was an awesome meet! Thanks to everyone who came up and said whats up and checked out the car! Enjoy the video guys.
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  • Neighbor has a Buick Grand National. It’s so damn clean

  • Lats goooooooo new video

  • No hate , but the ZR1 drive brutal driving ...looked terrible! Sorry 😐

  • Hey I'm late but I love the Z06! I've got a Z51 with a 200 shot of nitrous

  • streetspeed717 where you at

  • Great car footage once again 👌 Ever thought of lending your Vette to Hennessey to let them add a few goodies on your car? 🚗💥💨💨

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love c7 zr1k lot and I love the video 💯💯💯💯 me Chevy gang for life all day real true 👍 🙌

  • Freaking ZR1 is tempting me to detour from my R8 path. Damn it! Man I love those C 7's.

  • my 1990 toyota camry is faster then those ZR1

  • Favorite 55 57 broke down...

  • Does anyone know the exact color name for that gold/orange charger??

  • The 2nd gen Camaro was a 70 Z-28 split bumper. The G-body Regal was a T-type not a GNX because it had chrome bumpers. All GNXs had blacked out bumpers.

  • 14:04 that was me in the taco truck I remember seeing that c7 beautiful car

    • Thats a fed ex truck wtf

  • Go find Karen's new house

  • Tht old school car was the mobsters car killers lol it was easy to just open the doors and dum bodys in the street lol lil history lol

  • Ayyy!!! the wagon granny grocery getter Lmfao 😆

  • I like to see those cars. I dont think that you see those often where I live. Or maybe I just don't know it haha

  • Was that Camry chopping like that????

    • No it was the Vette

  • Dude needs how many attempts to back a Camaro into a parking spot? Shame....

  • 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🔥🔥🔥dope vid brother it was dope meeting you

  • Thought that white Camry was chopping at first 😂

  • That Vette at the end😍😍

  • That wrap has to be somewhere along the lines of my 2010 sunset gold mustang🔥

  • Need a montage of dogs sniffing camera

  • Btw that’s a 55

  • Where does he work?

  • How can find the meets is there a insta

  • Can you do more of the vids with you guys driving through the neighborhood?

  • Magenta is not purple. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • 8:20 that charger is insane 🔥🔥

  • Your car knowledge is insane!

  • Texas dont care about a virus

  • My favorite car was that gold and orange wrapped SRT Charger

  • I so wish u would post up coming car meets...I live outta town but not to far..

  • R32 is a dope ass car and I'm not even a tuner 😑

  • Cool cars Drew, you're Vette looks great buddy 😎👋👍

  • Jesus-much more than a curse word, He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords and soon returning Ruler to this planet!!!

  • I wanna know what’s under the hood of that Camry

  • ‘73-‘79 Camaro’s are my favorite Years !

    • Clint Davis 90’s i think was the last year of the Z28 before the IROC Took over.

    • 70-73 have chrome bumpers. 73 was also the last year of the Z-28. 74-77 had ugly aluminum bumpers and were choked to death with emissions. 78-81 had plastic bumper covers with 78 seeing the reintroduced Z28 with slightly better performance.

  • "By not allowing it to pull timing" because what could go wrong from that? 🙄

    • @conley950 - That's not what he said but not going to argue, we don't always know how awesome the fuel is unless we test each time we fill up.

    • The car still has a factory tune so it will pull timing if needed. It’s running high enough octane fuel to stay in the high octane table since it doesn’t detect knock. Therefore it doesn’t pull timing. The difference between pump gas and a race gas blend is +4 degrees of timing.

  • Cars are important, puppies are importanter

  • Zr1 🔥🔥

  • Old camaro is an early gen 2 split bumper. 😢

  • 99 (in Mexico) is nice to go too and be a fast boy

  • Hey bro do you have a page or post on Instagram where the meets are at im from Houston would love to come show support

  • I’ve seen the R32 guy at one my local post office lol

  • Rip Cars and Coffee. The best meet we had.

  • Good talking to you at the meet. Once this shtbox is painted, I'll take you to roast the tires in it.

  • Thought that Camry had a V8 for a moment

  • Hey does anyone know how to find car meets here in h town?

  • So happy for you with the growth of the channel brother!

  • 0:47 Centennial Edition C6 ZO6 with the B92 optioned carbon fibre hood. What a rare beast.

  • Always great videos. Glad the Car Meets are still going

  • Awesome job!

  • Whoever is playing the music in the background needs to just stop

  • Mmmm that r32 GTR. ;) also the wheels are Work XD9s not OZ Racing. Thank you for the feature! Cheers dude. Keep it up

    • Oops got them mixed! Always love seeing your car out there! 🤘🏻

  • I want a grand national 😕

  • How can I know when and where the meets are at cause I live in htx and I didn't go cause I didn't know

    • @Cars Across Texas oh ok thanks!

    • I typically post then on my Instagram story!

  • Good to see videos like this coming back. Some nice cars there. And yeah, that one kid, lol... And there's a dealer near me that still apparently has a C7 ZR1 manual trans.

    • @Cars Across Texas That kid was definitely trolling lol

    • The kid in the continental staring me down? 🤣

  • I messed with that purple sn95 the most 🔥🤙🏽

    • Nikorasu EM1 fr I was gonna buy a 96 cobra

    • Yeah def a clean look that I would never have thought to do!

  • 3:15 please tell me I’m not the only one who noticed the kid in the continental

    • Anybody know what year the car was??? Love the "Suicide Doors" on those old Continentals!!!

    • 😂😂😂

    • Bro he was just staring me down 🤣

  • I like cars and yea boys I’m a 12 year old girl

  • Nice cars ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    • Awesome man! I’ll be doing some mods here very soon to the car so stay tuned 😁

  • Not going to lie, I do like the C8 Corvette. Its a cool car that looks like an European supercar. I have only love for the C8. But with that being said, there's nothing like the front engine Corvette. Specially the C7s they have like the perfect Corvette look. Personally, if I was on the market for a Corvette, I'd honestly would buy a C7 and not a C8.

    • Oh yeah, the C8 is dope and I’m excited to see what the Z06, ZR1, and ZORA trims will do but they will never match the raw American sports car feel of the front engine and manual cars!

  • Best AR-oner who shines my dad with amazing cars!

    • How you know hes not shining your mom?🤔

    • I appreciate it bro! 😁🤘🏻

  • Whoooaaa....Early gang💪💪

  • They need to bring back Cars and Coffee at Memorial Mall 😭

  • Si Quema CUHHH !

  • Let’s gooooo best AR-oner

  • Chucky kickin

  • Let's gooo,been waiting💪🔥

  • 5th

  • First

  • Best youtuber im 2nd

  • FIRST BRO BRO, thanks for coming out bro👊🏼

    • Cars Across Texas We got you a spot at every one🔥👊🏼

    • Anytime thanks for hosting awesome meets! 🤘🏻😁

  • first

  • Helo