Supercars SEND IT Leaving Car Meet! (INSANE FLY-BYS, Pulls, and Accelerations)

تم نشره في 2020/09/22
This Team Savage meet got wild as the cars were leaving! The Hypercars sent it and then everyone else followed suit. Hopefully you guys enjoy!
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  • that aston martin was gorgeous.. I got a couple lambos but my Mclaren's are still my babies... anyone that don't believe me can see my channel

  • Who would have guessed this would be one of the last car meets that pagani would have been to

  • Around 8:00....that sounds and looks just like Johnny Dang. I wonder if that's him? Hard to tell with a mask on.

  • The purple Pagani is total!!!! I saw the news in Dallas.

  • RIP I'm certain that very huayra crashed yesterday

  • beauties

  • They were missing one thing An Mk4 supra

  • 12:29 he need some milk

  • Im surprised the cops didn't show up to shut the place down.... Just about every car meet that I've watch on AR-one that was in America always had cops... I think this is the first meet that I watched that's from Texas, I guess the Texan cops are cooler

  • Poors running all over the skreets

  • what’s the difference between a pro charger and a turbocharger

  • puppy owns the mustang he's just loaning it to the driver

  • to much farting cars 😂😂😂😂😂

  • I'm glad I accidentally found your channel. You actually have a passion for cars and I love it. Would definitely love to be at one of these. Keep up the good work. Sending good vibes from Wisconsin

  • What city was this in?

  • 13:41 they gotta get back to the garage before dad finds out they took his cars🤣

  • Heres a drinking game idea, take a shot every time he says "that car is sick" hint... you'll end up in the hospital

  • Fricking kids at 3:13 need to stop talking

  • That Porsche GT3 🤤🤤🤤

  • You did a good job filming everything bro like most people will be bouncing around you got good focus thank you for that great experience I never saw a Lamborghini or a Ferrari before on the streets that's the first time I ever seen them do they thing thank you

  • Lamborghini killed it🔥

  • i love cars lambo the most

  • when you gonna make it up to Dallas?

  • Best exit show i have seen; wow, nice.

  • I am from milwaukee

  • performante is my favorite car besides the zr1 corvette & the r33 gt-r & a hot wheels camaro

  • 10:35 "this tesla about to be super loud" 😂😂

  • God the fuck boy ism is incredible in this video. Like a group of zombies

  • I wish my father had a laferrari and he let me take it to show off at car meets!!!

  • Gta 5 music at the end 🔥🔥

  • Listen I don’t get why everybody loves manual so much but if you get a murcielago get it in manual because it will be worth more

  • Favorite car wasn't yours for sure

  • Pagani is my favorite

  • This is probably one of my favorite videos you’ve posted. That Laferrari is unreal

  • Was that a purple pagani holy fuck 💜

  • Now you are doing some REAL good car shows!! 👍👍 Keep it up dude, that was awesome!!! We liked how they would go up turn around and give yall a 'send it show' Totally cool!! 😎🤘

  • Supercar drivers who actually go full send!

  • it will be a car meet on setember 26

  • I like all the cars

  • my favorite car was all the Dodges

  • I liked the widebody nissan gtr.

  • Full sendathon!

  • Kid goals,having a baby sit on a manual murci,sheesh

  • I can watch the sends 9292839293 times I think this was the best send it video ever shout out to trying to get all the footage with so much going on it was epic

  • You’re too nice to be from Texas bro one day I’ll come down from NorCal stay safe bro!

  • Jesus-much more than a curse word, He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords and soon returning Ruler to this planet!!!

    • Bruh

  • My mans Harvey in the nardo m3!

  • Bro that LaFerrari was awesome

  • Literally the best video and honestly the best place to hold a car meet

  • The GT3 RS was Nardo Grey.

  • The GT3 RS was Nardo Grey.

  • Lots of nice pulls! That Z06 almost got slammed by the Rav4 tho after he cut it off smh. Yikes

  • is it just me, or everyone i spot in this video was wearing a pair of fake yeezy's



  • Favorite car has to be the camry

  • Love you vids! Keep up the amazing work!

  • If you had a drone you could have got some killer footage.

  • Favorite car: the huracan evo

  • should have more meets at that place no cops,no karens, and no haters.

  • Lol all the fanboys chasing the hyper cars 😂

  • My all time favorite is the Lamborghini aventador 🤩🔥

  • My favorite was the Chiron

  • Indian 🇮🇳 DC Avanti or Sri Lankan 🇱🇰 Vega EVX.what is the best .?👍🔥

  • LMAO that Shelby F-150 smoked that C8💀😂

  • white 720 s sportster

  • That Huayra is an absolute work of art. If an alien race comes to visit us and asks what a car is, that's what they need to see.

  • That corvette almost pulled a mustang 😂

  • Wheres the cars across Texas merch!? I need some to rep in Chicago lol

  • TrackHawk kinda noice Stock !!! Good video !!

  • Be safe brother! Hope all goes well with the hurricane!

  • Cargasm 🏁😜🏁

  • The LaFerrari Is From The Dude Of Tanner Fox Videos

  • ... That Tri Aero Lamborghini took off like my F-18! I’ll give a Hands Up to that one! I loved all the cars. But those were my two favorites.

  • My Favorite HANDS DOWN is La Ferrari!!! 🙌🏽 I’m not a big fan of Lamborghini

  • That was a hell of a meet. Lots of exotics out there, very nice.

  • Low key didn’t want the video to end hah it was awesome

  • Wtf?!? Where in Texas?!?!

  • What the hell was the point of crossing the street 🤣🤣 4:58

  • Love the video content man ! How do we know were the next meets would be at to attend 🤔

  • Tri is a legend in Wisconsin, finally got into your vids! Keep up the great content

    • @Matt Potrzebowski very true better for business and almost all year car weather

    • It was cool to see him on here, took me by surprise. Miss seeing his cars around tho...but id say he's in better company in Texas haha

  • Love the sends in this one

  • Lol. "Why is he in 4x4 mode". Because he's jacked bro. 😜 Thank you. All are favorite

  • Glad to see people pushing their cars & hearing those sweet sounds

  • also the Pagani Huayra roadster was a hell of a spec jeez

    • It would be better if the wheels weren’t so ugly on the Pagani and I hate the gold but the laferrari is red with black wheels and red calipers your calipers should be the same color as your car

  • That 2012 challenger r/t is badass!

  • Why can’t every car meet be like that. No fights, no cops, no dumb shit and just send it while leaving.

    • Yes dad can yoy send me too

  • Poor c8 can’t even catch up to the truck

  • Jesus, at least try and hold it still, get a gyro...only 2 near collisions while leaving. Getting better. Awesome cars

  • This has been my favorite video so far. The perfect mix of ripping it for the boys, yet civilized at the same time, and they weren't doing no toddler burnouts in parkings lots no they were sending it 100+ down the road, thats what i like to see

  • What was your guys fav car? Idk y just yeah

  • Bro there are soooooo many cool cars in this video. I love the suvs like the urus and the trackhawk. Im a sucker for a rolls royce any day and any vehicle with a manual is going to win my heart. By far my fav video of yours.

  • 9:56 doggy was like "Bro, get me out of this mustang before he sends it. 🐶"

  • Houston, Texas for the win!!!!

  • I'm from Wisconsin, is anyone else

  • What part of Texas you in

  • What a group of cars. At least the owners aren't scared to drive them. Some absolutely beautiful cars!

  • Honestly I love them all lol

  • U are so underrated I hope your channel blows up. Also I’m loving the uploads.👍

  • most underrated Car Channel on AR-one