THOT Patrol Shuts Down Car Meet (WE BACK!)

تم نشره في 2020/08/ 8
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  • What’s you instagram page or Facebook page for the meets

  • Chargers are taking over. There's so many of them wrapped and with light strips all over the cars in my VA county.

  • Do y'all have a Twitter or a way to contact you guys? I have a question ☺️ Hopefully you'll see this lol ☺️

  • Those new wheels are so sick!

  • Wear a mask dude

  • Man it’s time to upgrade to a camera.

  • i say a r35 today and it's bagged

  • Damn someone blasting Snitch9 at a car meet, what is the world coming to

  • That hater such a knob head tho


  • Sweet rims dude!! Was this a "dodge meet" or what lol!? 🤔 Alot of chargers!😳

  • 3:13 that sounded so beautiful

  • 5:05 dude why do people have to be like that man why can’t people just be chill, cars across Texas you did a good job handing that situation. I was not expecting “I’m gonna kill you” but that guy had no idea what he was talking about anyway

  • wheels are nice dude but ffs come on give that bad boy a good detailing..that paint needs so attention ffs

    • Lmao he just did in the last video that’s what happens when you buy a black car

  • The six nine in the background

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video live stream and i miss it last night and your c7 z06 new wheels i love it 💯 💯💯💯

  • That focus rs is a sleeper there a guy at the dig spots with a grey one spanking everyone

  • We appreciate your videos :)

  • The wheel look good bro and love your video bro

  • R they seriously blasting tekashi?

  • 😎👍🏾🔥💯

  • Aayyyeeee I see that shirt tho 👀

  • Who's meet was this 💀💀

  • @Cars across Texas Your gettin love from the north lol Im a southeastern Michigan Also love your Murda Vette my dude

  • CAT the new wheels are very nice....ty man...

  • Thot patrol ?? 🚔 now I’ve seen everything

  • wheels looked good..

  • Lmao at 9 min mark I saw myself turning in behind you 😂😂

  • That vic lmao

  • Yoooo

  • Damn it I keep missing these meets! Literally right down the street and missed it. AGAIN!!! Where do I go to find out ahead of time?

  • Hey like wheels Mac but how hot is it.were all the cars too hot for them or what .

  • never got a notice

  • Thot patrol

  • And to think that forza horizon 5 is coming up and sounds are hideous

  • Is it me or cars across Texas seems different in this video

    • I know he’s live but he just seems sad

    • Yeah he’s live

    • Cuz he went live

  • Some nice cards out there!! Transformers roll out is all I could think about when they were leaving out.

  • Idaho here

  • It’s red mustang dude!!! Best car yt out there