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I felt a little out of place at the @Official Tracktion Car Meet in the Supra. It was a good meet as always, even with things getting a little hoodrat! Hopefully y'all enjoy and let me know which car is your favorite in the video!
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  • Y’all ain’t talkin about the camaro that thought he was doing a burnout but just smoked his trans?😭

  • Greetings from Seattle .. love Houston but the Orange mustang ruined my high ... what a douche ...

  • This channel is so underrated

  • Them swinger rims or whatever y’all call them out there is TRASH 🗑...

  • Guy in grey *gets compliments * *responds: sup bhh*

  • smh the quickest way to get a car meet shut down is burnouts

  • For challenger fans: 3:09 5:43 6:10 6:59 8:14 - 8:21 8:55 10:20 12:17 13:18 it took some time to make, give me some love

  • Wasn’t Sinclair Photos at this car meet?

  • @idontquitever got gapped by 1700tito in both cars lmfaoo😭

  • Wait.... does this dude have a car? He always riding shotgun lol

  • Someone tell that dude in the POS Powerstroke to just leave lmfao😑

  • Imagine thinking a 6.4 ford diesel is a nice truck 😂

  • I didn’t and won’t, Boring vids from him as usual

  • Love the galaxy hellcat and the gold chrome vette!

  • I made it on cars across Texas video !! @4:10

    • Goodjob

    • You got a cam in your stang?

  • This that plaza America’s meet 🇨🇱

  • Supras are a dope car but I'll always be a Dodge man 👌

    • Challenger gang?

  • Why are people pushing on the cars while the tires are spinning? I’d be pissed if people were rubbing on my paint

  • Pretty sure that was lacey blair's old escalade that was rolling through lol

  • What page do you follow for your car meets?? I would like to go looks dope

    • He probably posts it at his instagram

  • Hey boss trying to set up meet 24 hr fitness parking lot 7068 fm1960 E 630-10 on out today

  • Whoever is reading this if you want to be a born again Christian please pray this prayer Jesus save me


  • Omg! the orange mustang has major decibels!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Did the mustang do a one wheel burnout????

  • That charger sound like the supra on 2 fast 2 furious I want my car to sound like that

  • I actually exploded in laughter when I saw the Chuck E Cheese Challenger.

  • That new 50th anniversary colour is called Sinamon Stik

  • Signing in[] 864 to the 562💯💪

  • *Mopar Meet* *The person in the BMW: am i a joke to you?*

  • He aired it out then back into the 2 step 😆 Lit! 7:30

  • title of video for 0.2 seconds of supra

  • That’s Nategotkeys Uras

  • burnouts > revving

  • 4:58 is that Demi Lovato ?

  • Next Meet???

  • I’m a couple of more steps closer to completing my 73 charger ( here in NC). 5 years of work and tons of $$. Hope to have it on the road within the next year or two. Then, I’ll make the journey from NC to Texas and try and make one of these meets!

    • Good job

  • Burnouts on gravel, hella smart lol

    • lol yea first thing I was thinking when I saw that. But hey man its Texas, they do things differently down there.

  • i made it into a Cars Across Texas vid with my mini burnout !!! 11:45

  • "purple" lol. plum crazy man

  • So many nice cars, so much money, but so few fucking face masks! >.

  • I'm aiming for a Charger myself...or 2004 Termi...Had the 06 LS2 GTO, miss her...Sporting a Dodge Magnum 08 atm (Kids), get offers everyday, it's a never sell haha...

  • I’m proud to be part of the Mopar Militia!😤🍇

  • That boxer dog looks really nice!!

  • Looks like a car meet I don't want to be at. smh

  • Getting a sports car as a loaner?? Unheard of

    • Thats not true. Plus this guy is probably known locally for doing youtube car videos. Its easy exposure for the dealership to get people to buy their stock.

  • “Ala verga wey it’s soo loud”😂 dude I love you videos 🤘🏽

  • 7:30 When he dropped on the bags, everyone lost it.

  • This vid was lit🔥

  • Nate Got Keys that’s his Urus so he was there

  • Plymouth Barracuda or Mk5 Supra or Hellcat challenger or a Dodge viper? I'd have to go with the viper and challenger hellcat

  • Yesir

  • No shoutout to Sinclair?

  • Unpopular opinion. I8’s are the least exciting, least impressive cars on the road

    • Agreed

    • Agreed. For the price and the hype being only roughly 400hp is just pathetic.

    • Too overpriced, trust me you arent the only one.

    • Well its old. And it was old tech when they finally got around to releasing it. The world may never know what BMW was thinking when he decided it was going to but not really going to dabble in the battery powered car segment of the industry.

  • Bro my favorite car was that lifted pink Escalade

  • I'd like to get some specs on that stroked C6 Z.

  • My uncle has a cherry red 2021 Supra he works for Toyota in Texas and I love it

  • This dudes plays off his voice cracks like it’s nothing

  • How can i get in this group? Where's the next meet and when?

  • I love it my boy keep up the work and I love the video 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • 12:14 So,,,,,,,,,,WTF is the deal with the Gladiator chariot wheels ?!

  • Get your dirty ass hands off my cAr

  • That mustang is insane

  • Loves these vids!

  • He standing on his chrome i8 like it’s a gta car meet Edit: orange mustang op

  • I never seen a Crome BMW i8 before, that’s a very nice car.

  • Can someone help me with something, idk what a clean build is, i need some references.

    • @htown_volvo on Instagram, it's a budget build but still decently clean lmao🤙

  • 230 he said this nigga crazy lmao

  • when you dropping some vids of your mexico adventures🤔

  • Im a jeep person so I gotta say that trackhawk was easily my favorite.

  • 0:57 "It's Big BeEeEeEeEeEeEe" -Cars Across Texas. 2020

    • ThE BiG BeE iN tHe bUiLdIn

    • I to hear him said that again 🤣🤣

  • The black 440 stroker C7 ZO6

  • Mophar guys always have some ugly taste like fr they ricers. The cars may be fast cuz it’s stock lol

    • @Jon ratcliffe I'm 15 boi

    • Shadow WolfYT why your name sound like a 7 year olds Minecraft channel💀

    • U just complimented us. U said they are fast because it's stock. So if you twin turbo a challenger hellcat then tuned it it would be even faster, no?

  • Who else thinks he should get a Supra?

  • Some chargers be riced the fuck out. Luckily they have all that horsepower to back it up.

  • My mans in the orange mustang came to play no games 👀 it sounds good but how does it run? Would be a great match up vs the vette 😉 when’d that video coming? Lol

    • Probly just a muffler delete and straight pipe

  • Ayeeee my whitebody lol

  • I bet he won’t like and pin my comment lol 😂

    • Y'all owe me a $1

    • i bet he will

  • 7:50 Ala verga wey it's so loud. 🤣😭

  • Angry and nervous 😂 that guys swangas was too close to my car 💀

    • Love the stang

    • Ayy it’s big bEeEeEeEeEe

    • your stang is sick

  • Lots of crazy fun in this one. :) Them Mopars are growing on me.

  • i watched the vid

  • frs/brz guy out here with the hentai license plate

  • Does rona not exist at these car meets? 🧐

    • Disclaimer: this was shot before the coronavirus

    • Nerfed Cant argue with that one

    • rona dont like tire smoke

  • Excited to watch!

  • Siri says Hi CCT

  • Hey look I'm that guy oh my god I'm the 41st viewer

  • Question if I live in Ohio what is the chance if I come to Texas and I find you At a car meet?

    • CarCoded thx I’ll try but me living Ohio is going to make it hard to get there but I’ll try

    • if you follow his instagram he usually posts the meets he's going to

  • 2nd

  • Fun fact. No one has watched the whole video yet.

    • I did

    • I literally did

    • In about to end it 2 min in

    • Fun fact this comment doesn’t always work lol

    • I did