I Can't Believe My CORVETTE Z06 Made This Much Horsepower!! (Only 5 Simple Mods!)

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Today we take the C7 Z06 to the dyno to get the car proper and running on E85 and Meth. I would've been happy with 600hp to the wheels considering how bad the DA was and that we only did a few mods but I was pleasantly surprised! Enjoy guys!
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  • Sounds great, E85 is the fuel of the gods

  • Why do people use this type of dyno? You have to take the tires off and then put the tires back on the car..it seems like its too much work 🤔

  • Did you even test the E85?

  • Don’t they make 650 stock?

    • AJthecreator they come stock with 650 engine hp, there is a major difference between engine hp and rear wheel hp. He was measuring rear wheel hp which subtract drivetrain loss. Drivetrain loss is the power loss from the engine to the rear wheels. You lose power in the transmission and other moving parts between the engine and the rear wheels. I hope I was able to explain that to you

  • Mine made 587 at the wheels stock…hmm

  • Ur taking that car to serous levels man love watching the progress

  • Street Racing Reminds Me Of Need For Speed Heat, No Single Hooligan Get Busted And Caught By The Cops

  • Congrats on the numbers! And the wheels on that grey Vette are sick.

  • Anybody know of a place where I can get my truck ceramic coated and paint correction I want it to look perfect 🙏🏾

  • What? “The Meth is helping me seal the gap between the rotors and the supercharger, giving me almost another full pound of boost” I have never heard that. More information please Thanks

    • Race Fanatic Please explain I have never heard any association between the two

    • I think he meant it helps with the drivetrain loss?

  • The ZO6 sounded sick on the Dino


  • That's one pissed off vette 9:57

  • Your gonna need to race streetspeed717 when ur build is done

  • I got goosebumps lmao😍😍😍😍😍

  • Nice nice 👏👏👏👌

  • Wow Mann give more or

  • Let’s get some runs!!

  • 👀 🍿 this going to be good. Wow insane numbers. Congrats man. 💯🔥

  • I'm sure someone else has asked. Why an OK plate when living in Texas? Go ahead and get yourself a custom plate

  • What heat exchangers did you go with?

  • nice one Drew love corvettes meself..would love to own one but i have trouble getting in and out of one..just a bit to low for my old legs. my 2012 2ss camaro is perfect. maybe a gen6 zl1 in the next few years if i can get enough cash together

  • Make sure you test out any E85 you get from gas stations. Don't want to have a any E85 that's really low and mess up your engine.

  • Seeing the Vette progress just makes me want to get one 🤘

  • High Performance Connection. Ive always wondered what HPC stands for.. Don't these do VW/Audi too? Btw, I'm in ol' blighty (England) and I've heard of them. Around 8:00, something went wrong. Black smoke. Have it investigated. All dynos should be resistance but they apply it in different ways. Hub dynos use a generator and add load. "rolling roads" use water or a generator and load.

  • Fix that bent ass license plate kid

  • I think the only thing your videos are missing is a proper outro. Other then that I love the vids and can’t wait to see the rest of your build

  • Imagine those bikes in your garage falling on top of the zo6 😬

  • I’ve been watching you & Sinclair since Nov-Dec of 2019 and it’s crazy how far y’all have come in under a year 🙏🏻

  • You have ZR1 numbers now. Congrats

  • Will the Corvette be cammed

  • Gives me the NFS heat vibes❤️🔥

  • so your first time filling up with the corn will lead to clogged fuel injectors if you haven't converted the fuel system over. You need a different fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel filter, fuel regulator and fuel injectors. You will find many modded modern muscle cars for real good deals and they run awesome for 6 months and then start to misfire due to clogged fuel injectors.

  • Now u really gonna piss off karen

  • 1000hp Vette .Im excited 🔥🙌

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and I love black c7 z06 💯💯💯💯

  • Congrats on the mods and power! and for a true gain and reference you want to have the dyno pulls done at the same dyno as before and have the runs done in somewhat similar weather conditions. Should be a good run with the camaro 😈

  • Can you tell me what gear he's in? Sounds like he should be higher?

  • How you getting 14 gallons for 20 bucks??? Here in California you get 14 gallons for 80 bucks

  • How much boost is that at?

  • Can you please do a meet in Dallas!!!!

  • Love your corvette Z06 man and my 18th birthday is on Friday shout out

  • Fills up quicker and burns faster but my god man she’s faster! Amen for Corn!

  • Love the car man. Low key sounds better in person. Hopefully I’ll see ya Saturday at the meet bro.

  • So, I'm confused. What happened to the stock HP? It should come at 650 from the factory. Does it lose that much power over 3 years?

    • @Bay 5150 Ah, okay, so these readings suggest its 615 whp?

    • Factory 650 is crank not wheel

  • Btw since you are in E-85; make sure you get a E85 tester and test the fuel before you put it in the car.

  • Bro love the vet my guy can't wait to see them flames coming out the back

  • Go out to Fasterproms for that kill tune

  • I live in the apartments right behind hpc and I swear I heard when it was on the dyno I was like damn mofos out here racin racin 🤣🤣

  • She sounds meannn

  • Loving the progress dude. She sounds freaking good. That is how a vette is supposed to sound.

  • So how much crank is that eaxctly ?

    • James Davila most vettes have roughly between a 12 - 15 percent drivetrain loss. The avg vette usually Dyno somewhere between 550 - 580 rear wheel hp stock. So with his numbers he has somewhere around 765 engine hp

  • Turn on the auto generated captions and go to 7:57

  • You should consider LMR to do you future upgrades. LMR1000 package is the one to get. Just take a look @streetspeed717 Vette. It smokes everything.

  • dude the vette sounds insane , wish my crutches were as fast & loud as your Z06 , was kinda debating turbos or supercharger on my crutches JK lol . Congrat's on all the sick mods on the Z06

  • Accurate dyno is SAE smoothing 5. Bet she moves tfo! Enjoy her nasty self!

  • Cool ride. Just an fyi blur your speedo when driving

    • I actually didn’t exceed the speed limit on camera in this video lol. All the roads I recorded had 55-60 MPH limits lol

  • That chevorlette is ready to rip the roads

  • That shine tho👏🏽🔥🔥

  • I'm a Texas Boy (stuck in Colorado)...gotta ask. What do you think about the C8? I love the the mid engine concept....

  • Loving the Vette! Keep the videos coming!!!

  • Holy shit Batman, it keeps climbing 😭💕‼️

  • nice vette! Some nittos next? or u have em already?

  • Did you buy a Whicker Bill because of me haha if so your welcome

  • Thoughts on a Whicker Bill on the back, also be careful with E85 some gas stations don’t always have 85

    • Cars Across Texas did I give you that idea haha if so your very welcome

    • I just bought one 🤭

  • No quema cuhh!!!

  • Doing anything upgrades to the blower? Love the progress

  • Loving the build so far can’t wait to see it when it’s done.

    • Cars Across Texas What? “The Meth is helping me seal the gap between the rotors and the supercharger, giving me almost another full pound of boost” I have never heard that. More information please Thanks

    • Got some big boy go fast goodies coming soon!

  • Will that buggati be at any other car meet. If it is can u post and tell us

  • What up

  • 9th

  • The vette sounds awesome man👌

  • I'm loving the progression!

    • @Cars Across Texas hell yeah! I just discovered your channel like 6 months ago and I've loved the content. Keep up the good work. High five from Washington State

    • I’m glad! It’s about to go in for some big boy go fast parts!

  • Woohoo!

  • Noty gang ✅

  • No I was

  • First

    • Cars Across Texas cap 🧢

    • I think Lit squad took the W on being first my friend 🤭

    • You suck