AVENTADOR SV Gets Yelled at for REVVING at Car Show! (He Came BACK for MORE!)

تم نشره في 2020/10/19
This Lamborghini Aventador SV revved when he accidentally went to neutral instead of reverse and this made the property owners upset! He got yelled at, but then made a second pass to rev bomb by the event. Enjoy the video guys!
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  • Oops kept calling the C2 Vette a C1 🥺 don’t hate me 😅

    • You’re forgiven, lmao

    • just roll the window up and let them yell.

    • The c2 was the original stingray. The c1 is the 50's land yacht. Early ones had single head lights and later ones had dual headlights, like a c1.5, or facelifted for 1960. Then the OG stingray c2 which is the flat body style with the flip double headlights. Then they went to the sharp pointy nose, longer thinner "batmobile" style body that everyone calls a stingray but they're not and never have been, then the 80's style with the fibreglass body and so on..

    • It is a c1

    • c2s have pop up headlights

  • OK I know you miss your car. But.....ok I know you miss your car. We get it. You have a Vet getting work done to it. Ok we get it. The videos are great until you dive into your car!? You miss it! We get it. You get it?

  • Probs to the lambo

  • Dude @3:13 was that a Cobra? Man i would’ve loved to have seen that It was🤯 if its authentic that almost cost as much as a Veyron SS 7:13 too thats potentially $3million dollars worth from two cars

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  • That white lambo with the white tire lettering at the exit 😳 👌

  • Came back and revved that shit lolol awesome

  • 1:30 haha

  • that is a weak weak comeback rev

  • Why does someone need to blast that music at the beginning

  • That was no accidental revving lol

  • I honestly think I would’ve ran his ass over

  • The guy walks in front of the car. Then a Bike comes out making twice as much noise flying down the street. LOL

  • 11:21 look at that rice AF 370 on the back😂😂😂 What a shame man

  • All these "badass" street cars with no front plates.

    • Imagine drilling the bumper on a car to put a front plate. I’d rather pay the $25 bucks for the fix it ticket.

  • :D

  • @7:56 @joe knows best

  • I want to get a dodge damon and a ZR1

  • There is one super car I really want and that's is a McLaren

  • What's sup bro how are you doing

  • 1:25 the little kid is me at age 17

  • So the person who "works" for the property owners doesn't like the Lambo revving but his truck is illegally parked. Then some guy, maybe the same guy, walks the Lambo out. He's impeding the flow of traffic by walking down the middle of the road. Doesn't matter he's making sure the Lambo wasn't revving or driving off fast, he's breaking the law yet again.

  • Hey have you ever been to the home depot parking lot in khema tx on a Saturday night? It's a weekly car show with a bunch of locals

  • Was that Joe Knows Best at 7:55??

  • 10:30 lambo

  • People: *get mad and A Superveloce for revving* Me: images.app.goo.gl/nPugD1Y5ZHSJDhCK9

  • Imagine waking up and being...that Guy.

  • In gran turismo i have a ford gt wich has a top speed of 261 mph.

  • Maybe they tryna sleep

  • The guy walking the lambo out is a loser... 😂

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  • "You have to leave right now, but not too fast!"

  • all the karens at this place

  • One of the main reason I want to move to Texas it’s beautiful, the car meets are amazing, and you get your money’s worth

  • Bro wheres ur corvette?

    • @Cars Across Texas sick bro 🤘 i can't wait for that beast to come out 👀

    • Getting put back together haha. I’ll make a video when I have it back

  • Lambo driver is awesome. As far as the asshole that walked in front of him, i would pf made him deaf and reved the hell out of the car. It's the middle of the day, give me a break w/that bullshit!!

  • Being a subscriber now for quite some time, absolute click bate. Disappointed

    • Dude he didn't click bait you're just fucking blind.

    • Man I read this comment and I’ve spent the last 3 hours looking for the clickbait. I still can’t find it, maybe you can help?

  • Cool venue and all but the exit is a cluster.

  • That Blue RCF next to the 4C🥰🥵😍

  • Where is this venue?? Looks awesome. I'll have to check it next time I go to Houston.

  • That guy in the truck that was yelling at the SV mustn't be a Karen

  • That Mercedes AMG C603 🤗

  • Love Team Huracan! Beautiful colors 👍🏼

  • My favourite is the blue audi r8

  • Nice collection

  • 1:38 i like how that boy knows the rule of not touching other people's car while some adults just don't give a fuck lol

  • How sad is it that you leave a property and get onto public streets and some salty douche walks you down the road like he owns it

  • Is it sad that I hear these sounds through my windows daily? I am at 610 and 288 and revs are the norm, bikes, cars, and rarely sirens. Yes we do have cops looking but they are not where the sounds are from because there is a wreck an hour at the intersection between the freeway and the arena. SLOW DOWN ON HOLLY HALL AT CAMBRIDGE.

  • Man I love Texas Viva Mexico Viva Mexico 🇲🇽 🇲🇽 🇲🇽

  • Not sure why but just got a soft spot for the 4c

  • Those Lambos and that Black edition. One day I'm going to land a Lambo like that blue one! They came from Wisconsin and Jersey. Love seeing the A/C Cobras. Great video as always. Thank you for this 🙏 🇺🇲

  • The quietest car meet ever. People and cars. This could have been an all electric car meet with mannequins.

  • Is it me or did the dude in the c1 corvette towards the beginning grind his clutch? 😑

  • Badass brotha

  • And still to this day we don't know who that mystery hero is in the SV

  • The shopping center owns the streets?

  • Hey buddy great video

  • Loving it all, I just moved to Houston and trying to get a feel for where all this is at! Hope to bump into you one day brotha. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Tough choice between the murdered TT Corvette and the AMG Black.. Which is more gangsta?..

  • 12:17 Aah, wisconsinite 👌🏽.

    • The one Lamborghini in our state and it's not even in our state in this video :(

  • Gay boy was walking the lambo out

  • Hey man didn't watch the vids for like 6 months work got in the way but glad to see this is what I'm coming back to

  • That gtr and the lambo with the teal are gorgeous

  • Get this man the 200k he derserves

  • 10:22

  • Love this channel ..

  • Hats off to the lambo everyone else was revving why couldn’t he. I get it’s a v12 screamer but the other cars are not exactly quiet. Love the videos dude.

  • Man f**k that guy, streets are for cars! Also I wish the Lambo and motorcycle ganged up to blast noise at the guy

  • Haha. That SV was trolling. BTW, favorite car of the video had to be the old school Shelby Cobra 427 with the racing stripes.

  • I guess my bike isn’t loud enough to get in trouble


  • The title of the video should be Karen vs Aventador SV

  • Do people actually think their Subaru BRZ / Toyota FRS sounds good ?? 😂

  • Land lord wasn’t happy bout the two raging bulls waiting outside lol he even dared to walk infront of one of them 🤦🏻‍♂️ should’ve gave him the horns lol 😂

  • Man, that lambo is a savage! 🤣🤩 I’d do the same thing if a guy walked me out like that

  • I guess we need to amend the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Amendment 1B: Freedom of Revving.

  • The dislikes are from Karen

  • He should of been yelled at for wearing a mask

  • If I was the SV owner I’d just rev the hell out of the car behind the guy walking

  • C7 z favorite car. Need it back on the channel!

  • Keep up the content 💪💪

  • Damn....one day I will own my dream the SVJ Roadster or the C8 Corvette...

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  • Well people do live there and I'm sure they don't want to hear cars revving their motors and now that the guy was an ass hat good luck having another car meet there. CHILDISH..

  • Love your videos bro Keep up the good work

  • the lambo at 12:25 tho

  • I see the mask sheep are there .

  • My two favorites are the teal gtr and the c2 corvette they are all awesome cars though I also liked the sv aventador

  • How lame do you have to be to escort a car on foot because your salty that he’s going to speed off🤣

  • @joesknowsbest Miami blue Porsche at 7:55

  • Man, I wish you could turn these videos into the cops. I'm sure what that dumbass walking in the road is doing is illegal.

  • That porsche gt3 livery is sick af

  • Lmaooo HATERS

  • 2.9gpa needs to join the rev bomb squad

  • The dogs at car shows is the cherry on top

  • C1-C3 corvettes hold a nice special place in my heart

  • Imagine that Aventador SV fitted with some Balboni Exhaust pipes! Would've sounded crazy in that area!

  • Damn! Sinclair photos is not about that low life yet! He needs a proper exit tutorial to save the life of his front bumper.

  • H TINE in the RR swangin lol

  • I woulda straight ran ole boy over he don’t own the street 😂🙅🏻‍♂️